Your Miracle is Near | God’s Message For You | God’s Message Now

my dear child the miracle you’ve been hoping for is on its way and the

problems that have weighed on your heart will find their resolution I want you to know that I

have heard your prayers from my Celestial throne and your answer is soon

approaching but now I ask something of you in return I want you to consider how

you’ll act when your prayers are answered I don’t want you to be like those who once their wishes are granted

forget the one who granted them it’s not just a matter of favor it’s about something

deeper I want the trials you’ve endured to bring wisdom to your heart as you witness your problems being

solved prepare yourself for a life filled with gratitude and daily prayer it costs nothing to open your

eyes and simply say thank you God for the gift of life

and for your love that surrounds me me always my only request is this it’s not

a difficult one I don’t ask for your material possessions and I don’t seek

your offerings above all else I want your heart I desire that everything you do

comes from a place of sincerity and appreciation this is the way to multiply

your blessings when your prayers are answered but please don’t forget about

the God who has saved you if you attribute your success solely to your own abilities your blessings May

wither away like a flower without water water your prayers with praise

offer your thanks on my Altar and cherish and appreciate everything you receive no matter how small it may

seem even if I don’t give you exactly what you ask for know that I always provide something better I am your

father your creator I know what’s best for your future your family your

spiritual life and your heart if you pray for prosperity and I free you from

debt be grateful for you now live in Freedom maybe your bank account isn’t

overflowing but no one will come knocking at your door if you ask for abundance and I

provide you with work and honorable labor don’t worry I’m giving you the means and the

opportunity to earn your livelihood don’t be afraid for I will open doors

for you follow the path I guide you on and there you will flourish with your

dedication and honesty I want to shower your life with blessings and I want you to learn the

art of stewardship combine your grateful heart with the wisdom you’ve gained and you

will receive many wonderful things I also wish for peace to fill your home

May the Miracles you witness nurture your spiritual growth but don’t lose sight of my teachings don’t Focus

solely on material possessions instead direct your gaze

heavenward most importantly maintain a genuine attitude of gratitude in your

hearts this is the first step toward a supernatural life these are the keys

that unlock the door to a season of abundance your devotion your adoration

your gratitude for every blessing your unwavering trust even in difficult times

your commitment to bless those around you your desire to receive my word your

persistence in prayer and your eagerness to be an instrument of my grace in building a better world all of these

things please me I urge you to listen carefully to my

words some may consider themselves faultless and look down on others they

may try to make you feel small for your past mistakes but pay them no mind you

are not obligated to dwell in the negativity of their judgments and hurtful

words I want you to know that you bring me joy I cherish your pursuit of me your

prayers and your expressions of gratitude I Delight in witnessing your

courage your name resounds in the celestial realm as an example of Faith

perseverance and loyalty please engrave these words in your soul

for you will need to remember them when faced with those who seek to discourage you I am the one who heals you prospers

you and rescues you from the depths I surround you with love and mercy opening the door to the

supernatural I want you to receive the Miracles you ask for but I also UST you

with their care your prayers your loyalty your gratitude your praise and

your faith let them remain unchanged focus on the spiritual and

come into my presence each day listen to my messages that strengthen you share

them with your family and remember them when you close your eyes to give thanks and pray as you do so I will place my

hand upon your head blessing your life in a supernatural way at this very moment you are

receiving it please accept it with profound gratitude I will not cease

speaking to you in countless ways until my words are etched into your spirit never to be

forgotten this is the truth I adore you at times you have

faltered but I have already forgiven you there is no punishment for you only love

mercy and forgiveness I bless you with peace health Tranquility strength wisdom and

many gifts furthermore more I have a special purpose and Destiny for you and

your family I desire you to prosper in all things just as your heart and soul know

me more do not let doubt steal your future and shatter your happiness if you choose

to believe and remain loyal to my word you shall walk securely in all your

ways protected from malevolence this is real you are already

living a supernatural life soon you shall witness Miracles so Grand

that your faith and mindset will be transformed and your smile will return No More Tears no more

sorrow I will resurrect those dreams that had perished you will experience the miracle

of being loved Once More by those who once despised you I know that these words bring a desire to shed tears and

those tears washing away all guilt your Spirit now feels clean and light and you

feel A Renewed zest for life that you haven’t felt in a long time you will rise every day with Supernatural hope

embraced and motivated by it I myself will take you by the hand and we shall

walk step by step towards a new land where you will lack

nothing the spiritual poverty ends and emotional destitution

vanishes you will no longer hunger for for companionship or thirst for friendship your soul will no longer ache

from the wounds of solitude in my arms you will be safe feeling your body

healthy your mind agile and your spirit joyful your heart will be filled with

strength and motivation Awakening with a purpose to live filled with

determination you will have an inner resolve knowing that you have an important purpose a divine plan for

which you were chosen you endured an infinite time of pain touched the bottom of that

destructive pit and recognized that you could not remain angry with me I never

harmed you I always loved you with an eternal and holy love however the wicked

sowed doubt and resentment in your mind the doors of my Celestial Throne have

been open to you since the moment you humbly bent your knees in Repentance I’ve decided to demonstrate

to you with affection all the blessings and wonders I can bestow upon

you I have healed your wounds and calad your confused emotion now you shall feel

peace I was never angry with you I sought you out when you had fallen and

with my own hand I rescued you I clothed you in fine linen placed a crown upon

your head and anointed you with strength I will continue to write these words on your heart guiding you to my my will you

will be strong enough to face the doubts that will come you will possess a faith

stronger than steel and no enemy Will Conquer you you will never be enslaved

Again by false friendships and treacherous loves you and I will walk together on the same path facing the

same challenges I want you to learn to wield the weapons I provide but I also hope

you will seek me and ask for help when you need support in times of

Affliction here and now the times of defeat come to an end I grant you the strength of will so

that no Vice May chain you you will no longer yearn for the places and people

that caused your Falls your future awaits at top that mountain which we must climb together behind lies The

Valley Of Confusion where the Lamentations and complaints of those who hindered your blessings can St still be

heard but you and I will continue forward do not let false friends deceive

you into returning to your past you suffered so much and were on the brink

of death that you no longer have any desire to return to that infernal past

let us continue ascending to that spiritual level where you can experience Eternal and immense happiness that

nothing and no one in this world can provide I am your Prov provider I

sustain you and cover your body but I also fill your heart with emotion and

tenderness you feel so loved a sensation you never imagined or experienced

before this world offers temporary peace filled with traps and lies but I offer

Divine peace that heals your life breaks your chains erases your regrets and

fills your soul with the Holy Joy of my forgiveness you are the air of Eternal

salvation I will keep speaking to you I will keep reminding you with powerful

words and beautiful details that my arms are always open to you every day you

will hear my voice telling you I love you rise with faith because I will bless

you today I will give you strength I will be with you I will never forsake you I will test you I will answer you my

word is in your heart I will remind you every minute that I am always with you and you do not

walk alone in this world of Affliction I command thousands of angels

to guard your steps to destroy the dangers that hide in the darkness you should not fear and if fear attacks you

Reas again with firmness get you set to walking with the attitude of a

Victor remember that my love for you grows with each passing Day My Sacrifice

on the cross was to save you and give you Abundant Life I will give myself to you without

reservation always available to listen to you embrace you and give you the

peace you need do not fear for you are my precious treasure and nothing and no

one can separate you from my love rest now do not dwell on your problems any

longer receive this holy Tranquility I embrace you and cover you with my grace

your well-being and happiness matter to me I want to hear you and understand everything that is affecting and

obstructing your path just remember that I will support you whatever your

situation I want you to know that my spirit holy and divine resides within

you right now it is a gift from me to you granting you power and control over

your emotions I wish for you to find happiness within yourself without

relying on others I want you to be free free from emotional bondage don’t

struggle on your own against sin and Temptation entrust your thoughts spirit

and heart to me steer clear of situations that bring unnecessary tension and avoid the paths of those who

lead you astray causing you to engage in actions that bring you sorrow protect

your heart for it is the Wellspring of your life stand firm and do not allow the

violent to steal your joy I desire to hold the foremost place in your

life consult me before taking steps or making important decisions and I will

guide you away from traps and pitfalls I long to share wisdom with your family every day that they may be

blessed in all aspects just as their souls prosper and hold my word prayer and wise speech in high regard refrain

from Gossip and slander and be cautious of those known to be Perpetual Liars do

not let anyone so resentment and fear in your heart come into my presence bringing your thoughts and emotions to

me seek me throughout the day feel my presence in your heart and

mind and listen to my guiding voice look around and you will see many

people suffering their sadness etched on their faces I want my glory to shine through

you to uplift the spirits of many with your courageous gaze

you are my beloved child my most precious creation I have given you

unique gifts and talents to use in my name and for my glory don’t worry about

the future for I have a purpose for you my love is unconditional and eternal

and my plan is perfect destined to be fulfilled in its time I know you inside out your flaws

and accomplishments if you stumble seek my

forgiveness do not lock yourself in a dark room lamenting your sins thinking

that your life is over or believing that I am angry I paid for your transgressions

even before you knew me come to me with confidence and sincerity and I will

grant you another chance do not let worries consume you attempting to confuse your soul you

belong to me and I am here to care for you my words are a soothing balm for your

bones spoken with love to guide you on the right path cast your fears aside and place

your trust in me I am your rock your safe haven in times of

turmoil hold on to these messages whenever you hear them and share them your peace and happiness will multiply

your blessings will overflow and your home will be filled with my love I am your faithful friend and

protector approach me in sincere prayer every day and I will strengthen your heart keep your composure for I will

handle the impossible stay still and have faith I

have helped you before and I will do so again just as the winds and storms

instantly calm upon hearing my voice so too will the turbulent seize of your troubled Heart come to me now and I will

provide you with the rest you need dispelling the multitude of thoughts and fears swirling in your mind redirecting

your focus I desire peace in your days and Tranquility in your nights you are

heir to many blessings but at times you fail to see them you give too much importance to

baseless fears and the opinions of those who have no power over you be calm I

implore you once more pay no heed to news gossip or threats from others I am

the one in control and I have the final say over your destiny even if thousands of enemies

rise against you even if you must face the consequences of your own

mistakes fear not you are still my beloved child and I

will protect you from harm though it may seem like the world is falling apart around you even as

those around you succumb to fear stand strong and

courageous I will never forsake you this is the greatest Testament of my love for

you deep down you know that I am speaking to your heart and providing

answers to the questions that have plagued your mind for so long I love you and I am demonstrating

it right now I Bear all the disdain that has marked you from the wicked who betrayed you but believe me when I say

that none of what you have endured will be in vain today you possess the strength

wisdom and maturity to fight for those you love and to help others who have suffered like

you the time of your Liberation has arrived and you are now ready to be an instrument of my love to bring my light

to those dwelling in darkness however your adversaries are

aware of your potential and that is why they have returned to cause you trouble and steal your peace

peace when worry and fear threaten to steal your peace and rest remember this

truth my love for you is boundless and my Mercy knows no

end my Holy Spirit stands guard ensuring that anxiety will not overtake you again

even if you stumble and fall know that I will lift you up once more never think that I have turned my

gaze from you when you face adversity and find yourself and snared by your

foes I will rescue you when your faith weakens and negative thoughts Cloud your

heart I will fight for you I will cleanse your soul with my

word and protect you from any force that tries to pull you away from my

love no weapon be it sword or sickness scarcity or danger can separate you from

my love in all these challenges you are not just a conqueror you are more than that

you have chosen to distance yourself from Evil and have entrusted your heart to me your unwavering loyalty sets you

apart from those who complain and doubt me when troubles arise they speak their grievances to

anyone who will listen heedless of the consequences they do not guard their tongues showing little regard for their

lives families futures or blessings they fail to honor my Redemption and trample upon the Sacred

Love I offer yet I continue to love them endlessly I encourage you to distance

yourself from the wicked and pray for them do not be swayed by those who despise my word keep moving forward for

I bless you with great opportunities and the strength to face challenges stand

boldly against your adversaries for you have grown and you possess the courage

of Champions start each day by nourishing your faith with my word laying your

concerns at my feet remember that nothing is impossible with me and I will

support you in all things maintain your peace for you are entering a supernal life I am calling

you your place is in my presence when you kneel in prayer with faith reverence

and respect my heavenly armies will come to your Aid today I command you to be

still and not let your heart be troubled your soul finds calm in my loving

Embrace that surrounds you with affection let me know that you receive it those who seek to bring you down will

be put to shame those who plot against you will fall into their own traps those who rise against you those

who turn their faces away those who criticize judge and trouble you they are

playing with fire making a grave mistake your enemies are challenging the

Living God I tell you this so that you may remain calm and steadfast in your plans

even when you face isolation due to those who offend you I have made you

strong now you need to believe in me I have empowered you enabled you to put my

word into action and granted you wisdom and intelligence I will not allow any

neighbor enemy coworker or false friend to destroy your life and Rob you of your

blessings you are not a coward I have told you this many times but if you

conform to others opinions and compromise your happiness and provision to please them you undermine yourself if

you fear rejection or seek approval from everyone if you are hurt by scowls or

raised voices fear no more place your your trust in me for I

will grant you Victory take my hand your enemies are already defeated they have no power

their threats are empty noise they cannot harm you however if you doubt me and mock my

words you weaken yourself and your enemies can overpower

you if you ever doubt whether the voice speaking to you is real and question the written word that once strengthened you

what will you do I want to keep things simple for you if you truly believe in me you are

already Victorious and strong but if you doubt and give up you hand your future

and blessings to your enemies I genuinely want to protect you

you are in my hands and I will not let you go so keep the flame of Faith alive

even if it’s just for a few minutes each day open your Bible learn more for I

want to speak to your heart I want to transform you into someone authentic and unshakable someone

who cannot be manipulated learn to say no to sin and falsehood do not let anyone push you

into actions that disrupt your inner peace you are the salt of the earth you

bring flavor to Life’s challenges While others run from their

problems and dwell in spiritual misery burdened by bad habits you are

different my Holy Spirit fills your heart and my angels go before

you you do not Retreat to the past or waste time lamenting what once held you

captive are you still listening shall I speak more plainly your Victory will be

even more powerful when you rise up and put an end to the things and people who

trample your spirit it’s a daily battle living among those who believe they have no future

and that no one loves them as I do they embrace the lie that eternity is a

distant concept tell them to look around they are surrounded by eternity yet they

do not see it I love you so deeply that I paid for your life with My Sacrifice on a

treacherous cross but I Rose in power by the glory of the Holy Spirit who watches

over you day and night that same power Burns in your heart now testifying to

your soul that I am the one speaking to you I am the same yesterday today and

forever my powerful voice brings healing to your life it is

undeniable you already know me and when you hear me you find peace Rejoice with

me for your Victory is real rise above your enemies and accept

the challenge I present for I am with you always you must fulfill my purpose your dreams

will come true I am your all powerful God the one speaking to you today my

glory envelops you and neither will anyone or anything ever overcome

you but be courageous and affirm your belief do not be disheartened for my

word speaks truth many times I have spoken to you promising benevolent plans for you and

your loved ones astonishing blessings in a brighter future as I proclaimed it is written I

fulfill it and I will bring it to pass fill yourself with peace and joy if

you believe in me trust my word and cease your worries about the

future do not permit negative thoughts to plague your mind for apprehension

steals your happiness blinds your vision and drains your spiritual Vitality

utilize your faith and accompany me on a superior path one paved with unwavering

emotions of peace and serenity I am aware that you are assailed daily the adversary seeks your

defeat and ridicules your day he claims that your faith is feudal

and that you will not progress far if you continue to claing to my promises yet I challenge you to rise

face all obstacles and negative situations and Advance with the strength of my word even if you feel

weary you know I Will Stand By Your Side to fortify you and guide you along the

paths you must tread I reiterate that foe who boasts of power cannot Vanquish

you everything he tells and shouts at you is falsehood will you believe the

infamous one or The God Who granted you life storms obey me my power is

boundless and many may desire your defeat but only I can assist you you may

falter a thousand times but with my grace and love I can rescue you I desire

to Aid you I wish to bless you my will is to support and save you listen read

believe and trust in my word remain steadfast for in the days to come I will

work great Miracles and wonders in your life and your family’s life it will be

so you need a miracle and it will come to you very soon you have come to the perfect place

and your attitude is commendable I find great pleasure when you seclude yourself in silence and secrecy offering me your

worship surrendering your soul at my feet pouring out all your pain and need with your

tears I Delight in witnessing your faith and trust at times you cannot confide in

anyone else about what afflicts you only you and I know you have taken on the

responsibility of bearing this burden on your shoulders but I am here to assist

you you came searching for me with all your heart and I will never deny you my

response you need my hand to free yourself from the many things that hurt you confuse you and fill you with

anxiety you need my power you hunger and thirst for peace calm

the ability to close your eyes in tranquility and awaken with joy this is my answer you must Embrace

today with all your strength the faith that sustains you and the promise I have

given you I am your Advocate your Defender your Shepherd your provider your God in

my hands I protect you I am your friend together we shall rejoice when

the long awaited bless in knocks at your door I promise it to you wait for it I

guarantee it many things will change allow your thoughts to be filled with my

promises which heal you I want you to renew your way of thinking change your

way of reacting and when obstacles arise consider first that I will not forsake

you even if the trial you face seems arduous and painful you can take hold of

my hand you know that I love love you how could I abandon you after all the

love I have bestowed upon you you are my child you are immensely significant to

me whenever you confront a challenging situation your adversary shall come to

Endeavor to Vanquish you seeking to drag you into the abyss of

desolation but in the depths of your heart you are aware that you’re not alone nor are you

forsaken you are of great Worth to me for you are are my beloved child I

reiterate this to you so that you never forget it you must always bear in mind

my promises which are not only good but also genuine potent and

absolute my Covenant is unbreakable and my commitment is eternal I shall forever

be by your side you are truly fortunate and destined for Abundant Blessings your

faith is unshakable and you have chosen the righteous path you are progressing

splendidly and this is how I desire to see you your gaze fixed upon my

Commandments and my word eternally enshrined in your being your journey has

demanded much from you requiring a deliberate change of course with unwavering

determination you altered the course of Your Vessel with all your might that a

divine wind might fill your sails your transformation and Earnest

desire to change have brought you to this point and I am here to bestow upon you blessings beyond the

natural these words you hear signify life my way of demonstrating my love for

you and taking you by the hand so that you may Triumph in all your

struggles I am blessing you with wisdom augmenting your prudence and molding

your character I am endowing you with boundless patience and transforming your

entire existence my spirit envelops you from head to toe and you shall no longer Veer

towards wrongdoing nor yearn to transgress you shall not be weak in the

face of The Temptations that would lead you astray Into Darkness I grant you the strength to

forsake the habits that shackle your thoughts henceforth your mind shall be

occupied with virtuous beautiful pure and just thoughts

you shall no longer succumb to the temptation of witnessing listening to speaking reading or sharing slander and

falsehoods that defile your mind and weaken your

heart you shall astonish yourself at the extent of your transformation and how

you have now become blessed those around you shall respect you and forget your past transgressions

and offenses for I bestow upon you an abundant of Grace that will cleanse your

soul from this day forth new doors shall open and fresh blessings shall be

bestowed employment opportunities shall come to you bringing provision and prosperity to your

family I am Paving for you A New Path toward a brighter future free from the

fears and tensions wrought by your past errors a life immersed in peace

tranquility devoid of fears and Nightmares my blood has set you free rendering you

immune to the harm wrought by lies Witchcraft and all the schemes of your

adversaries you are pure in spirit Soul lips mind and heart this is the reward I

grant to those who do not shy away from sharing my word who repent for the wrongs they commit and who decide to

heed my call approaching me in humble submission each day to receive my

blessings I love you and you know it I am faithful and witness your effort your

desire to surrender to my will and to do things right I see your unwavering

belief even when you do not witness all my responses your loyalty remains

steadfast you can be likened to my earliest disciples those who were filled

with my spirit enduring thefts persecutions imprisonment torments

lashes and pain yet none of these trials broke them

you are akin to them for you have witnessed my glory in your own life experiencing the reality of the

Miracles that occur in the Heavenly Realms together you and I shall engage in Fierce battles emerging Victorious so

that you may receive even greater blessings I shall remain faithful even

if you falter granting you more strength amidst trials to vent your weakening however I shall not allow any

Affliction to overpower the power I bestow upon you if I have allowed it I

shall also provide the light if I have set you upon a path I shall also provide

the way out when you feel lost let it be crystal clear and engraved upon your

heart I shall never reject you even if you stumble I shall not destroy you when

you make a mistake I know that it is not your desire ire to dwell eternally in

sin just as you have repented for your wrongdoings and distanced yourself from

them I shall Infuse you with holy persistence and a perseverance as great as that of my apostles who beheld me

with their own eyes and are now witnesses to the greatness and wonder that I

am I am aware that you comprehend me my anointing is sweeping over your

soul for I desire to accomplish great things things with you your age is

inconsequential and your heart shall eternally remain youthful what matters is your unshakable faith and your

resolve to stand firm even when confronted with adversity you shall

claim victory and breach the walls raised against you you are my son my

daughter and within you I have placed a supernatural power you are not meant to boast of it

or Proclaim yourself a Prophet I shall cast out with shame those who exalt

themselves deeming themselves Superior to others you on the other hand are

distinct I am calling you rise and Stand Tall come and take my hand as we step

into a new era of Miracles tell me that you believe amen


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