You have no time left | God massage today

but dear ones hear this message from the

Divine you have no time left to waste

dwelling in fear or regret today is the

day to awaken to the infinite

possibilities within

you for in the Embrace of each sunrise

and the gentle Whisper of each Breeze

there lies a Divine invitation to live

fully to love deeply and to savor every

precious moment as a sacred gift from

above no matter where you’ve been or

where you’re headed know that you are

never alone the divine presence walks

beside you guiding your steps and

Illuminating the path ahead so my

beloved Souls let go of yesterday’s

burdens and release tomorrow’s worries

Embrace this moment with open arms for

it is here that Miracles unfold and

dreams take flight beloved Children of

the Divine heed this sacred truth

you have no time left to squander on

trivial Pursuits or Idol distractions

today in this very moment lies the

gateway to your true purpose do not be

deceived by the illusion of limitation

for within you resides the boundless

potential to transform your reality and

touch the hearts of all who cross your

path remember you have no time left to

waste Seize the Day embrace the journey

and let your light shine brightly for

all the world to see amen inspiration to

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