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your life key is my hands God message

today God message for you today God’s

message now beloved child your life key

in my hand don’t skip me I love you my

child grasp the essence that with every

step you take and each breath you draw

you are enveloped in my eternal

affection and divine favor while you may

perceive your successes as mere

chance understand that I am always there

watching over you guiding your steps and

nurturing your journey in times of doubt

and obscurity cling to the the certainty

that I Stand By Your Side casting light

upon your path and empowering you to

triumph over adversity even amidst the

Tranquil LW as when life seems

uneventful rest assured that I am there

drenching you in affection and

benevolence when you whisper my name in

the Stillness of the night or seek me in

the early morning light know that I’m

listening and I’m right right there my

love for you is as real as the morning

sun and as essential as the air you

breathe you might not see me but I’m

always there wrapping you in my care

ensuring your safety and guiding you

along this beautiful Journey of Faith

nothing in your life is mere chance

Every Blessing stems from my divine

power I remain present even in the

smallest blessings that surround you in

those minor events that reveal my grace

and kindness seek me in the The Silence

of the night and I will respond to you

at dawn I am as real as the morning sun

you see and as essential as the air you

breathe you may not see me but you can

feel my presence guarding you in every

step you take serving as your guide and

Compass to ensure you don’t lose your

way on the path of Faith the world may

attempt to seduce you into believing

that you are worthless but cling

unwaveringly to your faith despite

everything continue to believe pray and

nourish yourself daily with my eternal

promises remember that storms may assail

you but I am your strength diamonds are

formed under pressure and seeds grow in

darkness even when you don’t understand

what is happening trust that I am

working in your favor you are loved

deeply and I know every detail of your

being in your weakness I am your

strength in your weariness I am your

energy I am everything you need to move

forward know that everything will turn

out well because you have chosen to

believe and my response has arrived I

will not let you go I hold your hand you

will pass through this dark path with my

hand guiding you through all the trials


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