You Will Be Shocked By God

God is saying to you today you are my

beloved child I have loved you with an

everlasting love I formed you in your

mother’s womb if you will seek me you

will definitely find me I am about to

give you a new beginning in your life

soon a time will come when your tears

will not fall because I have answered

all your prayers there has been an end

to the darkest hour and a new light is

emerging in a Divine way I will provide

for you and shield you from harm as a

result you will realize that I am the

god capable of everything never forget

that I am the kind and gracious God who

loves you no matter what and who stands

by your side maintain your faith praying

and sharing my message for you are my

cherished children who will encounter

miraculous events that are Beyond Your

Wildest Dreams you should expect a daily

gain in your money this week ensuring

that you your loved ones and even your

grandkids have more than enough for you

Christians I have given you the tongue

as a weapon to slay the devil and his

minions in it you will find my word

spoken over you and your life the power

to bless or curse life or death is in

your lips you should not discount their

influence in Christ Jesus may you be

protected by God’s peace which is

greater than all human comprehension

rest in the boundless kindness and love

of God and may your life serve as

evidence of my steadfastness and

goodness I will shower you with an

endless supply of blessings Bright

Smiles and financial success my darling

and enhanced Health your body and soul

will be rejuvenated and healed by my

hands and you will feel an overwhelming

sense of safety and contentment God is

still trying to get into your life the

Lord says he’s waiting for an invitation

so that he might do Marvels and

miracles if you let God into your house

with an open heart he will change you

and intervene in your life in ways you

can’t imagine a day of Fate

breakthroughs and miracles awaits

tomorrow get yourself ready to see the

results of your sincere prayers you will

soon be showered with an abundance of

Health prosperity and love a deluge of

breakthroughs Triumph

and winds is about to descend upon you

this week your benefits will be

multiplied by three demonstrating the

boundless potential and miraculous

interventions that God has in store for

you I am going to shock you with my

generosity I have already made

arrangements for you to experience

Liberation Prosperity love and healing

you will rewrite your taale with

pleasure wholeness and accomplishment

throughout the next month which is going

to be an extraordinary time of enjoyment

healing and success you will experience

a tremendous and endless flood of money

flowing to you before the week ends your

wealth will expand at an exponential

rate becoming bigger by the day in

addition you will have immense happiness

in the areas of love wealth and health

you are about to make a groundbreaking

discovery that will shock your enemies

and change the world as you know it this

is the season of your Triumph my darling

put an end to disappointments debts and

losses this is the beginning of a new

chapter of your prayers being answered

and of everlasting peace and bounties on

an unparalleled scale amen God blesses

me and my family with boundless money

love and

Tranquility I am ready to accept the

Bountiful flow of Love healing and

prosperity that I truly deserve declare

it with conviction now Lord I offer

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