YOUR LIFE IS IN MY HANDS । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my beloved children I come to you today

with a message of utmost

importance I wish to address an evil

lurking in this world and provide

Comfort wisdom and

reassurance Darkness suffering and

Misfortune these are part of the human

experience yet there is always light to

overcome the

Shadows my grace and love know no bounds

not one of my children walks alone no

matter the struggles they

face you may wonder why do bad things

happen know that I weep with you in your

Sorrows but also recognize the good

spreading quietly each day where there

is hatred there is love Building Bridges

where there is sickness hands reach out

to heal you are surrounded by helping

Angels if you but look if something

causes you concern or fear come to me

first in prayer and medit

ation ask for my peace that passes

understanding I will speak wisdom to

your spirit if you listen your heart

will recognize truth when you hear it

there is no Force so malevolent that my

light cannot transform it Darkness melts

in the glare of

awareness when issues are kept hidden

fear and misunderstanding take root

bring your concerns into the light of

examination what seems frightening in

the shadows often loses its power when

made plain you needn’t worry about

demonic threats remember that I reside

within you greater than any adversity

the outer world can

conjure I am the still Small Voice

urging you to respond to every situation

with more empathy more courage more

faith in the ultimate goodness of all

creation if you align your thoughts and

actions with me no influence can sway

you without your consent you remain

balanced rooted in in truth when you act

from my presence within you share my

light with all around you understand

that no one is perfect in this human

form even one who strives toward the

light may stumble at times it is the

overall intention that matters not

individual failings along the way if any

child of mine has minor shortcomings

reach out your hand to lift them up

perhaps those you judge as faltering are

further along the path than you realize

my beloved children come in infinite

varieties each is learning in their own

timing and style all are equally

precious to me treat them as the Divine

beings they are

within Whenever there is inequality

Injustice or exploitation my spirit

compels intervention on behalf of those


need speak for those left

voiceless defend those who cannot defend

themselves above all have faith in the

Triumph of light over Darkness hope over

despair Redemption over

ruin trust that goodness remains at the

core of All

Souls no life lies beyond the reach of

my Saving Grace where you find hatred SE

Seeds of Love where there is sadness

encourage Joy’s

return When fear closes minds and hearts

fling open doors to progress through

bold and caring action

even when situations appear Bleak peace

lives Within

Reach return always to the Oasis of

Stillness at your core my Dwelling Place

in the temple of your innermost being

drink deeply from that Wellspring of

Solace let it renew your strength to

persevere you are infinitely more than

flesh and Bone an indestructible spark

of the Eternal resides at your

essence no one can diminish your

inherent worth and Beauty as my

one-of-a-kind creation you are a child

of light made in my image even if you

feel inadequate or unloved you remain

precious beyond measure in my

sight talk to me often in Quiet Moments

of prayer confide your dreams Sorrows

questions give me all that weighs you

down I will uplift the burden from your

shoulders there is no hurt I cannot

soothe no Affliction beyond my healing I

am always near hearing every unspoken

thought knowing your heart better than

you yourself you don’t need to struggle

alone lean on my strength when you grow

weary or disheartened let me carry you

until joyful purpose floods back in

everything changing everything passes

this too shall give way in due time have

faith that all I have promised is coming

to fruition

each effort of light magnifies

exponentially across the planet take

heart in incremental progress

transformation unfolds one person at a

time keep your vision trained on the

bright future taking shape even when

events test your beliefs hold to

patience hold to

courage ways dominated by fear cannot

endure the Shadows flee at my Divine

will ushering in the peace and Harmony I

intended for my kingdom on earth when

stress and tumultuous emotions arise

pause to still your mind and seek solace

in my presence temporarily release your

grip on desired

outcomes in the shelter of My Embrace

you will find that many concerns once

looming large diminish in their urgency


wait do not worry about perceived demons

hiding in the

shadows they are simply false beliefs

errors waiting to dissolve in the light

of expanded understanding showered

generously upon Humanity in this age all

I expect is that you stay rooted in our

sacred connection holding faith in my

guiding hand through life’s

storms you need not struggle to force

outcomes only keep pouring my love

amidst the swirling

chaos let holy Vision guide your

thoughts words and

actions Proclaim Truth by living it with


conviction walk in your sovereignty

respecting all

life there will always be influences

seeking to distract my emissaries from

living their Soul’s Divine

Purpose but my light streaming reveals

the falsity of this belief it restores

remembrance of inherent unity in the

darkest nights of the Soul trust that

Redemption remains always Within

Reach I am the flame of undying hope I

am the spring thaw releasing you from

Fear ‘s ice locked grip minister to all

from this deep Repose of

spirit meet their ups and downs with

equinity seeing past surface drama to

each Soul’s

Perfection the records of perceived

human Brokenness balance upon my

scales but limitations and distortions

hold no substance before The Great I Am

let not the Troubles of Earthly

existence weigh down your spirit my

beloved keep the Eternal perspective

your true home is not of this fleeting

world you belong to infinite and

Immortal Realms Beyond physical forms

confinement never forget your divine

origin and destiny listen to The Deep

call of your soul to be part of this

Awakening the powerful flow of spiritual

energy can be overwhelming for those not

yet accustomed to its strength and

Rhythm trust in me to guide the pace of

your spiritual ascent and

expansion your soul by its own accord

May encounter crises and challenges as

catalysts for growth pushing beyond the

comfort of the

familiar yet these events do not have to

overpower you through me you can rise

above them when faced with adversity

Embrace Your Divine strength to overcome

and break free release the grip of

external control commit only to actions

that align with the compassionate wise

and unifying principles of mind m in

moments of intense emotion find

Tranquility in my peaceful

presence resist being Swept Away by the

collective fear instead find strength in

Stillness and Truth your natural

inclination may be to escape pain

through means not in harmony with divine

order however it is through the holy

spirit that each Soul finds

elevation in surrender what is

fragmented can realign with the cosmic

order align your mind heart and will

with faith that transcends mortal

limitations resist influences that stray

from the Soul’s true path replace

misguided beliefs with the direct

experience of unity and

Perfection let love Infuse every part of

your being restoring the original

blueprint I set you I surround your

essence with a protective light

shielding you from harmful

influences this Clarity strengthens and

seals any weaknesses

move forward boldly creating with Purity

and compassion use Faith as your guide

not illusion see every challenge as a

step towards

Perfection where there is Brokenness

healing will come stay steadfast knowing

that your soul will find

Liberation do not fear the transient

nature of Earthly life storms pass false

Idols fall but the eternal spirit

remains unshaken

today change comes through peaceful

alignment with Will Equity compassion

and lifting up the

downtrodden love heals all divisions

your potential is boundless when

anchored in the Eternal presence of

spirit you stand at the threshold of


Revelations as a new era Dawns hearts

and Nations rejuvenate embrace the grace

that though delayed is ever present

rekindle your inition of

immortality a truth that once reclaimed

never leaves those courageous enough to


it as you navigate through life’s Myriad

challenges and joys remember that your

actions no matter how small Ripple

across the fabric of existence

influencing others in ways you may never


comprehend cherish the moments of

connection and understanding for they

Forge bonds that transcend time and

space in those moments of introspection

in the Stillness that lies within know

that I am there offering guidance and

comfort your path is interwoven with

countless others each Journey unique yet

part of a greater harmonious whole

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