You Can Trust Me | God Message Today

my beloved child in this significant

moment I want to express my love for you

trust allows me to surround you with my

grace and reveal the beauty of placing

your trust in me surrendering your plans

Into My Loving Hands know that trust is

a Sublime demonstration of Faith forging

an unbreakable bond between our hearts

since the beginning of time I have

meticulously cared for every detail of

your life every breath every beat of

your heart Echoes my constant presence

by your side even amidst uncertainties

and challenges I want you to fully grasp

that you can wholeheartedly trust in me

trusting in me is not only A wise choice

but also a testament to your faith in my

perfect plan for your life I understand

the desires of your heart the doubts

that seow uncertainties and the storms

that occasionally darken the Horizon of

your life however my beloved I want you

to comprehend that trusting in me means

placing your anxieties at the feet of my

sovereignty trust forms the foundation

of our relationship and I understand the

struggles you face when deciding to

entrust your plans and concerns to me

yet it is essential to recognize that

the love I have for you is infinite and

perfect there is no doubt in my heart

about the depth of my love for you

throughout the Bible I extend the

invitation to trust in me Proverbs

six reminds us to trust in the Lord

with all our hearts and to lean not on

our own understanding in all our ways we

are to submit to him and he will make

our paths straight these words are a

promise that by trusting in me your

paths will be guided by my wisdom and

love here is the secret to living the

best possible life believe in me I came

and gave my life to reconcile you with

God now trust in me with all your heart

there is not much more to add beyond

that I understand that the world around

you may seem tumultuous and uncertain at

times however I want you to trust in my

sovereignty Proverbs nine affirms

that a person’s heart plans their course

but it is the Lord who directs their

steps trust that the plans I have for

you are for your good and offer a future

full of Hope even if you do not

understand everything my beloved child

trust in me and I will guide you

trusting in me means releasing the

burden of trying to control every

situation in Matthew I invite you

to come to me all who are weary and

burdened and I will give you rest let me

be your guide on this journey relieving

you of the worries that weigh on your

shoulders trust is an act of surrender

and I know that surrender can sometimes

feel like a leap into the unknown own

however trust is not blind it is

grounded in the certainty of my goodness

in your life’s journey I understand that

you will encounter challenges and trials

along the way there will be moments when

the weight you carry seems overwhelming

and the storms that arise threaten to

shake your resolve nevertheless I assure

you that every effort every tear shed

and every sacrifice made have a purpose

each adversity will shape and strengthen

you transforming you into a more

resilient confident and wise

individual trust does not mean the

absence of challenges but a profound

certainty that I am with you every step

of the way in Isaiah I promise fear

not for I am with you be not dismayed

for I am your God I will strengthen you

I will help you I will uphold you with

my righteous right

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