[Music] my cherished child heed closely to these

words of upliftment and divine promise your journey distinguished by unwavering

courage and resilience has not eluded my observation you rise as a beacon of

strength and character having prevailed in the face of loneliness and challenges

that would have overwhelmed many acknowledge your true nature for you are a force of matchless might a shaper of

your destiny yet halt not in your pursuit of greatness find solace in the

serenity I offer let your soul discover rest even as your feet progress

unyieldingly forward I am preparing you for battles yet to come infusing in your

heart my wisdom readying you to receive the Abundant Blessings that await rise

my Courageous one for you are capable of so much more discard the pains and regrets of your past

evaluate the value of your Pursuits and focus your Vigor and time on what truly sustains your family and spiritual core

the burdens of bygone regrets and Sorrows are not yours to carry any longer I Proclaim an end to these

burdens they shall not obstruct your journey to the promised land of blessing

I have observed your struggles your moments of faltering and the wounds inflicted upon your spirit there were

times when despair almost extinguished your will to live but in your darkest

hour I was there surrounding you in the immensity of my love witness your heart

once scarred now beats with renewed Vigor throbbing with joy strength and

courage welcome this rebirth for you are cleansed and purified liberated from the

shackles of past errors no retribution awaits you no curse hovers over you the

sounds of fear and Superstition that sought to restrain you shall be muted forever more Advance on your path with

new found confidence for you are released and no guilt shall delay your

steps you have faced your past with bravery and I have forgiven you you are

liberated standing in the light of my grace the future calls and with it the

guarantee of a Life unburdened by the shadows of yest years March boldly into

your destiny for you are under my Divine protection and guidance attend these

words of unwavering commitment and eternal truth you are my beloved child

your family your life your home they are all protected beneath the mighty canopy

of my blood in me you find your freedom a freedom that no earthly power can

anull no enchantment no spell can constrain you for I have endowed you

with the authority to repel any darkness that dares to threaten you you are an

heir of every spiritual blessing Standing Tall where evil cannot touch in

this world you may face lies and distortions aimed at debilitating you

yet be certain that no harm shall befall your life your mind your health or your

loved ones there is no entity no power on Earth that can penetrate the

protective Embrace of my holy spirit that envelops your heart you reside in a

sanctuary of divine and holy love safe in my hands reject the voices that

distort my word professing belief yet not manifesting it in their lives your

faith is steadfast you believe in an omnipotent God who speaks with you daily

though his aspect remains unseen when challenges emerge when even the behavior

of your own family may instill doubt hold steadfastly to your faith believe

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