This is Not a Mere Coincidence | God Message Today |

my dear one allow me a moment of your

time it is not a mere coincidence that

you find yourself hearing from me now

your heart Echoes a deep yearning and it

is in response to this that I come

before you let me make it clear I wish

for you to have unwavering faith in me

today and always never disregard my

words for I speak to you with the

deepest love every moment

every day my aim is to see you flourish

bestowing blessings upon you and filling

your heart with the Holy anointment

recognize that you have been transformed

no longer bound by past struggles

mistakes or the chains of those who

belittle you stand up for you are freed

escape the confines of your mental

captivity today I break every spiritual

bond releasing your you from harmful

habits and the desires of those who wish

you harm you are my precious child my

beloved and my love for you is beyond

comprehension a mighty Divine force

rejuvenates your faith today you will

stand strong you will rise Embrace and

joyfully accept the blessings I lay

before you you will hear my voice in

your Slumber feel my presence upon

waking and wherever you go go be filled

with bravery you will tread upon Embers

and remain untouched even amidst the

tempestuous seas that attempt to swallow

you rise and proceed act now walk

steadfastly on the water step after step

keeping your focus ahead never lose

sight of your aspirations the beautiful

destination you are meant to reach

behind you flows my blessings like a

powerful River carving through valleys

flattening mountains uprooting the

deepest rooted Thorns demolishing

barriers and unlocking doors these

blessings are unstoppable no power can

thwart them wherever your path leads my

love will always envelop you reaching

the furthest Corners where you’ll find

my peace Grace and blessing my love for

you is so profound that it challenges

human understanding simply feel it

embrace it and receive it with

unwavering faith in the days to come I

will reveal my presence to you in

extraordinary ways rest assured nothing

will be missing for I have promised to

be your provider ever watchful of your

situations and needs do not agonize over

your current trials close your eyes

remember my teachings and your mind and

heart will be filled with peace and

Tranquility surrounding you are numerous

opportunities awaiting your action step

forward and knock on these doors with

determination and

resolve fearlessly I urge you to do this

I will guide your words when you speak

make the choice today to progress on

your journey do not be paralyzed by fear

as you stand and move forward the

windows of heaven will open for

you I will shower you with abundant

genuine blessings and you will

experience an overflow of provision you

will be liberated from death and

financial burdens receiving more than

you expect enabling you to share give

bless and invest you will continue to

harvest and sew starting today and into

the future every day every month every

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