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my heavenly child wait a

little there is something very big for

you in my heart I will be very happy if

you see it till the end dear beloved

Souls I speak to you today from the

boundless realm of love and light where

my Essence resides

eternally I see the fears and questions

that arise when you Ponder the nature of

hell and I wish to offer you Clarity and


hell is often depicted as a place of

eternal torment and separation from

Divine love realm of punishment for

those who stray from the righteous

path however let us reconsider these

images through the lens of divine

compassion and infinite grace hell is

not a physical place of fire and

brimstone it is a state of being a

condition of the soul that arises when

one is distanced from love truth and the

light that I

provide it is the manifestation of inner

turmoil regret and the consequences of

actions that harm oneself and others

hell is

self-imposed it is the suffering born

from a life lived in contradiction to

love compassion and

unity every soul is Created from my love

and within each of you lies a spark of

divinity no one is beyond

Redemption the the notion of Eternal

damnation contradicts my infinite mercy

and the boundless opportunities for

growth and transformation that I offer

to Every

Soul each moment presents a chance to

turn towards the light to seek

forgiveness and to embrace the path of

love and

kindness understand that life is a

journey of learning and evolving

mistakes are inevitable and they serve

as opportunities for

growth when you falter know that I am

here ready to guide you back to the path


righteousness the doors of my heart are

always open and my love for you is

unconditional there is no sin too great

that it cannot be forgiven no soul too

lost that it cannot be

found the suffering associated with hell

is not my will but the natural outcome

of a life misaligned with Divine

principles it is a call to awaken

to reflect and to change I have endowed

each of you with free will the power to

choose your

path use this gift wisely for it is

through your choices that you shape your

destiny Embrace love practice compassion

and seek

truth in doing so you align yourself

with my Essence and the shadows of Hell


dissipate remember my beloved that your

true home is with me in the realm of

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