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my dear child today I want to speak to you clearly and simply but with a deep

and unending love your Eternal salvation is one of the greatest gifts I can offer

but there’s also my unfailing love for you a love that is constant

unwavering and always present in your toughest moments through Joys and Sorrows on sunny days and cold

nights whether you feel uplifted or down I am there I extend my hand to you reminding

you of my love and offering you comfort remember I created you with my own hands in my image you are uniquely

special and richly blessed I have placed gifts talents and abilities within you

that Define who you are a marvelous creation meant to bring light to a world

filled with conflict you are not an accident you are filled with purpose every day of your

life is woven with Divine intention a mission that gives meaning and direction to your

existence in this journey you will find true happiness though it may sometimes

be hard to reach you may face enemies and obstacles that try to block your path but remember

this you are never alone my protection is always with you like a father who

watches over his children in in me you will find safety

and peace even during the toughest times I can calm the storms and quiet

the winds that threaten to engulf you in darkness My Love Is Your steadfast

Refuge a place where you can always find help and comforting words I’m always ready to lift you up

when you fall to strengthen you when you are weak my power is perfect in your Frailty

always available able and Limitless I also offer you my wisdom and

guidance in this confusing and uncertain world my word is a lamp to your feet

guiding you on the right path helping you make wise decisions in return for

your faithfulness I promise to bless you

richly I will provide for you give you strength and fill your life with joy one

of the greatest gifts I give is my forgiveness and the opportunity for a new

beginning your past mistakes cannot overcome my grace which is freely given

through my love I offer you a new start filled with hope and new

possibilities but I ask for your genuine repentance your recognition of your mistakes and your commitment to leave

them behind this journey is serious because beyond the trials and victories the

sleepless nights and joyful mornings I promise you something even more incredible eternal

life this blessing goes beyond Earthly limits offering hope that lasts forever

in me you will find the promise of an eternity filled with joy and peace a

wonderful future waiting for you however remember this while I look forward to our reunion

your actions here on Earth have eternal consequences stay faithful Until the End hold on to

my teachings and put me first in your life your family and your home show kindness

to others offer Mercy to those in need and forgive those who hurt

you stay away from harmful influences remembering that you are never alone in

this world I am a constant blessing in your life I’m always with you in every

moment With Every Breath You Take whether in times of happiness or hardship under

clear skies or during stormy nights my love envelops you sustaining

you so do not fear when conflicts arise for you are deeply and eternally

loved my love for you is immense and steadfast throughout every part of your

journey through every challenge joy and tear I am there with you loving you

guiding you and blessing you now I urge you Proclaim it write it down shout it

to the world with all your heart say aloud my God I love you I am ready to

fulfill all the prayers you have lifted up seeking your well-being your freedom your

prosperity and your joy let peace and Harmony return to your family healing

the hurts of the past you have faced much from your childhood and as you grew let down by

those who should have cared for and protected you I have seen your

tears and they have deeply touched me my angels and I have cried with you as you

have navigated through life protecting you from danger and even from Death I

have placed you exactly where you need to be preparing you for the wonderful blessings that are soon to

unfold I have given you a spirit of love and power aligning your emotions with

your faith right now your Eternal salvation your healing and your emotional stability are within reach

remember my love for you is powerful and steadfast I will always wrap you in this

holy and perfect love you will find peace and rest for your soul when you

think of me during your struggles and tears reach for my hand in the morning

throughout your day and when when you come home exhausted talk to me because I am

listening tell me how much you need me and just by saying these words you will

feel a sweet and profound peace surrounding you when you Express

gratitude Divine oil is poured upon your spirit filling you with comfort and

courage when you call on me sincerely and Faithfully you are freed from

distress if you’re feeling burdened tired sad or discouraged come to me I

will replace your despair with rest and your sorrow with joy I’m your closest friend and you are

never alone turn to my word when you feel lonely you will be okay you will

overcome secure In My Embrace and wrapped in my love you will never fail

when you profess your love for me and commit to me do not worry your blessing

is close continue praying your answer is near listen closely to my words until

the end letting each one deeply impact your soul on days when you feel weary and

heavy laden know that I am here to listen I will not judge you I aim to

relieve your burdens provide you with rest and restore your strength both

spiritually and physically so you can stand tall and press on you and I share a unique Bond you can

approach me anytime even if you faltered come to me without fear I will not be

wrathful after you’ve AED the best action is to reflect spend time in

prayer and sincerely repent presenting your troubles before me I want to assist

you in straightening out your life to walk a pure path free from frustrations and to help you avoid

causing harm to your family with harsh words or actions I desire for your home to be a

Wellspring of Peace where words of gratitude and healing abound be patient

strive to understand each other and emulate my example of Love support and

service bring every issue every family matter to me now and leave it in my care share everything with me and as you do

you will be liberated from anxiety tension insecurity frustration and anger

don’t fret about anything Embrace these words of healing warmly come and find Solace under the

Embrace of your loving father who contends for you your Victory is certain prepare yourself to receive a wonderful

Miracle the fiercest and most painful battle was already won many years ago

today you have the right to let my Holy Spirit fill your heart with joy

salvation and eternal life are yours the enemy tried to Rise Against you to

accuse and destroy you but he was defeated and the records of your sins were nailed to the cross no one can

accuse you anymore you don’t have to run away don’t miss the chance to be free

come to me you don’t need to wander through this world thinking I don’t care about you the enemy tries to convince

the world that there is no forgiveness restoration or hope

many have believed his lies lost in their sins thinking there is no way out

but I’ve come to bring life to all who dare to believe you are in a process of

growth climbing to a higher spiritual level every day today you feel better

not like yesterday when you woke up sad and discouraged without knowing why the enemy no longer has power over your

thoughts everything you think and speak now carries the Divine Touch of my spirit I’m still transforming you I am

not done with you yet your emotions will stabilize they will no longer be erratic

waves tossed by the winds you’re learning to depend on me for everything not just material needs

but emotional ones too each morning as you feel the dawn’s gentleness wherever you are close your

eyes open your lips and speak to me say

Jesus good morning I know you are here as you speak I will touch your heart

bless your life and give you the assurance that everything will be all right you belong to me nothing can

snatch you away fear nothing you are wrapped in security and steadfast Faith

be strong be courageous receive my Embrace I love you how are you talk to

me share your heart I am here with you embracing you with my love comforting your heart I know you are tired from

everything that has happened I understand your frustration sometimes you suffer too much and it feels

endless your heart fills with anguish and worry when you think about what will happen and doubt creeps into your mind

remember I’m not judging you or punishing you for your feelings or thoughts even if doubt has taken hold of

your mind I’m not angry my love for you you surpasses all your doubts and fears

I will continue to love you even if today you choose to distance yourself from me and forget the blessings I’ve

given you over time if you choose to live in error and deny me believe me I will still love you

I will seek you out and continue to reach out to you until your heart

recalls the Beautiful Moments we’ve shared and the battles we’ fought together for life

I know you love me deeply today and won’t let doubts or confusing emotions overtake you you know you belong to me

but tell me because I want to hear it and let the whole universe witness this wonderful love

story you needed true love and forgiveness and I came to save rescue

and cleanse you with my powerful blood welcome to your new Supernatural

and Powerful life you will hear from me more often and see signs everywhere that

I am real and exist Great and Small Things will begin to happen your family

will start to appreciate what they previously overlooked this is your reward for

daring to believe my Holy Spirit tenderly Embraces you I bless your life

your day your home now continue your day with a heart full of Peace the issue

troubling you is in my hands and I will resolve it believe me with all your heart because I am speaking to you

entrust your path to me every day in my powerful presence trust me with all your

strength and I will guide your steps I will give you the best what nourishes

your soul and keeps you close to me I will not let anything snatch you from my love stop struggling on your own you’re

wearing yourself out instead close your eyes after hearing these words and hand over all your worries to me lay down the

burden of your concerns at my feet because you will not be defeated you will not be put to shame I

am here to assist you with everything you have requested I just want you to protect your heart and ignore the words

of those who wish to see you fail don’t let them plant seeds of discouragement in you stay away from

those who want to see you unhappy from those who say you are worthless because you believe in me to me you’re

incredibly valuable and I love you

deeply I have come to remind you of the vastness of my love and all that I wish to do for you you will get past your

struggles you will be free and blessed I have compassion for you I will

heal your wounds and remove the pain from your body every day I will lift your spirits and fill you with Divine

joy and happiness I will wipe away your tears and bring a beautiful smile back

to your face with your mouth you will sing and declare your love for me those who

despised you will see it and realize that my hand has blessed you say these

words out loud with all your heart the Lord is with me like a mighty

warrior so those who chase me will stumble you did things you shouldn’t

have you said things you didn’t mean your emotions got the better of you you made many any

mistakes you thought you had drifted away from me but I have never left

you you placed your hope in false loves let deceitful emotions control you fell

into the hands of liars but even when they crushed your hopes and left you alone I am still here

waiting even though many deny it and refuse to accept it my love is supreme

and beyond all understanding my love is Unbreakable it is pure Everlasting and

perfect I call you during the day speak to you at night visit you in your dreams

constantly remind you make you feel it when the rain touches your skin shout it in the wind sing it in the breeze of the

countryside whisper it in the murmur of the Waves I love you today you will realize

I exist I am real and I will repeat it to you a thousand times a day to quiet

the voices that try to confuse you with lies I love you and I will always love

you tell me if you’d like me to repeat these words every morning as you absorb them with your ears and your spirit

fills with my presence do you need a real embrace come now I want to hold you

and reaffirm my commitment to always love you no matter what I know you need

me your feelings and needs are clear to me with me you can achieve everything

without me your spirit will wither I hear you and I respond I want to help you escape

poverty and Conquer illness do you understand now tell me do you believe me

I love you my child be at peace hand over your anxiety it’s just

anticipation calm down a bit don’t be afraid or weary I am here to uplift you

today receive the new Mercy I have for you it’s your gift your talent the

Wellspring of your blessings it will bring Unity to your family healing to your mind and body peace to your

heart I have granted you victory over illness poverty and scarcity rise and

shine Proclaim my word with faith come here rest your head on my

shoulder for a moment I am your God the one who loves you who comforts you every

time you close your eyes and cry like a child uncertain of what to do this

morning you woke up with thoughts of fear and sadness feeling empty but I

will let you drink from my river of Living Water I want your soul to find rest and be filled with me I want you to

be happy let the world continue on its way but you and I will take a moment to

talk to hear you out for you to share everything I want you to feel better and

Rise From Here renewed in spirit strengthened in heart and filled with peace and

joy many things assail you and seek to steal your will to live but I have never

left you I have given you my love my peace my word all my mighty promises so

you can stand firm there’s an eternal flame here in my presence that consumes

all sin and impurity it is the same flame that burns in your heart but if

you start to believe the enemy and drift away from me only Smoke and Ashes will remain where once there was a blazing

love for me listen closely and shut the door on pain don’t make room for the negative

emotions that others have instilled in you you’re exhausted from carrying the burden of disregard from those you

deeply care about you’ve struggled greatly and your efforts are not without

Merit yet it feels as though no one appreciates you everyone is preoccupied

with their own lives and barely shows you any affection I see

your frustration and worry I too was left behind by those I had cared for

those I rescued turned their backs they strayed and merely watched from a

distance my close friends denied me when questioned about our relationship despite your errors I still

love you I need to remind you of this because when troubles Mount you begin to doubt my affection fearing that I have

abandoned you or that perhaps your sense of being loved by me was just your

imagination you think I might be like those who vowed to love you but then broke their promise and walked

away you’ve been led to believe that you’re at fault for everything happening

to you people will say anything to keep you bound because they want to rob you

of the wonderful future I have planned for you they will accuse you of mistakes you didn’t make of failures you don’t

recall and they will smear you with the fictitious dirt of sins they

concoct if you listen to them you’ll miss out on the incredible life that

could be yours if you stay by my side stop selling yourself short and

feeling guilty for sins I have already forgiven I am a god of Mercy love and

forgiveness I re recognize your sincere repentance my blood has purified you

stop dwelling on the past stop tormenting yourself don’t let anyone make you feel worthless I died for you

spilled my blood so you can now live proudly you’re not what people claim you are you are what I declare you are

choose whose words you will believe I say you are my child my

warrior do not be swayed by those voices of condemnation ation you were made to

win battles and claim victories not to settle for the leftovers of Happiness

discarded by your adversaries I love you you are my child

I do not intend to punish you nor do I hold a whip ready to strike each time you

stumble those who believe I am out to punish them are mistaken misled by the enemy who has tainted their hearts and

wrecked their lives trust in me because I truly understand and your feelings hand over your sadness and pain to me

I’m right beside you I will satisfy your thirst and fortify you with words that

strengthen your faith your tears will turn to Joy your blessing is near with

Everlasting Love I have loved you my Divine Mercy will forever be with you my

child let us begin a new each day presents a pre chance to continue the

struggle leave behind the problems Falls discouragements and grievances of

yesterday clear them from your mind you don’t need to carry a burden that prevents you from refreshing your

thoughts and trying new approaches start with your words avoid harming Yourself by what you say Do not

plant seeds of defeat in your own life do not let the enemy convince you that

you can’t change that your future future will always mirror your past and that

your destiny is one of Despair and neglect from now on we will be together

eternally This is Our Truth we are inseparable so trust in me surrender

your doubts to me now and don’t let them occupy your mind any longer I have sown

the seed of my Living Word in you doubts disappear my promises will revive you I

love you you are mine you belong to me and I will forever care for you protect

you and love you I have never let go of your hand I have not distanced myself or

abandoned you I have kept my promise to you I remained faithful now it’s your

turn have faith place your complete trust in me be courageous and lift your

head you must emerge from sadness now I am here to help you to comfort soul and

to heal all your wounds please understand that in your toughest moments I was always there

never think I’ve withdrawn my love that will never happen your struggles are

significant but my love for you remains steadfast and I will continue to support

you you’ve expressed feeling overwhelmed at the end of your patience unable to

find the way forward maybe you’re looking in the wrong direction because the way forward

has always been in in front of you I am your path your hope your gate your truth

the way you need to follow I am your future and your life if you choose to

trust and turn to me amid your troubles you will emerge on my timing and by my plan trust that I will guide you to the

exit if your patience wains and you Tire of waiting I will renew your strength

fortify your spirit and Grant you peace don’t give up now when you’re so

close to reaching the Heights and the place you’ve dreamed of fully believe and understand that all the help you

need is found in me don’t rush your decisions without seeking my guidance

don’t risk what you’ve already achieved heading down the wrong path can lead to severe mistakes you’re not in a race nor

do you need to prove anything to anyone you’ve already shown your faith to me

now continue to walk with sure and steady steps slowly but wisely and you

will arrive at your Promised Land of blessings and prosperity when you reach that promised

place you will recall these words you will praise me and you will always feel

uplifted I am instilling peace in your soul let the day unfold with its

challenges remain undisturbed and fearless whether the Sun scorches or dark clouds

Loom you know and feel my presence we journey together and even though the

world may try to drain your strength your spirit your joy I Shield you from

the Heat and the storms your spirit is revived when you hear my voice and your heart beating

with a Heavenly Rhythm fills with music and songs of praise when you kneel to pray no matter

if you’re in the quiet of your room or facing tough situations know that I’m there with you call on me I will

respond once again I will envelop you with my eternal boundless sweet and

divine love that surrounds you every day I will open your eyes to behold the

wonders of Heaven you will hear the Angels Sing and when my voice reaches your ears

and touches your spirit your heart will leap with joy courage and immense

peace understand that all your struggles challenges and fears are in my hands

there’s no need for fear or tears the past and its pain are behind you I

command your thoughts to let go of the accusations guilt fear and regret that

weighed you down crushing your hopes and dreams you are reborn and at this very

moment I am looking into your eyes look back at me gaze toward the Horizon

and see the Blessed future I’ve prepared for you breathe in and feel this healing

scent that uplifts and revives the dreams in your heart look at how far you

can go and the immense blessings you can bring to your family don’t say you don’t

deserve it or can’t do it because that offends me you might worry about

pleasing me with your outward actions or or appearance yet you overlook the

thoughts you keep in your mind love me genuinely with all your heart and mind

Cast Away any thoughts that offend my Holiness if I can do it so can you if I

want to bless you you will be blessed open your hands and I will fill them

with Miracles don’t doubt this don’t say it’s impossible haven’t you heard countless

times that nothing is impossible for me but I need to see your dedication and

your focus on my words stop being double-minded as you

used to be I am not human to lie and when I tell you I love you with an eternal

unbreakable love I am speaking the truth many people around you have grown

used to hearing the enemy’s lies believing that I don’t love them that I’m always judging them and that I have

no blessings for them because they they don’t deserve them what terrible lies

how could I not love you look at everything I do to reach you and all the ways I use to communicate with you

wherever you look there I will place my message I want your eyes to see it and

your heart to feel it I will move Heaven and Earth so that you are assured of my love learn to

accept love I have only words that will help you grow strengthen you and remain

in your soul always reminding you of my love get used to this beautiful word

love love love say it out loud feel it in your

heart do it now and watch as your weaknesses are replaced by new and remarkable strength this is how the

champions of Faith felt those who have known me throughout the ages with this same voice I spoke to

them and so I speak to you now let me help you you offering you a life filled

with joy and abundance as you listen to me now I urge you to pay attention to my

words knowing that I’m right here with you in this moment even if you feel

misunderstood unheard and alone amidst your struggles know that I’m there standing

by your side I love you like no one else ever has that is why I’m here today

ready to listen and support you to shape you into a happy content and prosperous

person so please listen to my advice for everything I share with you today will

bring peace comfort and freedom to your soul my child do not try to escape from

my presence for nothing can separate you from me do not give in to despair or let

life’s burdens overpower you do not let the harmful acts of the enemy impact you

instead let me help you let me hold you in my my hands and guide you along the

path of Life along the path of righteousness where there is peace joy

and Tranquility let me take your hand and lead you to the Fulfillment of my

promises no matter how Bleak the situation may seem now I will not

abandon you I will always be by your side supporting you and holding you in

my arms for all I want for you is to give you you a life filled with

happiness a life of purpose brimming with Abundant Blessings blessings that

meet your needs and satisfy the desires of your soul and

heart that is why my child I will never leave you I will always remind you of

how much I love you for you are my unique and wonderful creation I called

you to be blessed and to prosper so that you could live joyfully on this Earth

though sometimes you may forget who you are and lose sight of the purpose for which you were called be at peace for I

am here to remind you to guide you and

to help you fulfill it no matter how big your dreams and goals may be I will help

you achieve them for you are my special treasure and deserve to be happy I understand the times you feel

guilty for the mistakes and failures you’ve made and how hard it is for you to forgive yourself but remember I

always forgive you I will never judge you harshly what matters most to me is

that you turn away from wrongdoing and learn from your mistakes I want you to grow and become a

better person understand that every trial challenge or adversity is an opportunity

for growth and strength adversities are steps leading you to a higher level of faith and to a

life filled with purpose and blessings you will achieve your goals and dreams

to the place where you can Thrive permanently so no matter what happens I will take care of you and fulfill all

that is written in my word just keep moving forward do not be discouraged by

difficult times they are signs of the great things I will do in your life my child never forget that my love

for you is immense incomparable and

eternal my greatest desire is to protect you bless you and make you prosper to

make you happy so even though you cannot see me know that I am always by your

side with every heartbeat every breath and in every sigh of your

soul I will always take care of you love you and support you no matter what

happens in this world so I ask you my child to to trust in me open your heart

to me and surrender the Reigns of your life to me let me handle everything that might

distract you or take away the blessings I have promised for you leave everything

in my hands and I will make you a successful happy and prosperous person I

promise you that I will never disappoint you that I will always be there to listen

comfort and help you achieve your aspirations just trust in me

and you will receive all kinds of blessings I will make you abound in all things so that your life may be a Living

testament to my love Grace and forgiveness let everyone see that those who trust in me will never be

disappointed so beloved child always remember that I love you I love you with

a love that surpasses all human understanding don’t try to rationalize it for you won’t be able to grasp it

just believe it and know that I’m always here for you to love you and guide you on the path of happiness joy and

prosperity trust in me and so it shall be do not doubt it I love you with an

eternal love that knows no bounds or conditions today I want to speak

directly to your heart to remind you of how much I love you my child I do not want you to forget that

you are my most precious creation the most Sublime work of my love for even

before you were born I had already thought of you I designed you with

affection and placed in your heart my divine plan when you came into this world I was

already watching over you and as you grew I was protecting you guiding each

of your steps even when you did not know me I was always with you you in moments

of joy and in moments of pain

evidence of the infinite love I have for you is the work of my son Jesus Christ

for through him I have shown you my love unconditionally my commitment to your

well-being and my desire for you to have a life full and

abundant my son Jesus was the greatest gift and the greatest evidence of my

love for you please never forget what he did was out of love for Humanity he came

to Earth to save you to Bear your burdens to heal your wounds and to show

you the way to Eternal happiness you my child will always be important to me so do not listen or

believe when someone comes and tells you otherwise dismiss from your mind those

absurd ideas that make you feel sad telling you that your life is worthless for you are my greatest

treasure your life has a special purpose in this

world I called you for great things you will accomplish Feats in my name you

will be light and salt in this world blessed to bless others nor do I

want you to forget that I am with you at all times though sometimes you may feel

alone that no one understands you or that everything seems to be against you

remember that I am there in your heart accompanying you with each step you take

holding you with each fall and lifting you up so that you may continue

forward I want you to understand my son that my love for you is boundless and

nothing can separate you from me even if you choose to walk a different path I will always be here

waiting for your return no matter how many times you stray my forgiveness is always always

available to you remember that my Mercy is Everlasting and my grace is more than

enough to cover all your mistakes my presence in your life will give you the strength to overcome any challenge or

obstacle son I want you to truly grasp that I love you deeply no matter your

circumstances you will always be my beloved valued and special child nothing

you have done or could ever do will change that for my love for you isn’t based on your actions achievements or

accomplishments my love for you is freely given pure

unconditional and eternal there’s nothing you can do to earn it nor anything you can do to lose

it for you have had it since before you were born I know that there are many things

in this world that might make you doubt my words and feel insecure or desperate

you might encounter situ situations filled with sadness and fear or experience distress and pain that seem

overwhelming but remember I am always with you ready to help you conquer these

challenges my love is stronger than any adversity my power is enough to transform your life and make it complete

blessed and abundant beloved Son today I ask you to

trust in me do not doubt my words let me be a part of your life to give you

through my son Jesus Christ a life of Peace joy and prosperity not as the

world gives but fully and abundantly filled with grace and blessings for he

is the way the truth and the life through him you can come into my

presence to know me deeply and truly therefore son keep your eyes fixed on me

in this tumultuous and everchanging world world it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters but if you trust in

me and hold on to my promises nothing bad will touch you no harm will come

your way for I will be your shield and your protector under my wings you will always

find safety remember my son that I love you

even when the winds blow against you and circumstances seem tough I am always is

with you loving you encouraging you and strengthening you ready to abundantly

reward your efforts and dedication you just need to trust in me

and I will make the dreams in your heart a reality whatever you ask in faith in the

name of my son Jesus I will do because I love you today I reaffirm my commitment

to you I promise to always be by your side holding your hand at every stage of

your life you don’t need to look to the left or to the right I am here guiding you to

your destination of blessing joy and prosperity trust in me and I assure you

that you will overcome any adversity I love you with an eternal love a love that knows no bounds or

conditions and please always remember that you are my child my most precious

creation and my greatest treasure Above All Things something new and Powerful is

about to happen in your life so do not give up in this battle for this battle is meant for brave warriors whom I have

prepared for victory and you are one of them look to the sky move forward with

faith and determination for the blessings that await you are greater than your current problems my child today I want you to

open your heart to hear my words and understand that I have a real plan and

purpose for you I love you and nothing that happens is outside of my will

remember what I establish in heaven I can also bring about on Earth no

difficult situation you face now is beyond my control for I am a powerful

God who knows your future and the Destiny for which you were created son daughter remember also that

my thoughts about you are thoughts of good and not of evil in me you will

always find Comfort refuge and hope that is why my desire is for you to draw

closer to me every day confident that I will be your immediate help your safe refuge and your sturdy

Rock never forget that my faithful love will sustain you protect you and assist

you even if your trial is as intense as a burning fire in me you will be safe

you will not be scorched but instead you will emerge purified like gold and if the enemy’s

arrows try to destroy you do not fear for I will be your shield no harm will

come to you therefore I ask you to remain steadfast in faith do not halt

despite the adversities I will deliver your Victory the enemy will flee from you and

this momentary tribul ation will end for this to happen you must reject every

thought of defeat reject that voice that tells you there is no way out that you

cannot and will not succeed stop thinking that it’s the end

because I’m doing something new and Powerful in your life I’m creating a new path in the wilderness I will bring

forth rivers of living water in the dry and parched land so celebrate even amid tough

circumstances for the greater the trial the greater the reward please always remember what my

word tells you I will not let you face trials that are beyond what you can handle instead When Trials come I will

also provide a way for you to overcome them in Victory be assured and at peace

because I am with you the hardships you are experiencing will soon be over you

will prevail and I will bless you abundantly your blessings will be so

plentiful that you won’t be able to hold them all live through this situation as

a true Victor remember I have placed my spirit within you who will lead you to

the truth and fill you with power love and self-discipline use what has already

been given to you rest assured that nothing and no one

will overcome you in the times ahead my son my daughter today I want you to lift

your head and declare your Victory raise your hands to the sky as a sign of what

you are about to receive for I have prepared great and precious blessings for you all I ask is that you walk with

me and place your complete trust in me then everything you believe in and ask

for will be granted to you for through faith All Things become possible remember life is full of

chapters and this tough episode you you are enduring is not the end of your story it is merely a step toward the

greatness that awaits you don’t be discouraged for you are stronger than

you think behind every tiar there’s a river of hope that flows endlessly you

have the power to shape your own destiny declare with conviction that light will overcome the darkness Joy will replace

sadness and victory will be yours approach the future with bravery

for your days are crafted with threads of purpose and meaning Dear Son dear daughter never forget that I am working

in your favor today renew your commitment to trust in me and you will

witness Miracles unfold around you you will achieve your dreams and your

aspirations will come true remember you are part of a divine plan greater than

what you can understand right now so March forward with determination and gratitude ude in your

heart you’re a living testimony of my boundless love the blessings that await

you are more abundant than you can imagine Keep Hope and Faith alive in

your heart for your story is far from over move forward my son move forward my

daughter walk towards your Victory and never forget that if you stay with me

you will never be disappointed amen do not lose Faith maintain your

hope a path of blessings favor and Grace awaits you don’t worry too much about

tomorrow I know life hasn’t been easy and you face challenges every day you

may feel tired and worn hope May wne within you but rest assured you are not alone I

take care of you and will not let anything bad happen to you I will always be your support and Comfort your

Fortress and refuge my presence is your safe haven

you need only to trust me because trusting me will alleviate your fears and resolve your concerns it will

lighten your burdens and allow my love to permeate every aspect of your being

so cast aside any doubts that cause you to question my word trust with your

whole heart and learn to leave everything absolutely everything in my

hands with me need and scarcity will not touch you my word Will Comfort your soul

and bring peace to your spirit please my child believe in what I

tell you today do not doubt for even a moment I will make your dreams and

desires achievable your finances will improve and your family relationships

will thrive you know I’m not one to make promises lightly I am your father and I

have loved you since the dawn of time my deepest desire is for you to be

joyful by accepting my love into your heart for in doing so you welcome my

grace and my favor will always accompany you remember my promises are steadfast

and true and I always fulfill what I promise so do not fear tomorrow trust in

me and you will see doors opening before you revealing opportunities that will

marvelously transform your life now is the time to trust trust with

all your mind all your heart and all your being let go of those feelings that harm

you and Lead You astray stop holding on to worldly anxieties that prevent you

from truly living and torment you internally now is the time to dream big

and aim for something greater it’s time to break free from the chains that limit your potential leave behind the Shadows

of the past and step into the light of the present this is your

moment remember the dreams you hold in your heart are the ones I have planted within you so let go of the burden of

anxiety and hand over your worries to me allow my love to fill your being let my

peace replace confusion and bring Clarity to your mind lighting up your

path this is your time the moment to fully trust in me has

arrived live fearlessly and embrace hope surrender completely to my love and

guidance do not let the burdens of the past hold you back nor allow the concerns of the world to steal your

current Joy it’s time to free yourself from the chains that restrain your capabilities

do not be intimidated by the voice of the enemy or weakened by his accusations let my light chase away any

remaining Shadows of doubt and fear in your life remember my greatest desire is

to lead you to the destiny I have always had for you a path filled with grace

favor and blessings everything will work out well for you enabling you to enjoy and

extraordinary present and a wonderful future for you are my greatest treasure

created in my image and likeness you’re worth my precious blood

I will not let anyone snatch you from my hands from now on live your present with

enthusiasm and anticipation do not be afraid to face new challenges and do not be

disheartened by various trials remember this is your moment so never stop believing in me

live fearlessly and embrace hope you will see how you begin to flourish and shine like the unique and precious Jewel

you are continue moving forward take a deep breath and keep

going persist daily in meditating on my word and stay consistent in prayer do

not falter but keep your faith and trust in me so that everything you aim to do

you will accomplish remember your thoughts are powerful seeds so plant wisely to

harvest abundant fruits my beloved Son my cherish

daughter move forward for I am right beside you simply persevere and be brave

for I will shower you with Abundant Blessings and mercies remember that my grace walks with you and my favor always

stands by your side just have faith and your troubles will turn into blessings your Sorrows

into joy and your tears into happiness I love you my child I am

always watching over you my daughter remember that even in these moments I am thinking of you please trust and entrust

everything into my hands I will ensure that in me you find a path of well-being

and prosperity for I desire to give you the Beautiful Life you deserve and which

I have promised you receive it today

take heart for I will work within you and will not cease until I bring

Prosperity things may not have unfolded as you expected and today you find yourself affected by all that you’re

going through but I want to touch your heart with my words and assure you that nothing has

the power to destroy you or steal the blessings I have prepared for

you indeed these times are challenging but nothing will hinder me from

prospering you or from accomplishing my mighty work within you I know you have many plans and

dreams and every day you strive for them yet sometimes you may feel like nothing

is happening that none of your dreams will come true but let me assure you I

have wonderful and marvelous things in store for you for I chose you before the foundation of the world I formed you in

your mother’s womb and I declared to you you are my child in whom I am well

pleased so do not lose heart keep pressing on give your all and I will

instill in you the will to live and the determination to keep fighting your mindset will change and

you will feel rejuvenated and empowered every sense of defeat will be consumed

by my strength you will rise in my name and feel triumphant blessed and

cherished your life will become a living testimony of my power and

greatness you will shine like a beacon in the darkness guiding the lives of many others will seek you because they

will see in you the radiance of my love and you will be a source of inspiration for those who yearn for a life of

abundance I going to shower you with blessings until your soul feels

completely satisfied today I’m here to encourage you to rise cast aside your

fears and the deceit that has kept you bound listen to my voice let my truth

set you free from every falsehood spread by the evil one his lies have only

brought fear and insecurity nearly pushing you to give up on everything you’ve worked hard for but now it’s time

to stand up and take my hand with me you can dream again and aim

high your fears will disappear and you’ll accomplish all that you set out

to do take my hand beloved and I assure you that things will never be the same

do not be afraid come closer to me remember I am with you and I will ensure

that all goes well according to my plan for your life I will guide you to the

place you should be to a land of prosperity where my love is abundant and

my grace is more than enough just trust me and believe in the words

I’m speaking to you today I will direct your paths I will lead you to Lush and

tender pastures and show you the way to the gates of blessing stay alert so that when the

door opens and opportunity knocks you’re ready to grasp the good things that come your way in doing this all your dreams

goals and plans will be realized so believe in me

trust in my words and hold fast to my promises don’t get discouraged or lose

hope and don’t quit when you don’t see immediate results take my hand and continue to trust I Am with You day and

night silently working to shower my blessings upon you remember I never fail I’m never too

early or too late I always act at the perfect time often when you least expect

it ignore the deceitful Whispers of the evil one who tells you that you can’t

succeed I rebuke and defy him as a coward place all your trust in me and

not in worldly things remember what the world offers is fleeting and

temporary but what I offer is Everlasting and true so when challengs

and trials arise don’t try to evade them face them with Faith and Hope don’t View

problems as obstacles but as opportunities to grow stronger wiser and more

courageous remember I created you in my image to be my Brave son or daughter

empowered to overcome every scheme of evil do not fear what the future holds

trust in me and allow my will to unfold in your life I will strengthen you grant

you the courage and wisdom needed for all to go well walk with me and I will

lead you on Paths of Peace Grace an abundant blessing ensuring everything

you do prospers your time to receive blessings has arrived I have heard you from Heaven

my dear child listen closely to my words and let them sink deep into your soul

your efforts have not been wasted the challenges and trials you faced have showcased your bravery belief and

resilience today I declare that your moment has come a time to harvest what

you have earnestly sought prepare to receive profound and wonderful blessings

in your life as the season for the fruits of your labor and dedication is

here this is your time when the desires of your heart will be fulfilled and you

will witness wonders beyond your wildest dreams you are on the brink of seeing a

magnificent Harvest un fold I know the journey here was tough filled with

trials and hardships there were moments when doubt and fear overshadowed you yet

you held steadfast to your faith in my promises working tirelessly toward your

aspirations today I bring you a message of Hope and

affirmation those who trust in me will not be disappointed but will see the

manifestation of my love and divine power transforming their lives

into a splendid future do not doubt the blessings about to come your way for I’m always working

for your good my presence lights your path I will lead you to new

opportunities that will Bloom on your journey to success and fulfillment just trust in me the doors

that seemed shut for so long will open wide bringing forth blessings beyond

your expectations remember the victories you will celebrate are the results of your

prayers faith and perseverance a testament to your unwavering spirit and

dedication that’s why I encourage you to cherish my word let it Empower you to

overcome any challenge within it you’ll find the strength to rise and gain wisdom ensuring each step you take moves

you closer to your purpose remember challenging times are chances to grow

stronger they’ll transform you into a a beacon of perseverance always recall

that those who sow in tears will reap with joy so do not hesitate to move forward

proceed with determination and unwavering faith for the rewards awaiting you will

exceed your expectations and bring you immense Joy get ready for a future brimming with

opportunities and blessings where you will shine brightly like the morning sun

and your life will inspire those around you now that you are aware of the blessings

about to unfold I urge you to stay vigilant don’t give up when the going

gets tough nor lose faith when things don’t proceed as planned continue forward with resolve

for it’s in these moments that you must actively exercise your faith entrusting

everything to me in doing so I will handle your troubles and meet your needs always

acting in your best interest remember I love you deeply and the faith you place in me will be richly

rewarded I am always with you advocating for your welfare you can trust me at all times

even when you cannot grasp what is happening around you remember for those who love me all things work together for

good beloved trust me wholeheartedly for the blessings about to enrich your life

are more magnificent than you can Envision so prepare yourself for the

faith you have planted in my name will yield plentiful and wonderful fruit in this Victorious moment keep

your faith alive as it is the key to continuing to harvest the fruits of blessing do not succumb to adversity

instead strive and be courageous always believing in

me then you will witness how my love and care envelop you providing protection

peace and prosperity in your life I love you today I bless you and declare that

you are prosperous blessed and Victorious trust in me I promise to

bless you and make the work of your hands Thrive my beloved child today I

want you to listen to these words with an open and receptive heart listen closely for these words

will soothe your spirit and guide your life know that I am your God and Heavenly Father the creator of the

universe and the guardian of your soul my love for you is boundless and my

commitment to you is Everlasting and true at this moment at this point in

your life I want you to know that you don’t have to carry that heavy burden alone dealing with so many problems and

concerns without help can wear you out leading to frustration stress and

weakness that’s why I’m asking you to leave everything in my hands you don’t need to hide anything from me for I

understand your deepest thoughts and your most Earnest desires trust me completely for I am your God and

provider I care for you even when you might not realize it allow me to steer

your life and Grant you the wisdom to manage the resource es I will give you

because my wish is to bless and prosper you in every aspect of your

life when you trust in me my dear child the doors of blessing will open in

your life and the windows of heaven will pour out spiritual riches that will fill

your soul with joy and peace trust in me I will bless your

efforts your projects and your dreams my blessing will be with you at every step

even amidst difficulties trust in me and you will see how I increase and prosper everything you

undertake it is my desire to see you thrive and make your life shine brightly

growing brighter until the full light of day I understand that life in this world

can be tough and full of uncertainties and you might face challenges that test your faith but

remember as long as you face these challenges I I will never leave you

trust in me and my plans for you for I am always with you working in your favor

and the favor of all who love me do not worry about tomorrow or be anxious about

today because with me your future is secure I have predestined you for

victory not for failure just trust in me and I will guide your steps remember

that true prosperity and success aren’t found solely in material things don’t

obsess over Earthly wealth instead seek first my kingdom and my righteousness

hold on to my words and cherish them with all your heart for I assure you that everything else you need will be

given to you I will fulfill every desire of your heart I will make real all that

you once dreamed and yearned for as the reward of your efforts it is my wish to

bless you so that you may become a conduit of blessing to others sharing

what you have received by grace and being generous at all times so my beloved Child come into my

arms rest in me I will strengthen you I will make you wise and

courageous do not hesitate to entrust everything to me have faith in me I

promise you that you will not be overwhelmed by difficult times do not lose heart heart when you see challenges

ahead for they will strengthen your faith and remind you that you depend entirely on me so when you encounter

struggles trials or challenges call out to me and I will

respond I will give you wisdom and guidance to overcome any adversity open

doors that seem shut and lead you to opportunities that will enrich your life

in ways you never expected once again I ask you to give

everything to me your finances dreams and desires Watch How I bless your work

and all that you undertake remember I am the true owner of everything and my provision is meant

to bless and prosper you in all areas of your life I will ensure that all goes well

for you there will be Harmony in your family relationships health and emotional well-being you will love and

be loved I will be with you always always reminding you that my love for

you is complete and encompasses every part of your life trust in me and let me

Lead You beloved child I will guide you on Paths of righteousness and into lands

of abundance I will never leave you for you are my most precious treasure the apple

of my eye do not fear the future for I have wonderful plans for you walk with me in

faith and obedience and you will see how I transform your life and fill it with

amazing blessings I am your God your father and your provider trust in me and you will

thrive on your journey let these words touch your heart and strengthen your

faith witness my love manifest in the blessings that will come into your

life never doubt me or my words believe

and hold them dear in your heart always maintain an attitude of gratitude for

what you have and for what is to come gratitude will open your eyes to

the abundance already present in your life and enable you to receive even more

of my blessings continue moving forward my

child trusting in my promises working diligently and wisely above all never

let life’s circumstances pull you away from my path nor allow the distractions

of the world to influence you use your gifts and talents to excel in your work

and business and exhibit integrity and generosity in all your endeavors then you will see how the work

of your hands flourishes blessing you and increasing in every aspect of your

life give me just a few minutes of your time what I have to say could change

your your life often you may find yourself overwhelmed by your responsibilities your days consumed with

worldly worries today take a moment to pause step away from the daily hustle

and listen to what I have to say I have a message that I want to place deep within your heart at the very core of

your being listen and Let My Words softly touch your soul stay focused

listen not just with your ears but with an open heart because the message I have for you will draw you

closer to the purpose and blessings I want to bestow upon you just a few minutes of your time and I promise you

will experience a peace that eases your tension no matter the

situation my child in this quiet moment let the gentle Whisper Of My Voice drown

out the noise of the world and let the truth deeply resonate within you listen

listen and let the purpose of my will become clear for you have a unique and

special path to follow a path filled with love joy and Abundant

Blessings cling to my words and they will transform you into the prosperous

and successful person you are meant to be stop listening to the world and

letting negative thoughts fill your mind dismiss all Notions that seed poverty within you it’s time time you understood

that my will for you is good pleasing and perfect I want to bless every aspect

of your life and let abundance flow so that your dreams can become reality your

projects can Thrive and your efforts can be richly rewarded I understand that every day you

will face challenges but remember these are opportunities for growth and

strength I will give you the courage to overcome any obstacle and F fill you with unwavering confidence to navigate

life storms in every aspect of your life you will witness my grace and favor in your

career you will find endless opportunities for growth in your relationships you will be surrounded by

sincere and loyal people who will support you and in your health you will

be revitalized and filled with vitality and well-being peace will reign in your

spirit connecting you with the divine M and allowing you to experience a close relationship with me trust in my

promises my child they are steadfast and true hold them dear and let them refresh

your soul do not be afraid to embrace these words what I tell you today is

Real and True believe in my words with all your heart and I will show you the

path I have laid out for you a path filled with hope purpose and abundance

remember that nothing the world says about you can disqualify you from my love no matter how far you may have

strayed or how Bleak your life may seem my grace is enough to cover your faults

and my Mercy is always ready to welcome you there’s nothing you can do that will make me stop loving you with my

unconditional love today my beloved child walk confidently knowing you have

a Divine Purpose on this Earth don’t underes estimate yourself or your destiny remember you are my child

created in my image and likeness with a unique and special purpose if you ever

feel tired or discouraged remember these words declare them with power and authority over yourself and I will give

you strength and guide you to the destiny of blessing and greatness for which you were

called trust me carrying the cross had a purpose enduring

such extreme suffering was not pointless many of my followers also

deserted me they felt ashamed but I was focused on what your life could become

I’ve known it since the creation of the world I have set aside for you a reward

an everlasting crown and a life filled with abundance all these blessings are

waiting for you but you need to believe in my words so that that your mind may be truly transformed and not overwhelmed

by negative thoughts do you feel like giving up I am

your life give me a chance to show you how I can completely transform you so much so

that people might not even recognize you where there was sadness there will be

Joy where there was despair there will be an overwhelming desire to

live love yourself and forgive yourself I have long since forgiven your

mistakes accept my offer to start fresh today together we will reach our

destination this is how it will be so continue moving forward even when the

winds are against you and circumstances seem tough I will always be with you encouraging and strengthening you ready

to reward your efforts and dedication fulfilling your dreams and opening doors

that seem firmly shut shut before you thank you my beloved child for

taking a few minutes to listen to these words now go and walk with steady steps

do not fear what lies ahead nor be dismayed for I am working in your favor

and although the path may seem difficult and the goal far away remember that my

grace and power are greater than any obstacle you might face keep moving forward my child walk

in faith and determination and never forget that you are loved and precious to

me amen [Music]

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