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my beloved child today I the creator of

the universe wish to speak to you about

gratitude gratitude is a Divine Essence

that permeates the entire Cosmos it is a

universal language that transcends the

barriers of time and space when you

cultivate gratitude in your hearts you

connect with the essence of life and

experience the fullness of my love

gratitude is one of the greatest gifts

you can cultivate for it opens your

hearts to the beauty and abundance that

permeate every moment of your lives when

you Express gratitude you are

acknowledging the blessings and Gifts

you have received both big and

small it is not just about recognizing

the good things that happen to you but

also finding Beauty in the little things

in the everyday experiences that often


unnoticed since the beginning of time I

have poured countless blessings upon you

with every breath every heartbeat every

ray of sunshine that warms your faces I

am present flooding your lives with my

grace and

mercy however often you forget to

recognize and appreciate these Divine

gifts gratitude is more than just a

fleeting feeling it is an attitude of

the heart it is looking Beyond

circumstances and recognizing my loving

hand in every detail of your

lives even in moments of difficulty and

pain there are reasons to be thankful

for it is in those times that my love

manifests in surprising and trans


ways gratitude transforms your lives

from the inside out as it changes your

perspective and attitude towards the

world around you instead of focusing on

what is lacking in your lives you begin

to appreciate what you already have

cultivating a deep sense of contentment

and inner

peace remember the words of the psalmist

in Psalm give thanks to the Lord for

he is good his love endures forever my

love is eternal and unwavering and

expressing gratitude for it strengthens

the connection between us furthermore

gratitude strengthens your

relationships creating an environment of

Love appreciation and kindness when you

Express gratitude for each other you are

strengthening the bonds that unite you

creating a sense of connection and

intimacy that is essential for healthy

and lasting

relationships when you cultivate an

attitude of gratitude your lives are


you begin to see the world with eyes of

Wonder and reverence noticing the beauty

that surrounds you and the abundance

that envelops you every challenge

becomes an opportunity for growth and

learning and every blessing becomes a

reminder of my unconditional love for

you remember that gratitude is not just

a matter of words but also of

actions demonstrate your gratitude

through love and kindness towards others

help those in need share your bless

blessings with the less fortunate and be

instruments of my love in this

world therefore my beloved cultivate

gratitude in your hearts every day

recognize the blessings that surround

you from the air you breathe to the

loved ones in your life and always

remember that even in the toughest times

there is always something to be grateful

for the light that shines amidst the

darkness the hope that is renewed with


Dawn gratitude is a Sublime quality that

trans transforms not only the way you

see the world but also how you

experience life

itself amidst the vicissitudes and

challenges of human existence it is easy

to get lost in the shadows of

disillusionment and

lamentation however even in the toughest

moments there are reasons to give

thanks gratitude does not require you to

ignore the pains or struggles but rather

to acknowledge the many blessings

surrounding you even in the small things

as it is written in coloss Ians

and whatever you do whether in word or

deed do it all in the name of the Lord

Jesus giving thanks to God the Father

through him may your lives be a living

testimony of my grace and

love reflecting the beauty of gratitude

in all that you

do true gratitude is not only about what

you receive but about how you choose to

respond to every situation in life it

resides in deep appreciation ation for

the gift of existence for the beauty of

the nature that surrounds you for the

loving presence of those who share your

life and for the experiences that shape

and mold you into who you are when you

cultivate a mindset of gratitude you

realize that every moment is an

opportunity to find joy and

contentment even in the simplest and

most routine days there are reasons to

celebrate life and all that it

offers it is in the recognition and

appreci appreciation of these moments

that you find true happiness and

fulfillment gratitude is not just a

passing emotion but rather a state of

being a way of living and breathing in


World Imagine gratitude as a river

constantly flowing within you nourishing

your souls and bathing your lives in the

light of divine love when you cultivate

this River of gratitude you open

yourselves to receive the countless

blessings that flow into your lives with

each moment true gratitude goes beyond

simply thanking for the good things that

happen in your lives it is also about

accepting and embracing each experience

whether joyful or painful as a precious

gift from the

universe it is about recognizing that

every moment every encounter every

challenge is an opportunity to grow

learn and become more fully who you are

meant to

be when you practice gratitude in its

highest form you not only give thanks

for the blessings you receive but also

for the lessons you learn for the growth

opportunities that arise and even for

the difficulties you face for it is

through these experiences that you

become stronger wiser and more

compassionate gratitude is also a

constant reminder of the interconnection

of all things when you Express gratitude

you acknowledge the web of

interdependence that binds you to all

forms of life each Act of gratitude is

like a drop falling into this ocean of

interconnection sending waves of love

and compassion Beyond

yourselves moreover being grateful is a

transformative practice that can change

the way you see the world and how you

interact with it when you choose to live

with gratitude you become aware of the

infinite possibilities of Love abundance

and beauty that are always available to

you you free yourselves from the prison

of scarcity and embrace the fullness and

generosity of the

universe my dear ones gratitude is a

gift you can offer to yourselves and

other at any moment do not wait until

all conditions are perfect to be

grateful instead find reasons to give

thanks with every breath with every

heartbeat for gratitude is the path to

True Freedom joy and

fulfillment May gratitude be the light

that guides your steps the nourishment

that feeds your souls and the source of

Love That sustains you in every moment

may you live each day with hearts

overflowing with gratitude and celebrate

the Wonder and beauty of life life in

all its

fullness gratitude is also a constant

reminder of the interconnectedness of

all things when you recognize and

cherish the blessings in your lives you

are acknowledging the presence of the

Divine in every aspect of the universe

every shared smile every act of kindness

every moment of joy is an expression of

my infinite love for

you moreover gratitude is a powerful

tool for personal and spiritual

transformation when you chose choose to

be grateful for all that you have even

when facing challenges you are choosing

a perspective of abundance and growth

this attitude empowers you to overcome

adversity with courage and resilience

knowing that you have the support of the

universe every step of the way never

underestimate the power of gratitude

when you express your gratitude you open

the floodgates to receive even more of

my blessings therefore let gratitude be

the song that lulls your hearts and the

light that guides your steps in every

moment of your lives my beloved being

grateful is a choice you can make at

every moment do not wait for ideal

circumstances to express your gratitude

instead find reasons to give thanks in

every situation no matter how

challenging it may

seem be grateful for the lessons learned

from obstacles for the strength you

develop amidst adversity and for the

opportunity for growth that each


offers May May gratitude be the light

that brightens Your Darkest Days the

comfort that sustains you in times of

difficulty and the compass that guides

your hearts towards peace and

fulfillment may you always remember the

abundance of blessings that surround you

and find joy and simple gratitude for

all that you are and




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