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my beloved child you need to hear this

before it’s too late child you are

surrounded by many who have no love for

you be cautious of those who do not have

your best interests at heart and always

remember that true love and support come

from those who genuinely care for you

trust your instincts and surround

yourself with positive influences who

uplift and encourage you some

individuals are just unaware of your

value and may make an effort to tear you

down always remember to keep your

strength and have faith in yourself

since you are capable of doing great

things always keep in mind that you are

loved without conditions regardless of

the difficulties that inevitably come


way some are only ignorant participants

in Satan’s kingdom but others are like

ravenous wolves in Chief’s clothing

seeking to pray on on your

vulnerabilities stay vigilant and

remember that you are deserving of love

and respect no matter what challenges


arise trust in your worth and never let

anyone diminish your light remember that

you are not alone in facing these

challenges and there are people who care

about you and want to support you

surround yourself with positivity and

believe in your ability to overcome any

obstacles that come your way trust in

your inner strength and never forget

that you are worthy of love and

respect child do not despair or even be

anxious your father in Heaven is always

watching over you guiding you through

difficult times and celebrating your

triumphs continue to have faith in

yourself and the love that is all around

you because it will be the thing that

gets you through any hurricane we will

ultimately emerge stronger and more

resilient from the challenges we Face

knowing that we are never alone in our

journey keep pushing forward with

courage and determination knowing that

brighter days are ahead it’s important

for us as Believers to understand what

happened on the

cross Jesus sacrificed himself on the

cross to save us from our sins showing

us the ultimate Act of love and

Redemption it is possible for us to find

strength and comfort in our faith during

times of struggle and uncertainty if we

comprehend and contemplate the

substantial sacrifice that was made

nothing else is required to pay for our

Salvation to be saved all we need to do

is believe in Jesus Christ and accept

him as our

savior trust in his sacrifice and Grace

knowing that he has already paid the

price for our Redemption

dear child in order for the foundation

of a high-rise building to be able to

withstand the weight of the structure it

is imperative that the foundation be

strong and

solid in a similar manner our faith in

Jesus Christ serves as the sturdy basis

upon which we may construct our lives

and to which we can draw strength when

we are confronted with difficulties and

challenges in the same way that the

foundation of a house is essential to

its stability we may rely on our trust

in Christ to keep us going through the

difficulties that life throws at us we

are able to manage the obstacles that

life throws at us with Grace and

resilience because Jesus is our Rock and

Foundation he gives us the strength and

support we need to do so in the same way

that a solid foundation is very

important for the stability of a


our trust in Jesus is very important for

our spiritual well-being and for our

capacity to persevere in the face of



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