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my beloved


child hear me out

today this is your week of Miracles and


Blessings I’m sending you all the love

and positive energy you need to manifest

your dreams and

desires your times are in my hands there

is no doubt that my holy hands are able

to provide for you and fulfill all of


requirements trust in my divine plan for

you and have faith that everything will

unfold in perfect time

timing stay open to receiving the

Miracles and blessings that are coming


way knowing that I’m always watching

over you with love and

guidance I would like for you to take it

easy under my sovereign watch

care trusting me to do what is best

because I am totally capable of meeting

all of your needs and

desires when you entrust me with the

whats and wins of your life you may do

so without fear of repercussion

as long as you remain on this cider of

Heaven you will have to submit to my

divine plan and timing knowing that I

have your best interests at

heart child don’t fight against what you


change instead rejoice in the knowledge

that I am in control and will work

everything out for your good have faith

in my understanding and affection for

you and be certain that I am constantly

concerned about your health and


relax in the Tranquility that comes from

submitting to my perfect

will and let go of whatever worries or

anxieties you may have

experienced leave the outcomes up to me

trust that I will take you to the place

you need to be and follow me wherever I

lead without questioning or fighting

what I say or showing you

resistance you may take comfort in the

knowledge that I am constantly at your

side watching over you with love and

care and you should embrace the calm

that comes from surrendering to my plan

for your

life please do not be concerned about

the outcome of the situation instead

follow me wherever I

lead think of your life as an adventure

with me as your guide and

protector be present in the here and now

concentrating on staying in step with me

when our path leads to a cliff trust

that I will provide a way for you to

navigate through it safely even if it


impossible when we come to a mountain

that seems too high to

climb remember that I am with

you giving you strength and courage to

overcome any obstacle in your

way just keep moving forward with faith


perseverance knowing that I have a

purpose and a plan for your life that

will ultimately lead to your growth and

fulfillment you already have have a

clear understanding of the ultimate

destination of your

journey which is your departure into

heaven therefore continue to go forward

while having faith in my direction and

Supply at every stage of the

journey please keep in mind that I’m

constantly by your

side guiding you toward the

accomplishment of your goals and the

realization of your

aspirations I will never abandon you or

leave you behind on this path that leads

to Eternal joy and serenity therefore

you should put your faith in

me when you worship me in spirit and

truth you join with choirs of angels and

Saints in praising my name and

glorifying my

kingdom together we will walk the path

of righteousness and

fulfillment with your faith as The

Guiding Light in this Divine

Journey trust in my love and grace for I

am always with you lead you towards

Eternal peace and

joy though you cannot hear their

voices your praise and thanksgiving are

distinctly heard and appreciated by all

who dwell in the Heavenly

Realms your faith and devotion are a

beacon of light in a world filled with

Darkness Illuminating the way for others

to find their own path to

Salvation however it is your expressions

of thanks and praise that actually

ReSound in the spiritual realm bring in

gifts and miracles into your

life your pleas are also

heard it is important that you keep your

heart open and your spirit aligned with

mine for together we shall travel the

path of righteousness and fulfillment

that leads to eternal

glory you will discover an abundance of

Serenity joy and abundance Beyond any

measure when you are close to

me this is the greatest blessing if you

continue to show love and compassion to

everyone around

you you are truly carrying out your role

in this world trust in my direction and

keep spreading love and compassion to

everyone you

encounter you can live as close to me as


choose I set up no barriers between us

neither do I limit the amount of love

and guidance I offer you just keep your

heart open and continue to follow the

path of


and you will always feel my presence

guiding you towards eternal

glory people have a tendency to believe

that demonstrating love and compassion

is a sign of

weakness nevertheless in truth it takes

a tremendous deal of strength to do so

on a constant

basis by exemplifying these

characteristics you are not only having

a positive impact on the lives of other

people but you are also accomplishing

your mission in this world

put your faith in the transformative

power of love and persist in spreading

it wherever you

go I am working in your behalf to ensure

that your efforts do not go unnoticed

and that you are rewarded for your

kindness and

selflessness bring me all concerns

including your dreams and I will help

guide you towards achieving them with

Grace and

determination remember your actions have

the power to inspire others to follow in

your footsteps and create a ripple

effect of positivity in the

world talk with me about everything from

your deepest fears to your wildest

dreams letting the light of hope and

love shine through in all that you

do if you allow my presence to shine on


road it will illuminate the route

towards a more promising future that is

replete with an infinite number of

options having faith in yourself and in

the world to lead you to success and

fulfillment is important especially when

you consider that you are never

traveling alone on this

path you may guide yourself toward a

life that is full of joy and plenty by


faith which is the key that unlocks the

door to an infinite number of

possibilities and

chances have faith in the ability of

love and optimism to illuminate your

path in the knowledge that you are

always supported and surrounded by

Divine energy that will guide you toward

the highest good that you are capable of

achieving it is important to keep in

mind that you are never alone on your

trip and that the world is constantly

working to your

advantage this is something to keep in

mind whenever you sense doubt or

uncertainty sneaking

in have faith in the process and have

faith that everything is unfolding just

as it should for your ultimate

development and pleasure

throughout this journey I will be your


companion providing my love and support

to you as you navigate through the

trials and victories that life has to

offer have faith in the plan that the

Universe has for you always keeping in

mind that each and every event is a

stepping stone on the path to your


fulfillment I have provided you with all

of the resources and the strength that

you require to triumph over challenges

that may come your

way therefore have faith in yourself and

in the road that lies ahead of

you keep in mind that every obstacle

presents an opportunity for personal

development and every failure presents

an opportunity to perform even better

than you did

before I am your closest companion and

together we will confront any challenges

headon emerging from The Experience more

powerful and more res resilient than we

have ever been

before know that I will always be here

to support you through all that you go

through and have faith in yourself and

the road that you are now

on it is possible for me to provide you

with support and

Direction but in the end it is your

resolve and tenacity that will determine

whether or not you are

successful have faith in yourself and

the adventure that you are about to

embark on

knowing that you are capable of

overcoming any challenges that may be

thrown in your

path I will be at your side every step

of the way cheering you on and enjoying


achievements the friendship that I

provide is unshakable and I will be

there for what you

need always keep in mind that you are

never alone on this

road and that we can overcome any

challenge that comes our way if we work


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