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my beloved child in this special moment

I want to address you with words of love


Trust allow me to envelop you in my

grace and reveal to you the beauty in

trusting me in surrendering your plans

Into My Loving

Hands know that trust is a Sublime

demonstration of Faith a bond that

unites our hearts in an indisoluble way

from the beginning of time I have taken

care of every detail of your life every

breath every beat of your heart Echoes

my constant Presence by your

side Amid uncertainties and challenges I

want you to know that you can trust me

completely trusting in me is not only A

wise choice but also a testimony of your

faith in my perfect plan for your life I

understand the longings of your heart

the doubts that seow uncertainties and

the storms that sometimes darken the

horizon of your

life but my beloved I want you to

understand that trusting in me is

placing your anxieties at the feet of my

sovereignty trust is the foundation of

our relationship and I understand the

struggles you face in deciding to

entrust your plans and concerns to

me however I want you to understand that

the love I have for you is infinite and

perfect there is no doubt in my heart

about how much you are are

loved in many passages of the Bible I

extend the invitation to trust in

me Proverbs and remind us trust

in the Lord with all your heart and lean

not on your own understanding in all

your ways submit to him and he will make

your path

straight these words are a promise that

by trusting in me your paths will be

guided by my wisdom and love

here is the secret to living the best

possible life believe in me I came and

gave my life to reconcile you with God

now trust in me with all your heart

there’s not much left after that I

understand that often the world around

you may seem tumultuous and uncertain

however I want you to trust in my

sovereignty in Proverbs I affirm a

man’s heart plans his course but the

Lord directs his

steps trust that the plans I have for

you are for your good and for a future

full of Hope even if you don’t

understand my beloved child everything I

plan for you is the best path to

follow by trusting in me you are

releasing the burden of trying to

control every situation in Matthew

I invite you come to me all you who are

weary and burdened and I will give you

rest let me be the guide on your journey

relieving you of the worries that weigh

on your

shoulders trust is an act of surrender

and I know that at times surrender can

feel like a leap into the

unknown however trust is not blind it is

grounded in the certainty of my

goodness in your journey I understand

that you will encounter challenges and

trials there will be moments when the

weight you carry will seem overwhelming

and the storms that arise in your path


threatening however I want to assure you

that every dedicated effort every shed

tear and all sacrifices made have a

purpose each adversity will shape and

strengthen you turning you into someone

more resilient confident and

wise trust does not mean the absence of

challenges but a profound certainty that

I am with you every step of the way in

Isaiah I promise fear not for I am

with with you be not dismayed for I am

your God I will strengthen you I will

help you I will uphold you with my

righteous right

hand trust that my presence is the light

that dispels darkness and the strength

that sustains you handing over your

plans into my hands is not a sign of

weakness but an Act of Faith in Jeremiah

I declare for I know the plans I

have for you declares the Lord plans for

welfare and not for evil to give you a

future and a hope trust that the plans I

have laid out for you are filled with

love and

purpose live each day trusting in me

with unwavering Faith do not give up for

your significant blessing is at the door

be strong and courageous for the best is

about to

manifest keep your heart open and

receptive trusting that all things will

happen in the right time iess bless you

with my love and peace assuring you that

I will always be present guiding and

supporting I will take care of you being

your constant support trust in me with

all your heart surrendering all your

concerns into my

hands under my protection lack and

scarcity will not afflict you for I will

fulfill your dreams and strengthen your


ties now is the time to trust fully

letting go of emotions that cause pain

and Lead astray leave behind the

anxieties that cloud your life and

create internal

turmoil even though you have given much

and faced pain in me your suffering

comes to an end my love for you is deep

even if it is sometimes difficult to

comprehend you are a treasure acquired

by my precious blood trust in me and

experience the fullness of my grace I

want to encourage you to surrender to my

love and Trust even when circumstances


challenging in Romans I promise and we

know that in all things God works for

the good of those who love him who have

been called according to his purpose

trust that even difficult moments will

be transformed for your good trust in me

my beloved child believe in my words

today for I do not make empty promises

of Happiness as your father I I have

loved you since your

conception do you remember when I

breathed the first breath of life into

you it was an act of pure love and with

each New Dawn I continue to sustain that

Divine gift of existance I bestowed upon

you so when the weight of life feels

overwhelming trust that I bear each

burden sometimes the answers to your

prayers may not be immediate but

trusting in me is believing that I am

always working behind the

scenes my timing is perfect and every

wait is an opportunity to grow in trust

and spiritual maturity in uncertainty

seek me with an open

heart my answers may come in unexpected

ways but know that each response is

imbued with Divine wisdom trust in me is

not a sign of weakness but a

demonstration of spiritual

strength a midst the storms trust that I

am your safe shelter just as I calm the

Raging Waters of the sea I can calm the

storms in your life trust that I am

present even in the darkest nights

Illuminating the path with the light of


presence when the journey seems too

difficult remember that trust is like an

anchor that keeps your soul steady


turbulence trust for in every challenge

in every Joy I am working all all things

for your good open your heart to my love

allowing grace and favor to fill your

journey lean on these words my

dear do not shrink back from the path I

have laid out for you be courageous do

not fear the Spectre of failure for

within it lies the seed of learning the

courage to rise and the determination to

move forward with greater discernment


resolution at this moment surrender

completely to me let me be the author

and finisher of your

faith by trusting in me you will find a

peace that transcends all

understanding therefore my beloved Son

my cherished Daughter by trusting in me

you are surrendering to a love that is

eternal unshakable and full of

grace do not fear entrusting your plans

to me for I am caring for you with a

love that that surpasses all

understanding my promise to always be

with you is

eternal as a loving father I am present

in every tear shed and in every laughter

that Echoes even when it seems like I am

silent rest assured that I never abandon


children believe trust for I will never

disappoint you I will fulfill all my

promises this truth should be enough for

you to understand that nothing right ing

against you has the power to hinder what

is propelling you forward because I am

taking care of

everything trust in my word believe in

me with all your heart nothing cast

against you will prosper neither the

arrow that flies by day nor the arrow in

the darkness the Eternal decree is upon


irrevocable there is no stopping it if I

call you if I command if I say to jump

close your eyes turn your back and leap

into my arms like a child leaping into








of their

father May the peace that surpasses all

understanding guard your heart and mind

in Christ Jesus trust in me for I am the

god who never fails and my love for you






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