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you must get ready for is God message

for you today God message today God’s

message God message now my dearest child

I come to you today with a message of

profound importance as your loving

Creator and heavenly father I must

impress upon you the urgent need to

prepare for what lies ahead the times we

are entering are unlike any the world

has ever seen and I require your full

attention and obedience as you ready

yourself for the challenges to come for

too long my children have slumbered

lulled into a false sense of security by

the fleeting comfort and distractions of

the material world you have become

intoxicated by the siren song of

consumerism chasing after wealth status

and pleasure as if these things could

ever bring you true and Lasting

fulfillment you have turned your backs

on the spiritual truths that once guided

your ancestors favoring the alluring but

empty promises of a society that

worships the false Idols of ego and

instant gratification but now the

Reckoning is upon on us the world you

have grown accustomed too the world of

East abundance and entitlement is coming

to an end the delicate balance that has

sustained your way of life is unraveling

giving way to a great upheaval that will

test the metal of even the most faithful

among you I tell you this not to inspire

fear but to motivate you to action for I

am a god of love not of Wrath and my

desire is to see my children weather the

snow storm that approaches emerging

stronger and more resilient than ever

before but this will require sacrifice

discipline and an unwavering commitment

to the principles that have sustained my

creation since the dawn of time the

changes that are coming will be profound

and far-reaching the economic systems

you have come to rely upon will falter

and collapse plunging the world into

chaos and uncertainty supplies of food

water and other essential resources will

dwindle sparking conflicts and mass

migrations that will test the very

fabric of society natural disasters will

increase in frequency and intensity

wreaking havoc on communities ill

prepared to withstand their Fury at the

same time the moral and spiritual Decay

that has infected the hearts of so many

will come to a head as the forces of

Darkness seek to extinguish the last

Embers of righteousness from the earth

deception Division and darkness will

threaten to overwhelm the light and many

will fall prey to the seductions of the

enemy trading their Eternal souls for

the fleeting comforts

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