I Watch Over You | God’s Message Today

today I am watching over you my beloved

child with an endless outpouring of love

I am bestowing upon you a multitude of

blessings showering you with grace and

favor for all to witness I want you to

know that your faithfulness has not gone

unnoticed in the Heavenly Realms every

step of your journey is under my careful

and attentive gaze I acknowledge your

daily Endeavors to improve and grow even

in your weakest moments your resilience

and unwavering spirit Spirit on this

path of Faith shine brightly you face

daunting challenges with courage

steadfastly refusing to be defeated in

doing so you embody a Living testament

to my presence in your life my child I

see the burdens you carry and the

efforts you make to provide for your

loved ones I have observed the silent

tears you’ve shed in your private

prayers aware of the weight of your

concerns please know that your heartfelt

please have reached me

every time you come to me opening your

heart it fills me with immense Joy I am

acutely aware of the moments when doubt

has clouded your mind questioning

whether the answers to your long awaited

prayers would ever

materialize I have witnessed how in

those moments of pain and distress the

adversary has attempted to sew seeds of

Despair challenging your faith and

bravery however I am here to bring you a

life of abundance

I urge you to continue believing and to

stand firm in your convictions do not

waver my son or daughter for your moment

has arrived it is a time of fulfillment

and the realization of your steadfast

Faith rest assured I am always attentive

to your calls this day marks the perfect

time for your blessings to manifest in

my power for I am able to turn

impossible situations around trust in me

and I will make a way where there seems

to be no way I will provide for your

every every need and Grant you the

desires of your heart continue to seek

me and put your trust in me for I am the

source of all wisdom and strength I am

the one who can bring peace in the midst

of chaos and joy in the midst of Sorrow

surrender all your worries and anxieties

to me and I will give you rest I will

carry your burdens and provide you with

the strength to overcome every obstacle

that comes your way have faith in my

promises and hold on to them tightly for

they are your anchor in the storms of

life I am faithful and true and I will

never abandon you trust in my love and

let it guide you on this journey of life

for I have great plans for you plans to

prosper you and not to harm you plans to

give you hope in a future believe in my

goodness and Trust in my timing for I am

always working behind the scenes to

bring about the best for you remember

that you are never alone for I am always

with you guiding and protecting you lean

on me and I will give you the the

strength to overcome every challenge

that comes your way I am your

everpresent help in times of trouble and

I will never leave your side trust in me

and let me lead you to the Abundant Life

that I have prepared for you I have

provided assistance in the past and I

will continue to do

so just as the winds and storms cease at

the sound of my voice the turbulent Seas

of doubt in your heart will also be

calmed come to me now and I will grant

you the rest you need I will alleviate

the swirling thoughts and fears that

cloud your mind and steal your focus my

desire is for peace in your days and

Tranquility in your nights although you

are entitled to many blessings sometimes

you fail to recognize them giving more

significancy to fears of things that

will never come to pass I urge you to

remain calm and pay no attention to the

news gossip or threats That Others May

bring to you I am in control and have

the final say in your destiny even if

thousands rise against you or you face

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