YOU’RE NOT SEEING THIS BY ACCIDENT | God Message Today | God Message For You | Gods Message Now

you’re not seeing this by accident God

message today God message for you God’s

message now open your eyes because the

tough times you’re dealing with will

disappear and the help you’ve been

looking for is on its way the support

you need will be given to you I love you

and I’m proving it today you asked and I

heard you I’m here to give you these

promises so you can accept them with

faith my word gives you assurance and my

promise is solid your Victory is certain

it comes straight from my Throne soon

you’ll get the rewards for your

perseverance the award for your bravery

the recognition for your steadfastness

the Crown of Life and endless blessings

say out loud and believe in your heart

that you will receive them even if

you’re feeling really tired today don’t

be scared see you I’m right here to give

your legs strength and stability make

your feet quick and uplift your spirit

I’m here to light up your faith can you

feel that spark inside your heart as you

listen and read your soul is bursting

with an extraordinary eagerness to get

up and Chase more winds my dear child

that’s just how I am I care a lot about

my kids and it hurts me to see them down

and out beaten down by thoughts of

losing and dying their body suffering

because of the heavy stuff they let

stick in their minds I don’t want to see

you like that so every night when you

shut your eyes and let me take over your

rest I’ll visit your dreams and whisper

sweet nothings no more tossing and

turning for you you’ll sleep peacefully

like a child and when morning comes and

you open your eyes I’ll be there

stroking your hair and getting your soul

ready for the day so you can get up

determined to be joyful wonderful

blessings are coming your way way you

will see your family come together again

and meet new people who mean well your

journey continues leave the past and its

tears behind I am setting you free from

any chains and fears giving you Liberty

as you Embrace this blessing make a

promise to Value it I am strengthening

your bravery you’ve always been brave

and I am proud of your good heart your

faith and your hard work to make things

better when you find yourself successful

and feel my blessings enriching your

life with joy remember to come back to

me daily even though you’re strong and

courageous you’re still my beloved child

I want you to be close to me to

experience my love you’ll always have a

place in my heart I’ve seen your

challenges your resilience in facing

life’s un

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