MY CHILD THE END IS NEAR | God Message Today

beloved child I express my deepest affection for you my cherished one I

urge you to absorb my words with your entire soul as they are intended solely for you I kindly request a brief moment

of your valued time to prioritize my voice the message I am eager to impart

is of immense significance transcending any current preoccupations in your mind

please stay with me a bit longer and open yourself to my sentiments let me alleviate the burdens on your heart and

dispel the Shadows clouding your thoughts I embrace you offering a

tranquility and calmness unique in its Essence join me and place your trust in

my care my desire is to provide solace in times of difficulty despite the

inevitable obstacles rest assured that I will always be by your side never

abandoning you my unyielding love eliminates all trepidation

turn to me for resilience optimism and an enduring sense of Peace you are

deeply treasured as my child there is someone here that I am seeing right now

you have endured many hard trials in your life recently things have reached a point

where you have had to cry out to me about what is happening I want you to know that I am

aware of the concerns of your heart I know what weighs heavy on your mind what I want to tell you is that you

have come come to the end of a difficult Road concerning some choices you have made to allow certain things into your

life you have come to the end of making decisions on your own without seeking my

guidance for several years now there has been disorder in your life no matter how

hard you try order eludes you now I want to help you break free the only way will

be to recognize that I have already revealed my will to you I showed you long ago that this path would only lead

to heartache but now you have reached the end a decision must be made whether

to continue in your own way or surrender to my will the pain comes because you

have been following your own plans if this is you then I’m instructing you today to turn to me

fully ask for my help to override your own stubborn will so that you may walk

in the purpose I have set out for you receive this word in the name of your lord there is someone here under great

pressure you feel the full weight of responsibility resting solely upon your

shoulders I want you to give this burden to me ask for my strength wisdom and peace

of mind I will lift the heavy yoke from your neck and give you victory over your stress and

depression the pain in your chest will vanish as my Healing Hand touches you

may my power bring you Deliverance right now in this very moment a period of time

has come to completion spiritually the season of allowing certain things in your life must end

this is why it feels like doors are closing and people are letting you down it is I who halts things in order

to turn your heart back to me my word says I show my loving kindness to lead

you to repentance the roadblocks are my doing because I want you to seek my will for

your life receive this word in the name of your lord all who are listening now I am

bringing great change to your lives for some I will remove people who are not

concerned with your destiny they care only for their own interests not out of genuine love for

you but I will shift things and realign relationships according to my Divine

Purpose you have struggled because you accommodated these Dynamics for too long

as you turn to me I will grant understanding and peace look to me to

show you what steps to take next I will lead you along my righteous path some of

you do not understand why I am rearranging things it is because I am at work even now I see many of you need a

change of spiritual direction that is why areas of life feel unsettled it is

for your good that I disrupt comfortable patterns if things stayed the same you would not press in to know my

will receive this word in the name of your lord a spirit of neglect has

lingered for too long by my authority I command it to leave even now I am moving upon your

heart bitterness resentment and unforgiveness have kept you emotionally

imprisoned but I am setting you free in this moment there is a child of God here I

see you have put up walls around his heart and mind you feel everyone is against you though it is not true a

spirit of paranoia and suspicion has come to oppress you but my power will deliver you and

bring restoration to your soul begin to give thanks for his freedom now get

ready for sweeping change for I am going to overhaul many areas of your life much

will come to a halt that I have not approved of of you have prayed to know

my will and align with it because of your hunger and humility I will answer

your prayer things will shift as I establish the right order my beloved

child if trials have knocked at your door recently do not be dismayed resist

voices of fear or insecurity continue on the path I have set before you I know

the attacks seem overwhelming in the moment but my perfect plan is unfolding

I will help you overcome every obstacle in due time you may feel exhausted by

the battles take heart and remember that I see your struggle I know the burden

feels too heavy to Bear alone you may be tempted to give up all hope but do not listen to those lies you

were created to persevere my divine power strengthens you together we will defeat the enemy

surrounding you I will will restore peace to your soul once more the storm

will pass giving way to a mighty outpouring of my blessings I am taking you to new heights

that you have only glimpsed in dreams the old season of weeping and Wilderness wanderings is coming to an end trust in

my timing continue to hope expectantly for what I will do your prayers have

come before me like sweet incense they Delight my heart soon your

faith will blossom into an unshakable confidence that I answer when you call no request is too difficult for the

one who spoke all creation into existence rest in the knowledge that I hold your life safely in the palm of my

hand not one detail escapes my notice in Stillness and silence wait patiently to

see my salvation revealed the dawn’s first light is breaking through the darkness Joy comes

in the morning as the new day Dawns you will understand why I allowed the delays

and detours you will recognize them as my loving refiners fire purifying your

faith and preparing you for amazing blessings to come I see when you kneel

humbly before my throne even if you feel unworthy remember that I Delight over you I

Rejoice over you come to me weary and heavy laden unload your cares into my hands

there’s no need to carry what I can bear for you the many burdens weighing upon your shoulders were never meant for you

to carry alone I desire to lift you up high above the swirling

chaos I will be your rock of stability when everything around you

shifts and Shakes the world will rage kingdoms will

crumble but my faithful promises endure forever feel my peace that transcends

human understanding be still and know that I am God the banners of Victory

wave over your life you have overcome because I have already secured the Triumph on your

behalf salvation belongs to our god rise up now with joyful hope in your heart

sing praise to my name for I deserve all glory and honor the Breakthrough you

have cried out for is closer than you know Redemption is here to lift you you

out of the pit of [Music] despair let your lips proclaim the goodness I have shown you even if

circumstances still look Bleak choose to praise me as The God Who has turned your mour into

dancing the season of wilderness wanderings has come to an end your Promised Land lies just ahead you will

finish this race well by my sustaining Grace I am continually renewing your

strength so that you can soar like Eagles no matter what obstacles Loom on the horizon hold fast to this truth

Victory is assured for those who put their trust in me my beloved child you

are sealed and covered by my blood no weapon formed against you will prosper

the schemes of the enemy are powerless to undo what I have spoken over your life take comfort in knowing I will

never leave or forsake you even if loved ones turn away I remain kind constant I

am your everpresent help in times of need cry out to me and I will

answer some around you may misunderstand my ways and speak words that pierce your

heart deeply but do not lose hope or question my love above the noise and confusion my

voice Whispers gentle words to heal your soul listen for my quiet guidance leading you along Peaceful

Waters the churning anxiety within will grow still still and calm once

more you are safely hidden beneath my wings of comfort and

protection abide in The Refuge of my presence I lift you up out of the swirling flood waters I set your feet

upon the rock you can take confident steps now boldly declaring my

promises you will arise and Advance against the powers of darkness no evil can stand against the

light and truth of God’s word my child you are an overcomer by my

blood and your testimony you will fulfill every purpose I have ordained for your life do not

look at the past behold I am doing a new thing right now rivers in the desert

streams in the Wasteland I declare them open before you even when you feel unsteady and unsure of the road ahead my

peace is there to comfort you I will direct your steps along the Highway of

Holiness father follow me wholeheartedly trusting that I know the way through the

Wilderness I am able to part seas and move mountains with me nothing is

impossible you need only take one step of obedience at a time my grace is

sufficient for each moment lean not on your own understanding but acknowledge

me in all your ways then I will make your crooked path straight no matter what tomorrow holds I

am already there preparing the way fear not I have commanded my angels

concerning you they guard you and lift you up so you will not even Dash your foot against a stone you are precious in

my sight I Rejoice over you with gladness though enemies and tribulations

surround you my peace flows like a river through your soul receive my perfect

love that casts out all fear rest in my promises my timing my

purpose your breakthrough is coming I know you have been crying out to me for answers you desire Clarity and

direction for your life listen closely now for I am speaking the plans I have for you are

good not evil to give you a hope and a future my ways are higher than your ways

surrender the need to understand everything allow me to guide your steps according to my

purpose as you commit your way to me I will make your righteousness shine like

the dawn a new day of Promise awaits there are attacks from the enemy trying

to hold you back through deception and false Visions but my light dispels all Darkness the blood of Jesus breaks every

curse and spell you are safe in my hands I am your deliverer and

protector receive Freedom now to move forward into your destiny for some I am recalibrating your

spirit spiritual vision in seasons of isolation and loss of connection I am

restoring you my rivers of Living Water will flow through you again do not lose

heart cry out to me and I will answer our fellowship is not

broken I am right here closer than your next breath waiting for you to seek

me I will fan the flame of your spiritual passion once more there is someone here seeking

direction for her life turn to me now with confidence the path ahead will be

revealed one step at a time as you walk in Humble obedience things that rise to the

surface to distract you will be removed my spirit will guide you into all truth

wisdom and understanding receive this word in the name of your lord in the

coming days devote yourself to seeking my will above all else come before me with sincerity and

focus do not treat this lightly going through empty motions demonstrate the true Cry of your

heart to know me more as you prioritize our relationship I will open your spiritual eyes to see

and perceive in new ways Revelations and insights will unfold you will gain

Clarity for the journey ahead this new season of closeness is starting

now the schemes of Darkness that try to entangle you will lose their grip their

contracts are canceled their assignments over you are revoked you are Untouchable sealed by

the blood of Jesus walk in the authority given to you command the powers of evil to

flee break free from every chain and live in joyful

Freedom some of you need to let go of control and allow me to move on your

behalf you have held on too tightly trying to orchestrate things but my ways

are higher than yours surrender the need to understand everything allow me full access to every

area of life and watch what I will do how I long to display my power through

willing vessels as you yield to my timing and purposes instead of your own

you will see breakthrough there is someone here who feels distant from me but I have never

left your side it is not too late to turn your heart back to me I will run to

meet you if you just take that first step my arms remain open wide tears fill

my eyes at the thought of our reconciliation I am ready to welcome you home I will restore our relationship

stronger than before we can pick up right where we left off my mercies are

new every morning for those feeling weighed down by circumstances cling to

this truth Victory is assured for those who put their trust in me take my hand

and watch as I lead you out of the valley of Shadows my divine power has given you everything needed for life and

godliness you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you every promise I have spoken will

come to pass what I ordain cannot be reversed or undone my plans will prosper and my

purpose will prevail there is a parent here feeling overwhelmed your weariness runs deep but

I see your heart I know you are doing your best come rest your head on my

shoulder I will carry your burdens and provide for every need the solution lies

not in striving but in trusting me more together we will slay the Giants that

taunt you we will silence the voices of condemnation and fear I will free you

from the heavy weight of false responsibility as you release the Reigns to me you will gain strength and wisdom

my empowering presence is flooding your heart now receive it beloved one you

have endured many trials yet here you stand Against All Odds your flame was

not extinguished the winds did not overwhelm you you are a testament to my sustaining

Grace I know the road has been arduous at times you felt unable to carry on but

you can look back now and see my hand guiding you through it all I promise I would never leave you

take comfort in knowing I am right by your side you may feel discouraged when chaos surrounds you but do not believe

the deceitful lies I have not forgotten nor forsaken you in fact I am

orchestrating things for your good what the enemy means to harm you will be turned around for your benefit

stay close to me resting beneath my Mighty Wings of protection soon your

tears of Sorrow will transform into tear tears of joy laughter will fill your

mouth once more for some I am bringing an end to a difficult season it is time

to close these exhausting chapters take my hand and let me lead you into the new story I am writing the

pages are blank ready to be filled with promise but we cannot move forward if

you cling to the Past release all regret anger and disappointment into my hands I

know the pain runs deep but my Healing Touch will wash away the

scars what awaits you now is joy unspeakable there is breakthrough on the

horizon keep your gaze fixed on me the author and perfector of your faith I

will complete the good work I have begun do not listen to words of condemnation self-doubt or fear set your

mind on things above not Earthly limitations with me nothing is impossible rivers in the desert are

opening before you streams are flowing in the wastelands even when you feel weak and battle weary I renew your

strength you will soar with wings like eagles carried aoft by my spirit’s wind

I am taking you higher my beloved child you may feel stretched to your Breaking

Point the trials of Life seek to overwhelm you but remember I measure out

your p no burden comes your way apart from my consent I only allow difficulties that

will mold your character into Christ’s image each load is carefully chosen to strengthen and refine you for Greater

Works when the path seems unbearable look to me your burden Bearer my grace

will prove sufficient to carry you through triumphantly the attacks are ultimately

powerless for I hold your future victory in my hands take up my Invincible armor

each day use my word as your shield and sword through intimate worship allow my

healing presence to be your strength keep trusting in my faithfulness The Battle Belongs to Me

Your Part is simply to abide in my love my beloved child you are never alone

even when loved ones misunderstand and criticism abounds I remain steadfast by your

side listen for my gentle whisper Rising above of the noise come away to a quiet place where

we can be alone together as you rest in my presence allow me to wrap my arms

around you here surrounded by my love you will find Healing the churning

anxiety and heaviness upon your spirit will melt away go in peace now confident

of this I will never fail you We Will Walk This Road Together every step of the way until you finish your race with

joy keep hope alive live for your breakthrough is near the attacks against your mind have

been Relentless but I have not abandoned you to fight Alone by the power of my name

freedom is yours no weapon formed against you will prosper the blood of Jesus breaks every

curse and spell seeking to gain control you belong to me I am restoring peace

and joy to your soul receive my perfect love that casts out all fear everything

I do is true and righteous when you submit the outcome into my hands you can rest knowing I work all things for your

good let go of the need to understand the full picture allow me to write your story one

page at a time as the author and perfector of your faith I know the beautiful ending I have

prepared keep your eyes fixed on me as we walk this journey together the spiritual vision of some is

dimmed but my light remains remains bright as ever call out for refreshed sight and

perception I will renew your mind Revitalize your spirit and open your

eyes to see things unseen there are Revelations on the horizon just waiting for you but they

require a bold faith that believes before seeing take my hand and step forward

into the unknown where my spirit hovers over deep waters for those feeling stuck in

fruitless Cycles trust that I can part seas and move mountains on your behalf

but first you must yield control surrender the need to know how and when

allow me full access to every area as you wait patiently on my timing

and purposes you will witness my mighty hand move in ways exceeding all you ask or imagine my power is made perfect in

willing vessels release the reins to me and watch what I will do

though seasons of spiritual drought may come our connection is never broken I am

waiting for you to seek me wholeheartedly even a small step back towards me Delights my heart the

distance you perceive is an illusion for nothing separates you from my love I will run to embrace you if you just turn

your heart back to me our reconciliation and restoration has already been purchased at the cross return now and

find our relationship stronger than before for the those feeling weighed down by problems on every side rest

Beneath My Wing of comfort and protection though the world rages I

remain your rock of stability and peace salvation comes from the Lord alone

Victory is assured for those who put their trust in me my divine power has given you everything needed for life and

godliness look to me as your source of strength hope in my faithfulness not

Earthly limitations what what I have spoken over you will come to pass my ordained

purpose will prevail there are people here barely staying afloat overwhelmed by the

current of Demands your weariness runs deep but striving harder is not the

answer true help and provision come when you exchange fear for Faith surrendering

control to me once more I see your heart and I know your

limits let me shoulder the weight too heavy for you to bear alone I will grant wisdom empowerment

and Supernatural strength my rivers of Living Water will refresh and sustain

you when you feel stretched too thin come abide in my presence and be filled

for some here I’m bringing an end to a painful chapter it is time to close the book and trust me to write the next

though the sting remains take comfort in my promise to turn mour into Joy scars

may not disappear but my Healing Touch will transform them into symbols of

Victory I know the journey has been long at times you felt unable to take another

step forward but my grace upheld you then and continues now soon your tears

of heartache will become tears of delight and laughter will flow freely once more keep your focus on me alone I

am not only the author but the perfector of your faith story take my hand watch

and see what I will will do with me nothing is impossible even when the road

ahead seems uncertain my peace is there to comfort you my Living Water Springs

forth rivers in the wastelands streams flow through desert places to sustain you I know the way

through the Wilderness follow me wholeheartedly and watch what I will

do my beloved child you feel the blows of adversity and the sting of Injustice

I know your pain but remember no burden comes your way apart from my consent and

care I only allow what will refine your character to reflect my image more

closely when the path grows steep look to me as your burden

Bearer my grace is sufficient to carry you through triumphantly stay near to me and watch

as trials intended for harm become tools forged for good there there are prodigal sons and daughters here who have

wandered far but it is not too late to turn your

heart so I’ll cherish every moment every day for your love is s my

path and everywhere in the tend the touch of your

hand I find the strength to Res stand through every trial every tear we’ve

shed Your Love in the shelter where I find my

B oh your love spin my Anor life stor SE

I’m a h i need to be free so I’ll chish every

moment every day for your love I S my bre in every

way with gratitude in my soul I’ll sing

this song for the love we share every and

strong back to me I am waiting expectantly ready to run and embrace you

if you just take that first step home my forgiveness Knows No Limits we can pick

up right where we left off for my mercies are new Every Morning Come Just As You Are beloved

child there is no need to clean yourself up to earn my approval my blood has already made you

clean whole and accepted leave the past in the past all that matters is right

now this moment is an opportunity to reconcile and rebuild our relationship a

new let us start fresh today for those feeling stuck on an endless treadmill of

dutiful religious motions it is time for renewed spiritual vision going through

the motions cannot fill the emptiness within you this dryness of Soul comes

when you lose sight of me but I remain ever presentes waiting for you to seek

me our connection is not broken return to me now with a sincere heart not just

empty words prioritize Knowing Me Above All Else as you draw near I will unveil

Mysteries and Grant Clarity for the path ahead get ready for fresh Revelation and

outpouring the attacks from the enemy who comes to kill steal and destroy will lose their grip every assignment of evil

against you is hereby canceled the blood of Jesus nullifies Every curse hex spell or vow spoken to harm you you

are Untouchable sealed by my redeeming blood walk in the authority I have given

you command the powers of Darkness to flee break free from chains that have bound you and rise to walk in joyful

Freedom there is someone here crying themselves to sleep each night but I see

your tears and I hear your prayers bring your burdens to me for I will give you

rest together we will slay the Giants one by one my strength will be shown as perfect

in your weakness where you lack I am able allow me to be the provider

sustainer and protector you and your family need as you release anxieties to

me my peace will guard your mind and heart you are not alone in this fight Victory is assured for those who put

their trust in me my beloved child a breakthrough is coming that will change

everything but it requires eyes of Faith fixed on me alone I am the author and perfector of

your story the pen is still in my hand with me nothing is

impossible even when the way seems uncertain my peace is there to comfort

you new life is budding though seasons have been Bleak watch what I will do as

you continue to hope in me you feel ass saled on all sides barely able to stand

against the onslaught but I see your weariness and I know your limitations when the load becomes too

heavy remember you were not meant to Bear it alone come to me and find my grace sufficient to sustain you I will



a [Music]



trials meant for harm into tools forged for your good good you will emerge

Victorious my beloved child you feel so misunderstood and criticized on every

side but do not lose hope or question my love listen for the gentle Whisper of my

spirit to rise above hurtful words come away to a quiet place where

we can meet as you rest surrounded by my love sense my arms wrapping you in

Comfort once more here is where you will find Healing and gain perspective Beyond limitations

go in peace for I will turn your mourning into Joy breakthroughs often

follow breakdowns keep holding on as this moment draws to a close

Ponder the words I have spoken over you may they take root deeply and Blossom in

due season there are Treasures of wisdom to unfold if you meditate upon them listen

to the truths resonating within your spirit let them cast out all doubt and

fear you are loved with an everlasting love my plans for you stand firm I’m

making all things new the old is gone the new has come walk in Freedom and joy

this day your steps are ordered and your path secure in my hands rest in the

certainty that I go before you to prepare the way we will finish this race and fulfill every purpose together my

beloved Let Your Heart Take courage Victory lies ahead

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