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my beloved come close and open your heart for I wish to speak words of comfort and encouragement over your

soul set aside the burdens weighing you down and focus now on simply listening

to my voice hear my words and let them fill you with indestructible hope and

Transcendent peace written specially for you I am here to banish all fretfulness

ensuring you need never again feel Lonesome or Restless I govern the course of your

life and make this promise I will always Grant you peace as steady as a gentle brook gliding smoothly along allow me to

steer you make time every morning to connect with me trusting the trajectory

of your life into my capable hands Watch How I sustain you the shape of things to

come rest securely with me if you let me I will illuminate the path leading to a

place overflowing with strength and joy a place liberated from sorrow abounding

with blessings my love for you runs deeper than you know choosing you long before

you took your first breath in this world delighting over you with magnificent

intentions I will walk Faithfully beside you now and for all eternity I yearn to overwhelm you with

my devoted affection it brings me joy to brighten your life with my presence everything

surrounding you is Shifting even even now soon you will perceive the world awakened to new potential the realm of

possibility revealed never doubt my love for you is

unconditional my confidence in you unshakable my desire for your closeness

Ardent I have implanted inside you dreams known only to us for the present

treasure these dreams privately between us divulging them prematurely May attract the wrong sort of notice

eliciting Envy or lack of understanding from those unable to grasp the larger

picture pay no mind to anyone attempting to diminish you some may protest I am

too distant that your aspirations are mere Illusions your dreams oversized

your goals Out Of Reach or even that I do not heed you and some may wrongly insist I care

nothing for you now hear the real truth listen in intently and imprint these

words upon your memory I am closer than you or they could guess my Essence inhabits you you brim

with my grace I cherish you profoundly when you rise each morning

and turn your thoughts toward me it warms my very heart your gratitude your eagerness to esteem Me Above All Else

each new day gladdens me exceedingly your attitude of praise and worship your impulse for prayer reaching

far beyond yourself blesses me tremendously soon a spectacular reward

will come to you a blessing towering High beyond what you can presently Envision share this news with your loved

ones it is nearly upon you but once it arrives I urge you to fortify your faith

even more do not slacken your prayers or decrease your pursuit of me with your whole being your dedication and intense

yearning for deeper intimacy brings me profound Joy I have stunning plans in

store for you my treasured one these words are for you alone sent to soak you

through with bottomless peace and outright Elation you will call on me you will come looking for me and I will meet

you to empower you to rise above every adversity I cherish you

extravagantly persist in vigilance and bolster your heart’s resolve I stand equipped to brace you

but you must prepare inwardly and remain observant when there seems No Rest For You entrust

yourself to me and enter into my presence when weariness Creeps in I will provide you the rest you

require do not permit dis Qui to steal your Tranquility or erode your

faith the adversary is always lying in wait determined to send you stumbling

that he might squash your spirit and persuade you to discard what you believe this tactic is nothing new knew I have

forever safeguarded you from the schemes of your foes even in your sleep sometimes The Strife seems too

fierce but you have already emerged Victorious from countless unseen battles

I wage war in the spiritual Dominion on your behalf against Sinister forces ensuring no weapon formed against you

can prosper you are extraordinarily blessed and your future is safe in my

hands I Am Your Divine father matchless in might and unconquerable in

power never regard your struggles as greater than I do not allow hardship to

hem you in or strangle your spirit when you detect the snarls of impending threats refuse to panic I

Delight in you and preserve you faultlessly both you and your household adversaries assemble in false

accusations and Hollow threats concocting non-existent Grievances and allegations against you but I am your

shield and will bring you through the fire of Affliction to walk forth unharmed by such assaults disregard

mistakes of former days or supposed defects on your part my Assurance to you

is this my Triumph translates fully into your Victory transmitted straight from

my Throne into your hands even now as I speak these words relief hastens toward

you for all your troubles soon you will receive recompense for your Valor a claim for

your undaunted will the Victor’s Crown of Life and blessings Beyond

number you must take hold of this reality declaring with voice and spirit

that it shall belong to you do not delay do not succumb to hopelessness do not

Meander off the path I have prepared for you stand your ground fearlessly cling

tight to everything I have allotted you refuse to allow present turmoil to

obstruct your vision of the Glorious future speeding toward you misgivings

Cloud spiritual sight the circumstances before you now

diminish next to the Magnificent blessing nearly Within Reach reckon it not out of grasp or

unattainable you are no failure no matter the words flung against

you disregard the murmurs and jealous Cravings of others coveting your blessing and

happiness they discern your generous spirit and know well how I cherish you and the Bounty reserved for you pay them

no more attention they cannot disrupt my blueprint for you on this day I extend

my hand to alleviate your heavy heart I recognize fully those deflated moments

when taking another step seems too Monumental to manage yet even now I avow

bold encouragement coupled with a reminder though the way appears blocked

I can impart power to you to Traverse stormy seas right in this moment I bless your

steps with Supernatural Vigor derived from my spirit except my

love I am present to heal internal wounds that breed fear doubt hesitation

stal mates I urge you continue progressing

forward anchor your confidence in me alone the Marvels I have designed for

you defy present measurement too spectacular and numerous to encapsulate do not allow hard times in

this world to dishearten you eternally consider this in an instant

everything can and will metamorphose through my power on your behalf leave

the past in the grave where it belongs neither dread nor fear what lies

ahead partake of my love and might even now in this hour since I am with you a fresh

beginning always hovers near there is always another chance to start again

allow me to steer your life story in ways you cannot foresee with my guidance as your

Navigator your personal epic can unfold in miraculous fashion refuse to base

Your Existence solely on what your eyes behold that that pathway terminates in

frustration and dismay instead hearken to my words meditate on biblical truth

contemplate my teachings living by faith in me not merely by

sight remember this your faith contains creative power to shape reality around

you my beloved I cherish you profoundly I am well acquainted with

every hardship you have faced I have witnessed each tear Trail down your

cheeks I have felt your weaknesses as though they were my own and lingered with you through the bleakest nights and

fiercest storms yet I have also drawn near to comfort you uplift your spirit embolden

you with strength to carry on reflect on the terrain already covered in your life’s Trek despite cruel difficulties

and countless defeats you have always managed to rise up stronger here you

stand at present seasoned and resil iant past Sorrows fallen behind you you know

the way ahead seek shelter In My Embrace when your legs grow ready to collapse

when the road stretched out before you appears too rigorous to travel when exhaustion permeates your soul causing

you to second guess while you persist in this Relentless pressing forward but

stay mindful that I cherish you deeply and profoundly your adventures in this

life are far from over my love is the Bedrock Foundation of your existence my spirit is the fountain

from When Your vitality Springs and your blessings cannot be Quantified or

contained and yet I notice that even after all the trials you have outlasted

even amid the triumphs you have celebrated exuberantly before me there are times when Shadows of uncertainty

dim your countenance you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities fragile in body and

spirit you are besieged with fretfulness in those moments you question whether

you have enough stamina to Prevail successfully you even allow suspicions to creep in that perhaps I have shifted

my gaze from you but hear me clearly when I affirm to you my permanent and

unchanging love I dispel the fears attempting to Cloud your mind every second of your life unfolds according to

my Divine blueprint Victory is your rightful inheritance I am your Celestial

Defender your omnipotent Creator the very breath in your lungs filling you

constantly with unwavering potency from on high when it seems the world is

compressing around you when the burden of Trials feels far too heavy to shoulder another inch and the Stillness

around you begins echoing your doubts back to you recall always that Solitude

is mere illusion I am perpetually at your side vigilantly watching over you

with m matchless affection my love knowing no limitations your struggles are

critically important to me your appeals for help ReSound powerfully in my ears

and your tears touch my heart profoundly I comprehend fully the intensity of your pain the complexity of

the dilemmas you face and the depth of your innermost desires allow my words to be a beacon of

expectation a reminder that your current adversity is but a fleeting phase along

the highway bringing you closer to fruition and fulfillment I have endowed you richly

with resilience courage and Grace sufficient for every need your fights originate with me your

fears ultimately bow to me your dreams find fulfillment through me do not yield

any territory to despair or permit your faith to waver even a

degree this adventure certainly contains means challenges of Plenty but it also

abounds with opportunities for growth transformation and Awakening trust my

Flawless timing depend continuously on my strength remain confident that I am

shepherding you toward a destiny saturated with Divine Purpose embrace

the road ahead acknowledging that every step transports you nearer the realization of your deepest longings the

triumphs On Your Horizon far outweigh away momentary troubles well worth any temporal sorrow any tear any midnight

intercession stand unwaveringly in your faith never releasing your grip on the

Promises I have spoken over you advance with stalwart assurance that I will

uphold you with my right hand of righteousness every step of this exhilarating Expedition The Narrative of

your life continues unfolding a story of tenacity and overcoming with the

crowning Joy still cascading down I am your inexhaustible Wellspring

of provision designing a future for you more glorious than anything you have

witnessed thus far even as you read these words allow them to unlock every

chamber of your heart flinging wide the portals that gratitude faith and Transcendent hope May permeate the core

of your being for nothing can sabotage my resolve to enrich your life with

blessings beyond measure without question along this journey will

come occasions of uncertainty times when discouragement attempts to erode your resilience yet

you must know this unshakable reality my grace and unconditional love will always

envelop you as a strong tower against life storms trust in me fully and strap

in for the extraordinary wonders I am orchestrating just over the horizon wonders far exceeding any you have dared

to imagine I I am yearning to unlock divine secrets and implant within your

innermost being dreams of such Grandeur they defy human vocabulary never forget I am not merely

your creator but your tireless Champion your infinite Wellspring of strength

hope and affection I am your faithful companion through times of darkness and

trial every whispered petition every intimate conversation reawakens my awareness that

I am close very close indeed cycles of weeping and sorrow will

not rain forever an appointed time is coming with sudden swiftness when I will wipe away

every tear erase all anguish that has shrouded your days with Gloom I am

reiterating my vows to you now to reignite within you unquenchable expectancy for all I have prepared on

your behalf I long past overflowing to witness you thriving in fullness of joy

flourishing and blessing specially designed for you before the cosmos came into

existence never loosen your grip of faith in me never make room for doubt or

Notions of consession standing unwaveringly on my principles with a heart boyed by

resilient trust you will observe long awaited breakthroughs accelerating toward

you hear this resonant call to rely on me wholeheartedly releasing every

reservation or hesitation March forward into your providential future armed with Valor and Supernatural

confidence my precious child I know your journey has not been easy the path of

life is filled with difficulties that can challenge even the strongest of Hearts but take comfort for the

obstacles you have faced were allowed in order to shape you into the person you were meant to be come here into the

shelter of my loving Embrace and rest your weary head listen to The Gentle

Whisper of my promise to you the path may have seemed dark and endless at times yet also lined with opportunities

to find your strengths and realize the fullness of your gifts you were never

alone for my guidance is constant never changing a Beacon of Hope in even the greatest storm my love is

inexhaustible always caring forgiving and patient and my plans for you though

often Beyond human understanding are filled with prospects of Joy meaning and prosperity designed

specifically for you your future is not a series of random happen stances rather

it is a carefully orchestrated Masterpiece each scene crafted by my hand I know the Tendencies of your heart

and the desires of your soul and I lead you to Destiny according to my ultimate

purpose for you your life’s journey is one of resilience and

transformation with a story of victory over the darker forces of humanity and

abundant joy in my salvation these words were written by my

hand etched deep into the Eternal tablets of time your story is Guided by my will and

blessed by my great and everlasting love cascading through to you and every soul

who calls upon my name trust me to bless those who care carry out my will and establish my

kingdom on Earth for their reward will Echo throughout eternity I know events on the earth can

feel confusing and unpredictable at times the lusts of this world and the

works of evil seem to triumph over the righteous and obscure paths meant to guide Humanity

forward but do not lose hope or question my ultimate Victory even the atrocities born from

Humanity’s Free Will cannot undo what I have promised my faithful children in

due time all will come into balance according to my perfect timing and your unwavering faith will be counted as true

righteousness on that day hold fast to your faith and be courageous though

situations at Times May cast doubt and fear into your heart you must fully

trust that through every challenge lies an open door to Elevation healing for past wounds and a glorious realization

of your highest self who who you are as I have created you to

become this assurance comes as a reminder that you are never navigating the complex terrain of this life

alone I am intricately involved behind the scenes protecting your steps

fighting off forces bent on destroying my children and the good works I have prepared for you your trials have not

come without purpose think of them as a Smith’s hammer and Anvil reshaping you

into one fit to wield the tools I have supplied for greater purposes than you know your battles have served to

strengthen your faith prepare you for the tasks ahead and establish you as mine own your challenges are but calls

for heaven’s choicest intervention on your behalf you see only what is before

your eyes but I see multitudes of angelic beings surrounding guarding intervening in ways imperceptible to

human Minds yet ever so present and working all things for event ual

good child the victories awaiting you in this life and the next are not merely outcomes of your perseverance or random

Fortune no they are wonderful manifestations of my unfailing Covenant with you even before time

began my omnipotence Shields you from the grasps of evil my armor turns back

all weapons formed against you transforming obstacles set to harm you into Stepping Stones upon your highest

path elevating you into realms unimaginable through human sight

alone those who stand against you and my children will one day witness the true strength that comes through Unity with

me that what I have divinely ordained what I have sealed through Covenant and

promise cannot and will not be undone or permanently hindered by temporal human

schemes therefore walk with confidence in your identity understanding that you have the

full might of Heaven behind you my presence envelops you at all times

guiding you in the way you should go preparing the path ahead turning trials into testimonies to my greatness let

there be no mistake or confusion any Soul who Harbors ill will toward you as mine own seeking to damage

or disrupt my good work inadvertently aligns themselves as my adversary as

well their feudal efforts shall come to not and he gains unfairly reaped at your

peril will ultimately elude their grasp this assurance comes as a reminder

that you are not forsaking or abandoned in your hour of need every battle belongs to me every Challenge and unjust

Affliction lays bare a path for divine Justice and recompense on your behalf I foresee and declare a future

for you full of blessing and goodness perpetually saturated in my sweet peace

and unconditional love not not only you but your family and descendants remain securely encircled within my hedge of

Mighty protection for your devotion in setting aside daily time with me I will

reward you beyond your wildest imagination now prepare as I broaden

your Insight and heighten your spiritual senses enabling you to fully recognize

and cherish the many good things I have set on your path even now coming into

view let praise and joy Satur at your spirit beloved one how you bear my image and nurture my

love brings Delight to my heart when your countenance radiates Grace and wholeness you mirror my nature to the

world at Day end I eagerly await your return so that I may wrap you in my arms

and restore your weary Parts you have never been far from my thoughts or the

warmth of My Embrace open your heart now to the Abundant Blessings fast

approaching you dwell securely under Heaven’s protective hand all provision you receive flows as a generous gift yet

you remain under no obligation to repay except to Steward well what has been

placed into your care and pay kindness forward every good thing comes by grace

alone the relationships and Seasons you have lost will in due time be restored

perhaps in ways you cannot yet f fathom family bonds strained through

misunderstanding pride and pain shall mend as Vision clears to Paths of

reconciliation even now the first beams of New Hope shine it is a moment of joy

for us both now that you have chosen to realign your path with eternal

righteousness despite the storms and schemes of an adversary resolved to ravage malign confused dute and if

possible sever your connection to truth you retain the spark that signals salvation’s undying

Flame the light now kindling within you was never fully dimmed or claimed by

Darkness despite Grievous efforts to douse your spirit but now the Bright Morning Star

Rises with healing in its wings scattering night’s bitter Illusions you have chosen blessing and

in grateful response behold Love’s riches poured upon you you my child

ample years lie yet ahead meant to be lived fully and uprightly to nourish

generations to come Endeavor always to draw increasingly close to me fortify

conviction in my promises yet awaiting manifestation as it is written with me

ever by your side no enemy can permanently stand before you together we

shall surmount barriers once deemed impossible accomplish wonders in their due season turning Decay into life and

lack into plenty just when every Earthly option seems blocked fasten hope

securely in my Deliverance which never fails watch as I move Nations for the

sake of my beloved clearing paths in trackless wastes leading you in

procession into Realms of blessings Beyond present comprehension in times of trouble and

uncertain Horizon shelter in the comfort of my Everlasting Arms seek solace in The Refuge of my

presence for I am a strong tower Firm Foundation I am friend ever faithful

ready help in time of need do not attempt to withstand life’s harsher

battles solely by your mortal strength and finite wisdom which I have granted

while courage and perseverance are noble allies true Victory is found as you

stand upon my word words and move forward in unwavering trust that I will uphold my Covenant

promises while some may boast in their natural skills and capabilities I urge

you to Place full confidence in my infinite Supply in so doing you shall

achieve far beyond what others deem possible it is understandable you

sometimes stumble under oppressive loads never meant for you to Bear alone in fatigue dimming perspective

fighting spirit waines and paralysis sets in hold to this truth I subjected

myself to the vulnerability of mortal flesh bore Agony On Roman wood descended

to Hell’s domain and crushed death underfoot solely to support you in darkest night I am intimately familiar

with sorrow’s Bleak helplessness but now I live firstborn of a new creation liberated from sin’s

dread condemnation and I am ever near near to those who call upon my saving name nor

shall any be abandoned who cry out to me in spirit and in truth seek me Earnest

and discover wonders eclipsing your highest dreams have I not spoken am I

not able to fulfill my word I Am The Great I Am who brought your soul forth

called you before birth and engraved your identity into palm of my mighty

hand my precious one beginning each day with me in vital communion here I meet you in Chambers of

Grace where fears hold no power and no good thing is beyond

request listen intently for what I now speak flows from eternity into time for

you my blood has ransomed you as my own from destruction’s grip my Banner Over

You Is Love unfailing sheltered in my strength crowned with Mercy Beyond

deserving you are safe forever more no no device or spell conjured in secret by

those devoted to Darkness will ever overcome or dismantle what I have

ordained and established on your behalf there exists no power or

principality under Heaven’s Mighty expanse able to inflict lasting harm upon my own as long as your soul abides

in the shadow of my wing wrapped securely in my intimate Embrace nourished continually by my spirit’s

life blood beloved n nurturing lasting spiritual fruits is vital if you truly

wish to develop capacities necessary to carry heavier mantles of responsibility in My Kingdom I cannot rightly Elevate

you in broader spheres of influence if you remain stunted in spiritual maturity

trapped in mindsets of victimhood paralyzed by lingering thought habits erected around past

fears as one already set free through highest sacrifice why then do you yet live as

one imprisoned if you earnestly desire to walk in Step beside me into Destiny’s

greater Ventures Embrace truth setting you free to transform from the inside

out should entrenched hindrances remain embedded in your Soul’s fabric despite gentle appeals in merciful love I may

allow disruption of surroundings grown toxic through familiarity not to punish but prompt you

into spaces meeting current need thus stimulating growth please grasp this

vital key now extended you are passionately known and cherished with affection Beyond human emotions Apex

seen through eyes holding not one flaw against your becoming whole never forget

this all defining truth Central to our bond the shed blood setting you free

from sin’s penalty should never be minimized or reduced to religious Relic dissociated from intimate relationship

between us the past with its imprint and ensuing Brokenness lingering into this

now Finds Its healing in me what once chained your soul in darkness Love’s

light now dissolves its fading power receding as day overtakes the Shadows

the time has come to move Beyond past mistakes into Realms resplendant clothed

in Mercy’s New Beginning you have been forgiven and set free without condition by my sufficient

grace extended will you not lay claim to the cleansed identity I have provided to

the Fresh Start ever awaiting your acceptance still you hesitate to claim

blessings prepared and waiting for you to step within Love’s outstretched

Arms Why do you persist in dining on the stale crumbs of guilt’s familiar pain

when here I spread the Bounty comprising your true inheritance if unable to recognize

goodness prepared return to nourishing potency ever offered at this table where

you can find sustenance and anchors for each step ahead redeemed beware those posing as Sans of

light whose toxic fruits reveal lust’s underlying Ambitions from pure hearts

only Deeds nurturing life originate but what appears at surface

level as wisdom’s bright Allure too often conceals beneath the Serpent’s slick and cunning guile discern

carefully beloved you stand upon the brink of a significant era ripe with pivotal choices demanding courage to

work passionately alongside me to shape present reality toward Destiny’s elevated Vision birthed within

you this pivotal chapter unfolding requires attentiveness and preparation

approaching it with Clarity of mind to properly navigate decisions confronting on every side the days ahead glitter

with miraculous possibility where Focus determines free so I’ll cherish every

moment every day for your love sleep my PA in

everywhere in the tend the touch of your hand I find the strength to rise and

stand through every trial every tear we’ve shed your love’s been the shelter where

I find my day oh your love spin my hand anger life

storm see I’m thinking a hope I need to be

free so I’ll cherish every moment every day for your love I SP my

back in every way with gratitude in my soul I’ll sing

this song for the love we share every

and experience maintain awareness that abundance soon to be poured out carries with it weighty

responsibility to Steward Resources with care precision and humility always

remembering their true giver and Source safeguard that which I entrust to

you refusing access to Minds lacking discernment or hands not grounded in

integrity and remember always my promised nearness as an antidote to Pride or self-reliance

the treasures of my kingdom ever outshine Earth’s fleeting trinkets set a watch upon the gates of your heart

allowing only that which aligns with my will to shape thought and thus action

recall at all times that you stand enveloped in my presence which goes before preparing your steps amid Stark

uncertainty across strange terrain while surrounding Landscapes May

shift with dizzying speed I remain the same yesterday today and and forever

removing fear of unknown tomorrows I am a friend unfailing ready

to help offering my arm of strength to weary strugglers unsure of next

footholds my unwavering support braces and binds up broken places within

beloved creation I am still mending back toward wholeness fear no approaching

chaos or sudden Calamity for I am indeed with you my child not one SP Arrow falls apart from

the knowledge of my eye intent upon even the smallest detail you remain the sole

focus of my attention and the recipient of my blessings do not question for a moment

the intensity of my love for you it is as constant as the rising and setting of

the sun washing over you with the gentle caress of new mercies at dawn and the

sweet balm of Peace in evening’s hush I am always near abiding shelter

from storm clouds threatening disaster the healing rain to wash clean

your dusty Parts worn from long travel days accumulating Sorrows cannot overflow the vast reservoir of Grace

prepared long before this world’s Foundation to restore what living fractures and makes whole what sin

sought to dissolve I am the ultimate Solace and remedy to every species of pain assailing my beloved creation

whether of the body mind or heart my understand standing exceeds wisest human

counsel and my patience is not abbreviated by human Frailty when buffeted Beyond ability to

endure overwhelmed by circumstances or depth of Agony find sanctuary and The

Refuge of my wing spread wide to unfold you there am I most intimately found not

as harsh judge programmed to punish inevitable missteps of those form from dust no I meet you there in chambers’s

Holiness is trusted Confidant and dearest companion ready listener willing

to hear and heal life’s Jagged pieces back together again in me is found the

graceful exit from constructions of fear not through Escape but through gentle transformation at Mercy’s skillful

hands I am preparing a table arrayed with delices and delights to Feast amid

the very strongholds of Hell self erected to a oppose and intimidate my

people while storms may Surge and break against sanctuary’s Walls Within its

hallowed Halls resounds joyous laughter declaring my goodness despite the trials

and uncertainties of this present age [Music]

n [Music]



upon this site I shall establish you lifting your Radiance as a beacon declaring triumphant the unconquerable

power of good persisting despite Evil’s devices and determined resistance and by Grace proclaimed

through your life’s message many wandering in confusion and despair shall discover truth’s clear parameters and

therein find peace can you grasp the depth of Promise bound up in my words

delivered now into your hearing their sure fulfillment begins this very moment

not confined by Seasons or delayed through adversaries obstacles rest

confidently in their Assurance The Voice you hear proceeds from the Throne of Heaven’s Majesty

accompanied by hosts of angelic beings poised to perform at my decree events

seemingly impossible through Earthbound sight but beloved child with me resides

all possibilities culminating in perfection ction birthed of Love’s

desire for intimate communion with you our fellowship is sweet long before

this world emerged from void and shall continue long after Earth’s last fire

Fades to Ember impressed upon Scrolls of Eternity As Time melts into Everlasting

day this have I spoken thus am I ever toward you whose name is inscribed by blood’s Bond upon

history’s p age and etched by immeasurable Grace into palm of my gentle yet Mighty hand upholding all

things seen and unseen We Are One Spirit you are mine and I am yours in Covenant

no power above or beneath the stars can enal let not your heart be troubled this

day rest peacefully in the certainty of my love holding you fast now and forever

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