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receive the Holy Spirit God says God

message today God’s message now God

message God say my Holy Spirit

communicates with you in many ways

gently Whispering life into your heart

soothing your soul with sweet words of

Love day and night I will continue to

fill you with the truth that liberates

you so you can wake up and realize who

you truly are triumphing over every

obstacle you belong to me you are my

Champion my warrior faithful and

obedient I grant you bravery and

strengthen you as you pray PR onward I’m

alert to your calls I hear your cries

you seek me early with a pure and

sincere heart humbly coming before me

and asking with confidence because you

know of my love for you and you trust

that my answer is on its way your heart

has cried out and it will find Comfort

your spirit is peaceful and sincere and

soon you will see my presence you don’t

have to wait until you reach heaven to

experience my glory you’re already

entitled to wonderful blessings wherever

you are through your faith and loyalty

powerful and Supernatural Miracles will

occur I will provide you with the finest

wheat and the sweetest honey always

giving you more than you ask for keep

pressing forward do not stop as many

blessings are on their way meet them

halfway you will be prepared to receive

them you have prayed hard and fought

bravely so you will be greatly blessed

cherish this opportunity you have life

I’m giving you strength do not turn back

continue to pray and work diligently and

honestly give me your heart and loyalty

seek my presence and all that you need

will be provided for you make it a point

to listen to these messages every day

open your heart and I will fill it with

Faith and Hope as you navigate through

life and encounter challenges the enemy

will try everything to break down your

faith shake your conf confidence and

crush your spirit but remember no one is

more powerful than the holy and all

powerful God who loves you deeply the

enemy aims to hurt you but his efforts

will always fail his tricks won’t work

he will be defeated and those who oppose

you will be put to shame I want you to

recognize and feel in your heart who you

truly are not the person the world

presed you to be you were never a bad or

negative person you opened your hair to

me and I transformed you giving you a

new beginning so love yourself tackle

challenges with determination and stay

true to my teachings don’t forget get my

Commandments and always remember that I

am your far

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