Your Victory is Near | God Says | God Message Today

my dear child listen closely to my words they’re here to comfort you don’t worry

I’m am right beside you even when everything feels like it’s against you

Victory is near don’t close this video or leave this page this isn’t just

chance you’re hearing this for reason deep in your soul you feel it right

you’re on the edge of something extraordinary a miracle with simple

faith I can do wonders in your life so listen understand and accept with love I

know times are tough but relax I’m already working in your favor you might

feel confused or overwhelmed by your mistakes but don’t be too hard on

yourself forgive yourself my child I know you feel weak but in your weakness

my power is strongest Stand Tall Face your challenges boldly don’t fear those

who wish you harm let my love reignite your spirit you’ll face challenges Like

a Warrior overcoming obstacles with ease don’t worry about gossip or storms I’m

your protector victory is yours trust me you’ve devoted yourself to family and

faith and I see that you’ve called out to me and I’m here more wisdom and

blessings are coming your way spreading my light when you pray I listen wait for

my response with an open heart I am your strength your life your bide my words

carry power let them sink in I hold the key to your freedom your happiness

you’re never alone I with you always this is your moment my child feel my

love my eternal presence I’m here to guide you through every step leading you

to a brighter future so believe in me trust in my promises I love you

endlessly believe me and now look around with the eyes eyes of faith my dear

child be aware of the open doors and opportunities that come your way value

and treat well those you encounter on your journey I bring many special people

into your life to assist you just as I do be kind be considerate treat everyone

with respect because I plan to bless you and use you in ways you can’t let

imagine imagine in tough times you will rise you will sign with the power of my

light and you will be a witness to others let me share a secret many of my

children hear these words but not all truly believe some choose not to accept

what I offer they come up with excuses preferring to believe those who would

keep them Bound in misery sin pain and sadness and they reject my blessings my

words my promises but I urge you to trust me more it’s better that you do

don’t waste your time doubting don’t miss out on the blessings I place

directly into your hands let I know you’re different I’ve seen it many times

you believe in me and I love you deeply for it receive my blessings now as you

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