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my dear child I have engraved your name

upon the very fabric of my hands and

this is an eternal

Covenant nothing in the world could ever

scrape off or corrode this sacred

inscription for you are my cherished


possession the act of Engraving upon

precious metals is a practice that is

meant to be

Everlasting however as the sands of time

wear upon these etchings sometimes these

objects are lost or stolen or melted

down so place first things first my

beloved precious metals like gold and

silver possess some value in this world

but they are as worthless as dust

compared to the surpassing magnificence

of knowing me for all

eternity since your name is etched upon

the palms of my hands rest assured that

you are ever present in my

thoughts people sometimes jot notes upon

their hands to remind themselves of

something significant I on the other

hand have engraved your name upon my

Palms because you are eternally precious


me rejoice in The Wonder of knowing that

I The Sovereign of the universe deem you

a Priceless treasure respond by

treasuring Me Above All Else trust in me

and let not fear find a dwelling within

you do not be disheartened by the

happenings of the world

or the reports of the news these reports

are partial presented as though I do not

exist news reels showcase mere fragments

of worldly events deliberately excluding

the most vital Factor my presence in the

world as journalists sift through an

ocean of information they strain out

everything related to me and the mighty

work I am accomplishing on this

Earth whenever the world around you

feels like a daunting Place turn to me

and find solace in my

presence follow the example of David who

found strength in the Lord when his

companions threatened to Stone him you

too can summon Courage by remembering

who I

am contemplate my awe inspiring glory

and boundless power take Delight in my

unending love rejoice in the knowledge

that you are embarked on an adventure

ous Journey with me and your ultimate

destination is heaven as you keep your

gaze fixed upon me and embrace the deep

relationship I offer you fear will

recede and joy will surge within you

trust in me wholeheartedly beloved for I

am your strength and your

song Those Who so in tears will reap

with songs of Joy thus do not despise

your tears my child

they are precious to

me someday I shall wipe every tear from

your eyes but for now you dwell in a

veil of

tears just as water is essential for

seeds to flourish into mighty trees your

tears nourish your growth into a

resilient more joyful follower of

Christ your willingness to share in the

Sorrows of this deeply Fallen World

grants you depth and

compassion it also enlarges your

capacity for Joy your ability to Revel

in my presence in both good times and


times songs of Joy have been your

Birthright ever since you embraced me as

your savior do not neglect this

delightful form of worshiping me and

uplifting your spirit even when sadness

clouds your heart singing praises is a

potent way to elevate your soul to me as

your joy in me encounters my delight in

you you can dance in the radiance of my

presence this is the joy of the

Lord every single blessing you possess

is a gift from my hand including each

breath you

draw I lavish countless blessings upon

you so many that you often take some of

my precious gifts for granted most

people fail to recognize the miracle of

inhaling my life continuously

yet it was only when I breathed the

breath of life into Adam that he became

a living

Soul as you sit serenely in my presence

whisper your gratitude to me with every

inhalation as you exhale reaffirm your

trust in

me the longer you practice this the more

profound your sense of relaxation will

become while you spend time with me I

help you to appreciate and thank me for

the blessings that often go

unnoticed the boundless Sky Majestic

trees radiant light and a vibrant pallet

of colors cherished loved ones and


Comforts the list is endless the more

you search for the goodness in your life

the sharper your vision

Becomes of course your deepest gratitude

should be reserved for eternal life

which is yours because of your

unwavering belief in me this is an

incomparable Everlasting gift GI that

fills your heart with ever increasing

joy in my presence I am richly woven

into the world around you within the

pages of my word and within your heart

through my spirit beseech me to Open the

Eyes of your heart so that you may truly

see me for I am tenderly present in

every moment of your life it is crucial

to set aside dedicated moments to seek

my face this calls for unwavering mental

discipline redirecting your thoughts

thoughts from the Allure of worldly

idols and choosing to meditate upon me I

am the Living Word so when you search

for me within the scriptures you will

discover my vibrant presence I fashioned

breathtaking Beauty in the world to

direct your gaze toward the one who

crafted all things without me not a

single thing was created whenever you

encounter something beautiful take a

moment to offer thanks this Delights my

heart and now amplifies your own

pleasure even when confronted with

adversity and ugliness in this fractured

World continue to trust me keep seeking

me in both the Grand and the mundane

moments of your

life find Hope and solace in knowing

that all your days are firmly held

within My Loving

Hands if I am on your side who can stand

against you it is crucial for you to

grasp that I am unequivocally on your


this is a promise for all who follow me

when circumstances seem adverse and

those you trusted turn against you it

may appear as if I have forsaken you in

those moments it is Paramount to remind

yourself of the unassailable truth I am

not only with you always but I am also

unfailingly for

you this holds true on days of Triumph

and days of defeat when people treat you

kindly and when they do

not when you genuinely comprehend and

fully believe that I am on your side

fear will diminish and you will face

adversity with unwavering

composure knowing that I will never turn

against you grants you the courage to

persevere in the face of

Trials remember this beloved I approve

of you because you belong to me my

assessment of you prevails and will

endure through throughout eternity

neither person nor circumstance will

ever separate you from my boundless love

refuse to be consumed by worry my

cherished one replace those anxious

Thoughts with trust and gratitude

declare your faith in me while offering

praise for all that I am and all that I

have done this blend of adoration and

trust is potent it dispels anxiety and

the forces of

Darkness furthermore it deepens your

connection with me while legitimate

concerns may still be present I will

assist you in navigating them as you

cultivate peace you will be able to view

your challenges in the radiant light of

my presence and seek my

guidance allow scripture to shape your

thoughts enabling me to communicate with

you with greater

Clarity take the time to Express

gratitude for the many blessings in your

life I want you to convey your thanks

fulness in your prayers in your

conversations with others and in your


thoughts I continually hear your

thoughts and I rejoice when they contain

gratitude you can even thank me for

things you wish were

different this Act of Faith frees you

from the grip of

negativity in everything give thanks

this is my will for

you I am renewing the attitude of your

mind making you new

new living in close communion with me

entails embracing change and

newness I am in the process of

transforming you through the complete

renewal of your mind this is an

extensive Endeavor you will be under

construction until the day you meet me

face to

face yet unlike the lifeless materials

used to construct buildings you are

living breathing thinking material

I have endowed you with the remarkable

capacity to reason and make

choices I want you to employ this Divine

gift to cooperate with me as I mold you

this necessitates shedding your old self

your former way of thinking and behaving

and Dawning the new

self to make wise Godly choices you must

come to know me as I truly

am seek me within my word and in invite

my spirit to illuminate it bringing

forth its truths in Vivid

Clarity the more you choose to align

your life with my will the more you will

resemble me and the more you will relish

walking in the light of my

presence remember your true citizenship

lies in

heaven one day I will transform your

humble Earthly body into one that

mirrors my glorious form you will have

all eternity to bask in your perfected


body thus do not become overly

preoccupied with your current physical

condition many of my followers cling

tenaciously to their Earthly lives even

when they stand at the very threshold of

paradise yet once they release their

grip and pass through the Ethereal Veil

into heaven they experience an ecstatic

joy that surpasses all

imagination rest assured your times are

in my hands

I have orchestrated all your days and I

know precisely how many you have left

because your body is a sanctuary of the

Holy Spirit I anticipate that you will

take good care of it however I do not

want you to obsess over its condition

this can foster anxiety and divert your

attention from my

presence instead receive each day as a

precious gift from me seek the joys and

responsibilities that I have placed upon

your path take hold of my hand in joyful

trust for I am ever beside

you whenever sorrow grips your heart I

want you to anticipate the return of Joy

this perspective lessens The Sting of

your grief for you recognize that it is

but a passing Cloud sorrow has a

tendency to cast its shadow over the

timeline convincing you that you will

remain unhappy

indefinitely however this is a false

Hood the truth is that all my followers

have an infinite Wellspring of joy ahead

of them guaranteed throughout

eternity no one can rob you of this

inheritance your journey through this

world is replete with Peaks and

valleys the low points can be arduous

but they serve a profound purpose pain

and adversity help you transform and

grow stronger as you place your trust in

me your trials are akin to a woman

enduring the Pains of childbirth her

suffering is very real and at times she

may wonder how much more she can

bear however through this grueling Trail

emerges a wondrous Miracle a newborn

life as you labor through your Earthly

struggles keep your eyes fixed on the

promised reward boundless joy in heaven

even now you can grow more aware of my

presence where there is full fullness of

joy I reside within you I am everything

you could ever need in a savior God and

I am alive within your very being I fill

you with Radiant Life and boundless

love my desire is for my life within you

to overflow and touch the lives of

others as you interact with them invite

me to live and love through

you when you collaborate with me in this


my light will radiate from your

countenance and my love will Grace your

words you are complete in me everything

essential for your salvation and

spiritual growth is found in

me through my divine power you possess

all that is required to endure in the

eternal life I have granted you I also

Grant you intimate knowledge of me I

invite you to open your heart and share

with me at the deepest levels your

struggles and your Delights

alike find your rest in my finished work

upon the cross and rejoice in the

security you have in me experience

profound Soul satisfaction through

knowing me your loving Savior and


friend do not fret over the prosperity

of the wicked or their evil

schemes in this age of instant

communication you have access to a

wealth of information and news that that

can easily overwhelm

you not only do you hear about Wicked

people and their malevolent plots but

you also witness the graphic details

these images leave a powerful imprint on

your mind a steady diet of such Darkness

can breed anxiety and

fear I urge you to pray about global

events and seek peace where you can

nonetheless it is vital to discern what

you can change and what is beyond your


worrying about matters outside your

sphere of influence will deplete your

energy and discourage you instead of

dwelling on these distressing matters

Endeavor to fix your thoughts up me I am

with you and I am for you find your

Delight in me remember that I am a God

of Justice and I see all in Du a time I

will Rectify all wrongs so be still in

my presence place your trust in me with

a steadfast heart while patiently

awaiting my intervention amen


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