Be strong | Message From God | The Blessed Message

be strong message from God the Blessed

message son you asked me to speak to you

didn’t you here I am I am God who calms

your heart breathe I want to talk to you

now I see you leaving home talking to me

and asking me for strength feel my

presence with you at this moment for I

visit you now to speak with you I saved

you from many things that could hurt you

closed doors relationships friendships

and places it was me to preserve you

with so many things that have happened

to you you have lost a little faith in

your dreams and in what you once wanted

I see your heart and I know what’s going

on inside how many things have you been

through right difficulties

discouragement fatigue and anxiety if

you thought I was going to stop halfway

I come to tell you that I’m not know

that it’s all in my time and it is

perfect believe my will is also good

perfect and pleasing don’t be sad for

what you didn’t achieve remember

remember the deliverances I gave you the

things I didn’t let lack in the smallest

details even if you didn’t notice I was

taking care of you do not fear for I am

with you do not be dismayed for I am

your God I will strengthen you I will

help you I will uphold you with my

righteous right hand

Isaiah my beloved Son why so much

anguish if I am in control of everything

I have established my throne in the

heaven heavens and as king I Reign Over

everything that exists so calm your

heart everything you need I will give

you you will receive many blessings in

all areas of your life and everything

will end well I close doors so that I

could open better paths for you I took

you out of places to put you where you

should be I moved you away from people

because son they no longer suit you

purpose surpasses pain and pay attention

to my signs I’m not talking about signs

internet videos I’m trying to talk to

you but son pay attention great news

will come trust in me trustee imagine a

little bird with its delicate wings and

fragile body it faces storms strong

winds and cunning Predators every day it

seems impossible that such a small and

seemingly vulnerable creature could

survive in such a hostile World however

this bird not only survives but also

swares High singing its Melody to the

world just like this bird you will also

face storms in your life moments of pain

Despair and uncertainty you may feel

small and weak in the face of the

challenges that arise in your path but I

am here to tell you that you have an

inner steer

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