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my child I perceive the burdens weighing

heavy upon your heart the Restless

thoughts that disrupt your peace know

that I am with you in every moment a

constant presence feeling the depth of

your worries today I wish to impart

words that transcend time and space

offering Solace to your troubled soul in

the grand tapestry of existence I weave

threads of love and compassion and you

are an integral part of this Divine

Design though your worries may seem

insurmountable they are mere ripples in

the vast ocean of my eternal grace allow

me to illuminate the path of

understanding and calm the storm of

anxiety clouding your spirit firstly

understand that worry is born from

uncertainty inevitable in the E and flow

of Life Embrace these uncertainties as

opportunities for growth and learning

just as a seed must endure the darkness

of the soil before reaching for the

light so too must you navigate life’s

uncertainties to discover your true

potential remember my child that time is

a river with a purpose carrying you

forward your concerns about the past or

future only divert your attention from

the beauty of the Present Moment release

the grip of the past and the

apprehension of the future embracing the

gift of now where peace

resides let go of the illusion of

control the universe unfolds in divine

order and your worries about controlling

every aspect of your life burden you

unnecessarily surrender to the Natural

flow of existence trusting that each

moment unfolds as it should your role is

not to control but to adapt and learn

you are a masterpiece in

progress just as an artist crafts a work

of art with patience and dedication I am

sculpting your journey embrace the

process of becoming and do not rush the

Masterpiece that is your life your

worries about perfection hinder the

Natural Evolution of your soul trust in

my plan for I see the beauty that you

cannot yet fathom find solace in the

power of gratitude in moments of worry

reflect on the blessings surrounding you

cultivate a heart of gratitude and watch

as your worries dissipate like Morning

Mist in the warmth of the Rising Sun

surround yourself with love for it is a

powerful force that dispels darkness and

brings light to even the darkest corners

of your heart open yourself to love both

from others and from within letting it

guide your journey know that you are

never alone turn to me in prayer

meditation or quiet reflection feeling

the warmth of my love enveloping you let

it be a source of strength and comfort

in times of worry release the burden of

self judgment you are a beloved creation

unique and worthy of Love embrace your

imperfections for they add depth to the

canvas of your life in closing my dear

child know that worry is but a fleeting

shadow in the Grandeur of your

existence release its hold on your heart

and step into the light of trust and

faith you are a CH cherished part of the

cosmic dance held in the Embrace of

eternal love type amen if you believe in


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