Your Choices Have Sealed Your Destiny | God Message Today |

my beloved I recognize you and understand the complexities of the challenges you’ve

endured yet now is the moment for you to embrace my gifts your experiences

through every unexpected turn of your path have taught you immensely your bravery and persistence

have glimmered even in the darkest hours when unforeseen hardships befell

you recognize they were not due to your Deeds they were attempts by adversaries

to weaken your spirit now look forward with hope as the Earth vibrates with the onset of new

beginnings the sprouting of new life is visible to you deep in your soul Embrace

this certainty this year promises a plentiful yield for you the seeds you presumed

lost have revived they will come back to you transformed into magnificent and genuine

blessings nourishing your spirit without bringing any grief these gifts will be free of strife

or difficulties I have positioned you precisely where you can Thrive remember

I guide you and your sustenance is secured when you act benevolently towards

others rely on me yet be cautious in placing absolute trust in

humans adhere to my teachings discard skepticism and despair and Ascend with step steadfast

belief through belief I am capable of creating Marvels and miracles of immense

scale believe and all becomes achievable it materializes when viewed

through the lens of belief yet understand this isn’t about chance or enchantment I refer to my Everlasting

promise one that invariably manifests at the perfect time as per my

plan you yearn for change success and prosperity for your kin

alongside kindness insight and sincerity in their

existence you fervently wish for a transformation and I assure you of my transformative power I possess the

ability to alter hearts and Minds swiftly but your faith is essential you’re venturing into new territories

which you’ll soon experience leave behind the old and Advance with faith

embrace the blessings I present to you the period of Trials has ended your era

has arrived today I will perform wondrous acts in your and your family’s

lives the closed door will not cause you anguish communicate with me affirm your

beliefs write down your faith in this comforting message and accept this

sacred encouragement from above a closed door shouldn’t lead to despair

a more magnificent portal will soon open ushering in something even

better in the Unseen realm there’s a spiritual contest for your life and

faith numerous foes challenge your progress assaulting you externally and

internally unseen to you I will send wise guides to Aid you

receive their advice humbly devote yourself to prayer and much will be

unveiled you will Triumph in this conflict every hurdle will

disintegrate indeed I could rescue you instantly but your appreciation for your

faith talents and abilities is crucial understand that triumphs aren’t

solitary if you disregard my word and abandon your faith foes will overpower

and shatter you but you are destined for greatness you will be a source of

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