Your Life is About to Change | God Says

my beloved child I know you’ve shed tears but the tears you will shed next will be tears of joy because I am making

all things new your suffering will come to an end today I enter your life with comfort

and encouragement I Infuse your heart with Divine courage I plant new seeds of strength

and love in your soul I come bearing great gifts open your arms and receive them

with faith your life is about to change in many ways but all I ask is that you

believe nourish yourself on my word which brings peace and a sense of

freedom to your soul feel it now my voice soothes your

spirit my promises blanket your life day and night my word follows you wherever

you go granting you Supernatural and divine protection I will use many of

your experience experiences to write new chapters in your life filled with hope

and wisdom you won’t trip over the same stones or fall into the same errors

again you will forget the wounds inflicted by betrayers I will heal the pain that

weighs on your mind I will erase from your memory the faces that have hurt your heart here I am feel my presence

listen to my voice pay attention respond resp on to me do you want this

blessing I know you have longed for it the time for your Redemption has arrived give yourself a chance for a

powerful and positive transformation in all areas of your life do not be deceived by past failures

or sins they are behind you and my living inspired word confirms this in

your heart the old things are gone and now everything is made new

you are a new creation so see yourself with bold faith and renewed

optimism today all the vices that sap your will to strive and the bad habits

that keep you chained to failure and regret will end if there’s still anger bitterness or

an unwillingness to forgive in your life I will remove them today and cast them far

away tell those who accuse you that God has forgiven you and nothing can hurt

you do not linger in the pain of the past or relive the sorrow caused by your

past failures give yourself the chance to be uplifted protected loved forgiven

cleansed and strengthened by this Endless Love That tenderly Embraces you

each morning when you look in the mirror remember this message tell yourself

these words my beloved God cares for me me loves me and is with me wherever I

go I live under his shelter his protection as you say these words to

yourself you will feel my holy spirit being poured out over your life you will

feel these words turn into a fire that burns away your negative emotions you are precious your value is

beyond measure you have a bright future I have great plans for you right now

there are many people who love and admire you I am raising you to a new spiritual level and surrounding you with

people who genuinely value you get ready do not shut yourself off from the great

opportunity in front of you if you give me your heart except

that I can transform you from top to bottom I am Reviving your dreams

smoothing out the wrinkles that conceal your desires restoring Vitality to your

mind so your thoughts Sparkle with Supernatural life I am drawing a

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