God Message For You Today | Regret Awaits If You Ignore This Message Today

God has a message for you

today I am the beginning and the end all

powerful and my love for you is eternal

I understand the start and finish of

everything you may feel limited and

unable to comprehend my ways that’s why

it’s good for you to trust in

me following this path will lead you to

a better life a life filled with peace

hope and joy so don’t be afraid during


times don’t worry about the end don’t be

anxious about your problems I am the end

and it is glorious so rejoice in

me challenges are meant to bring you

closer to me to reveal how simple things

say when you trust in me and to show how

blessed you You Are by providing

blessings through the challenges you

face these circumstances are here to

demonstrate who I am to illustrate the

evidence of Grace in your

life if you believe in Jesus Christ

please respond with yes

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