You Have Been Selected l God Message l God Says Me l God Message Today l God Message For You l

my child I see the weight you’ve been

carrying the struggles that seem

insurmountable and the burden of illness

that weighs heavy on your soul but I

want you to know that you are not alone

before you even took your first breath I

knew you intimately every fiber of your

being is a testament to my love and

purpose for you listen closely for I

have a message of Hope and promise for

you your Miracle the one you’ve been

fervently praying for is on its way at

the most unexpected moment I will

unleash my divine power in your life so

do not despair trust in my promises for

your Miracle is imminent this is your

time to believe and act on your faith

allow my presence to envelop you

restoring every part of your being your

perseverance has not gone

unnoticed your tears have not been in

vain your Harvest Time Has Come and

blessings are ready to overflow in your

life the dark days are coming to an end

lift your head high and cast off the

burdens that have weighed you down a

table of abundance awaits you even in

the presence of

adversity your dreams will be fulfilled


imagination have the courage to embrace

This Promise do not let doubt or fear

extinguish your faith remember I am the

god of the impossible and in my hands

all things are possible trust in my

timing for it is perfect your Miracle

will come to pass

but remember the miracle you receive is

not just for you share it with others be

a Beacon of Hope and encouragement to

those still waiting for their Miracle

trust in my love and grace for they are

Limitless I Am With You Always guiding

sustaining and loving you

unconditionally trust in me and you will

find peace joy and

Tranquility walk in faith my beloved

child for I Am with You Until the End of

Time amen

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