You Shall Lack Nothing | God Message Today

my dear child I shall ensure that nothing is lacking for you I promise this as your provider I am attuned to

your situation and needs do not distress over your current

situation close your eyes recall my word and your mind and heart shall be imbued

with Serenity and Tranquility there are numerous doors surrounding you that shall swing open

proceed and approach these doors with determination and conviction I command

you to do so when you undertake this do so without

fear I shall Place upon your lips the words you need to utter make the

decision today and progress along your path do not remain immobilized by fear

when you rise and walk the windows of Heaven shall open for you and I shall shower you with abundant and genuine

blessings you shall reap provisions of plenty free from debt and debtors you

shall receive even more than your expectations for sharing giving and blessing you shall continue to seow and

reap thus it shall be henceforth every day every month and

every year therefore revisit and listen to these words until you clearly understand

my command nourish yourself with my written word and Advance

resolutely it is time for you you to awaken for your faith to ignite Kindle

and accelerate the plan I have had for you for a long time leave behind all

memories of defeat all guilt decide to persist to fight daily

and pay no heed to the rumors and attacks of people forgive continue forget and move

forward my words shall be your light your faith shall be like a sword and I

shall assist you in carving a path through the obstacles you may encounter decide to persevere for I shall provide

you with the strength to fight I reiterate I am your Shepherd your

provider I know your needs and I shall supply what you lack and more declare

with your lips with all your heart that you shall continue to fight live and

believe without fear of the distressing news that alarms you [Music] I know why I do the things I do I have

the final word with my power I can calm roaring winds part the sea make you walk

upon the turbulent waves lift you from the bed of pain heal your body and Grant

your soul healing I receive your tears when this world betrays you with pain and

affliction you seek refuge in your faith you love me you believe in me my

presence envelops you manifests in you you and once again I shall fill your entire being with love and peace amid

the breath it is true time does not heal wounds I heal them without leaving

scars the trials of this life shall not Mark you difficulties have helped you

grow wiser I shall also relieve you of bad memories that’s why my hands were

fastened to a cross with cold and cruel nails to Bear your suffering to cleanse

your guilt with my shed blood to Grant you my grace to remove all burdens and

Sorrows from your heart in good times and bad in health or

sickness my presence shall not depart from you you have my promise I shall perform Mighty miracles

in your life through them I demonstrate what is possible when my word is

received and obeyed with a humble heart accepting both trial and blessing

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