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James states if any of you lacks

wisdom let him ask God and it will be

given him this promise my dear friend

gives us hope for the day ahead do you

have anxiety about your impending tests

do you fear you won’t do properly and

end up failing if so realize that God is

a resource you can rely on thus my

friend do not give up God will give you

wisdom today if you ask him that’s

exactly what happened to Jaba a girl her

family resided in kbor due to the

family’s death her father a driver was

unable to pay her school tuition each

day the individuals from whom they took

out loans despite the financial

difficulties jebba wrote a prayer

request at The Prayer Tower asking for

her father’s safe return and before her

th standard her father

returned they were still struggling with

debts but Jaba learned about the young

partner’s plan at The Prayer Tower and

became a partner ja’s mother was

heartbroken seeing their suffering her

father went abroad to work but he

struggled to make it ‘s meet jba was

studying in the th standard facing

depression and anxiety and being unable

to focus on her studies she was able to

graduate from the th and th grades

with honors she was sponsored to pursue

a BSC in biotechnology which she

accomplished with honors they were

frequent attendees of prayer sessions

and jebba and her father’s employment

success was a blessing from God God

honored jebba and heard her prayers even

though she was struggling with family

problems depression and money problems

she also doubted that she would finish

her th grade education she graduated

with honors from her bachelor’s program

landed a solid career and established

her finances she prayed to the Lord for

knowledge so that she could succeed in

life and he gave it to her blessing her

family and her finances she had

tremendous success in her life as a

result you may still be looking to God

for advice my friend you might ask him

to support you while you study find

employment after graduation take care of

your family and pass your examination

Jesus is always willing to impart his

wisdom to you no matter what even if

your main goal is to pass and go to the

next level you can still do amazing

things with his assistance the wisdom of

God will allow you to continue

developing and prospering in your life

you’ll see it coming and realize it’s

God’s favor bestowed upon you so let’s

get from Jesus today the wisdom of God

simply ask Jesus for wisdom if you are

taking examinations and he will help you

get great


prayer dear Lord I am grateful for your

promise to grant me your wisdom you are

the source of all knowledge and

understanding I pray that you guide me

in all my ways bless me with your wisdom

and help me excel in everything I do I

commit my work exams into your hands and

ask that you teach me and fill me with

your spirit of Excellence Lord your

wisdom should shine through me and

glorify your name as you grant me your

wisdom today help me to grow in stature

and in my Endeavors let me receive favor

from man and favor in your eyes and

honor me thank you Lord in Jesus name I

pray amen

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