Your Life is in My Hands | God MessageToday

my beloved child understand that each

step you walk and Every Breath You Take

is imbued with my enduring love and

blessings you may attribute your

fortunes to luck or coincidence but know

that it is I everpresent guiding and

caring for

you in moments when you feel a drift in

darkness and uncertainty hold on to the

truth that I am beside you illuminating

your path and providing the strength you

need to rise above even in those Quiet

Moments when nothing much seems to be

happening that’s when I’m there

showering you with my love and

kindness when you whisper my name in the

Stillness of the night or look for me in

the early morning light I’m listening

and I’m right

there my love for you is as real as the

morning sun and as important as the air

you breathe you might not see me but I’m

always there wrapping you in my care

making sure you’re safe and guiding you

along this beautiful Journey of

Faith nothing was mere chance I bestowed

upon you my blessing extending my hand

with my divine power over your life I am

the one who rescues you from the abyss

when you find No Way Out guiding you

toward the path of light in the darkest

of nights everything that has transpired

in your life is Not Mere luck it all

stems from my divine power I remain

present even in the smallest blessings

that surround you in those minor events

that reveal my grace and

kindness you seek me and you find me in

the Silence of the night and I respond

to you at

dawn I am as real as the sun you see in

the mornings as essential as the air you

breathe you may not see me but you can

feel my presence guarding you in every

step you take serving as your guide and

Compass to ensure you don’t lose your

way on the path of

Faith the world has attempted to seduce

you leading you to believe that you are


discouragement has tempted you to

abandon your faith however in spite of

everything you continue to believe

unwaveringly praying and reading my word

nourishing yourself daily with my


promises every word you read in my

Sacred Scriptures is the truth beloved

storms may assail your being with a

chilling wind making you feel as though

I am distant from you but this is the

work of the malevolent one who seeks to

make you fall and deviate from my will

for your

life his schemes May promise you riches

and luxuries but his paths lead to

Desolation never place your blind trust

in the Narrow Path the wicked may offer

you for their dece deceitful lips are

enticing the righteous are wise and

prudent in choosing their path my

promises transcend all Earthly

advantages everything on this Earth is

transient but my will for you goes

beyond your desires do not lose your way

follow the path I have laid out for you

take the first step and do not break the

Covenant I have with you I am calling

you leave everything you are doing in

this moment abandon distractions and

thoughts that distance you from my

presence listen to what I wish to tell

you I bring you my love and forgiveness

I will grant you renewed strength you

will soar and not grow weary and you

will walk and not

faint you may be wondering why your

trial is so severe even though you have

done everything right and things haven’t

gone as you planned but have Faith keep

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