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my dearest child have you ever felt

ignored although we all have times when

we feel as though we are being ignored


disregarded it is essential to keep in

mind that our value is not contingent on

the attention that we receive from other

people it is of the utmost importance

that we choose to surround ourselves

with those who respect and value US for

who we

are there’s something even worse though

than ignoring others and disregarding

God but we’ve all done

it in order to successfully navigate

through those times when we feel

disregarded it is essential to keep in

mind that the love that God has for us


unconditional and that asking his

forgiveness and Direction may be of


assistance through a relationship with

him we are able to discover comfort and

strength in the knowledge that we are

never truly

alone the consequences are

painful for one thing nlac Grieves God

because he is our heavenly father who

desires to have a close relationship


us additionally ignoring others can lead

to feelings of isolation and

disconnection hindering our ability to

form meaningful connections with those


us when you bump into massive

difficulties on your Life Path I want

you to consider it pure


remind yourself that God is always there

to give advice and support therefore

assisting you in becoming stronger and

more robust in your

faith this is something to keep in mind

while you bounce off these

problems when you put your faith in him

you will eventually experience a more

profound sense of purpose and

satisfaction in your

life my words are heard by everyone who

is on this side of the

truth it is important to keep in mind

that difficulties are chances for

personal development and change and that

if you put your faith in

God you will be able to face them with

fortitude and

perseverance when you bring yourself

into alignment with the truth you will

be able to discover the direction and

knowledge you need to conquer any

challenges that come your

way many people believe that there are

no absolutes and that everything is


nevertheless it is of the utmost

importance to keep in mind that there

are Universal truths that may serve as a

compass for us as we navigate the

perplexities of

life through the process of seeking

knowledge and insight from a higher

power we are able to Traverse the

difficulties of life with Clarity and

purpose it is possible that having faith

in the existence of absolute facts might

give us a strong basis upon which to

construct our views and decisions

thank me joyfully for forgiving all your

sins and guiding you towards a path of

righteousness put your faith in the

ability of forgiveness and Redemption to

guide you toward a life that is full of

contentment and

Tranquility I hope that the awareness

that your faults may be forgiven and

that you are capable of development and

reform brings you some measure of

comfort take advantage of the chance to

gain wisdom from your experience

expences in the past and start moving

forward with a refreshed sense of

purpose and

optimism acquire the ability to rely on

me more and

more I have a complete understanding of

the magnitude of your weaknesses and I

am here to provide you with unwavering

support as you embark on your road

toward personal development and

progress it is important to have faith

in the ability of love and understanding

to assist you in overcoming any

challenges that may come your

way in order to do this you must be

aware of your own limitations and be

prepared to accept assistance when it is

required always keep in mind that

development is a process that not only

necessitates introspection but also an

openness to different points of

view you must have faith in the process

and have faith in your own capacity for

personal development and transformation

in light of this I will make it a

priority to continue my search for fresh

experiences and points of view that will

assist me in developing and maturing

individually it is possible for me to go

with my journey towards self-improvement

and contentment if I am willing to

accommodate change and am open to

gaining Knowledge from other


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