You attract what you think | Message From God | The Blessed Message

you attract what you think message from

God the Blessed message my dear son you

are about to uncover the universe’s best

kept secret the power that resides in

your emotions if you’re navigating

through a maze of feelings and thoughts

let me enter your life now open your

heart to these words I brought

especially For You In This Moment every

step you take in this field of

possibilities is an opportunity to

connect with the Divine Essence

pulsating within you you stand at a

Crossroads where the path you choose

will shape not not not only your destiny

but the destiny of all beings around you

have you ever felt at some point the

weight of your own emotions the joy that

bubbles like a crystal clear stream in

your heart the sadness that weighs like

stones at the bottom of the ocean the

love that warms like the midday Sun or

the fear that chills like The Cutting

wind of winter each of these emotions is

a compass guiding you on this journey a

light Illuminating the path ahead but

here’s the secret what you feel you

attract each emotion you cultivate

within yourself is Like a Prayer sent

out to the universe a seed planted in

the fertile soil of existence and like a

skilled Gardener you have the power to

water these seeds with love and

nurturing or with fear and negativity as

you walk through this field of

possibilities are your God watch with

love and admiration for in every choice

you make in every emotion you embrace

you are shaping the very substance of

the universe you are a co-creator in

this Cosmic dance a master Weaver of the

invisible threads that connect all

things every thought you form every

desire you nurture is like an arrow shot

into the vast Sky of the universe and

like a skillet Archer you have the power

to aim that arrow with Precision toward

the target of your deepest dreams and

aspirations but here lays the challenge

often you may find yourself lost in the

shadows of doubt and fear here unable to

see the bright light of your own

potential you may wonder if you are

worthy of receiving the blessings you so

deeply long for if you are capable of

manifesting your most sincere desires I

am here to tell you with all the

certainty of my infinite love that you

are more powerful than you imagine every

fiber of your being resonates with the

energy of creation and every thought you

emit is like a spark that ignites the

fire of manifestation when you align

your emotions with the highest attention


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