You Will be Surrounded By Abundance | Gods message today |

my dear child this month you will have

many blessings and opportunities listen

carefully to what I say and don’t ignore

my advice hold on to these words so that

each morning you wake up feeling calm

and peaceful with a strong spirit and a

sense of inner

peace take a moment to revisit my words

to receive my guidance and instruction

once again this will equip you to defend

yourself and confront your adversaries

when they try to steal the blessings I

am about to bestow upon you prepare

yourself for victory is near and I am

with you every step of the

way in the month ahead you will achieve

success your dreams and goals will

become a reality you will not finish

this year without accomplishments but

you must choose to trust in me put your

hand on your heart and promise to seek

me every day even when faced with

challenges trust in me stand tall and

move forward on your journey without

fear you will overcome all those who

stand against your destiny the

challenges you encounter are temporary

but to claim your Triumph you must face

them without

fear you will remain unscathed for my

spirit is your protection and my

powerful word is your

strength I understand that you sometimes

struggle with discouraging thoughts

which is why I’m speaking to you even

When Storms rage in your heart and

anxiety tries to invade your mind

telling you that you won’t achieve your

goals remember this you you are strong

you won’t listen to those negative

voices don’t let thoughts of defeat and

failure enter your mind you were born to

succeed Focus your attention on things

that hold greater value than material

possessions and personal accomplishments

take care of your family and ensure

their happiness and well-being resolve

any lingering disputes from the past and

let this new year mark the end of

Discord in your

home if you seek me each day with

unwavering faith my glory will shine

upon your family my presence will dispel

all darkness that tries to divide your

household and steal your

joy I look upon you with love in my

heart I am your father and to me you

have always been are and will always be

important I will remind you of this

countless times because I want the

warmth of my words to be engraved in

your heart as you wake up each morning

may you feel my presence beside you and

may you find joy in the little details

that remind you of how deeply I care for

you you’re aware that some people Harbor

feelings of anger and envy when they see

you succeed they don’t want to see you

happy nor do they wish for your family

to remain United and joyful that’s why I

urge you to talk to me every day and

immerse yourself in my teachings absorb

wisdom and understanding and keep your


sharp in the coming weeks of this year

you will witness an abundance of

blessings like never before remarkable

events will unfold before your very eyes

surpassing anything you have encountered

thus far have unwavering faith in this

for it is indeed true continue moving

forward and if you take a break let it

be for prayer meditation and relaxation

make time for me each day as there are

many things I want to tell you you must

realize and believe with all your heart

that you are valuable your faith is

important and your life is precious

trust in me and ignore those who have

tried to make you feel insignificant and

worthless for so

long the past few months have indeed

been tough and I acknowledge that yet I

must say your faith has truly amazed me

despite facing numerous challenges you

have confronted them with bravery and

perseverance overcoming all obstacles in


path therefore as this new month unfolds

your heart is not devoid of hope it

brims with love encouragement and Det

termination step out into the world with

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