You Will Receive a Miracle | God Message for You Today | God’s Message Now

you will receive a miracle God message

for you today God’s

message now my beloved I see that you’ve

been going through tough times

struggling with situations that seem to

have no solution and day by day your

soul feels heavy I know you’re battling

an illness and you might believe it’s

insurmountable but I want you to know

that I am with you and I will never

leave you or forsake you even before you

were born I knew you I carefully woe you

in your mother’s womb every fiber of

your being is a Living testament to my

love and my purpose for you today I want

you to listen carefully for I have an

important message for you your Miracle

the one you’ve been fervently praying

for will happen that Supernatural sign

will manifest in your life because I

your father will unleash my divine power

at the most unexpected moment so please

do not despair trust in me for your

Miracle will come to pass this is the

time my child to believe in my promises

and put your faith into action allow my

presence to surround you like a cloak of

Grace and strength let my divine power

restore every cell in your body healing

every corner of your being so you can

receive what you’ve been waiting for I

know you’ve been praying and seeking

answers to to your situation for a long

time a Divine sign to dispel all fear

within you well today your time is has

come and I want you to know that I’ve

heard your prayers in the midst of the

darkness I am bringing a light that will

dispel all doubts and fears within you

your perseverance through the storms has

not gone unnoticed your tears were not

in vain nothing escapes my notice which

is why I tell you that your Harvest Time

Has Arrived you will receive a miracle

in your life and my blessings are ready

to overflow upon you the dark days are

coming to an end so lift your head and

cast off the burdens that have weighed

you down I have prepared a table for you

in the presence of your adversaries and

your cup will overflow with joy and

abundance your long-held dreams and

desires will be fulfilled beyond your

imagination have the courage to grow my

child and do not let circumstances limit

you don’t allow doubt or the enemy’s

voice to extinguish your faith remember

that I am the god of the impossible and

in my hands all things are possible what

appears unreachable you will reach it

will become your reality because I will

restore all you have lost and what has

been broken in your life will be h

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