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God said my dear child today my heart

overflows with love for you my precious

child I want you to know that you are

loved unconditionally regardless of the

circumstances you face or the choices

you make with each Dawn I observe your

steps and with eyes full of Mercy I see

the potential that resides in you I know

life can be challenging filled with ups

and downs but in this moment I want you

to feel my loving presence around you

the the word of God reminds us in


be anxious for nothing but in

everything by prayer and supplication

with Thanksgiving let your requests be

made known to God and the peace of God

which surpasses all understanding will

guard your hearts and Minds through

Christ Jesus this verse is a reminder

that you can entrust all your concerns

to me in prayer knowing that my peace

which surpasses human understanding will

guard your heart sometimes times I

perceive your distress the tears you

shed and the burdens you carry I want

you to know that I am with you in every

moment not just just as a distant

Observer but as a loving father who

Longs for your happiness and well-being

in moments of loneliness know that you

are never truly alone for I am with you

enveloping you with my arms of love I

look at you and see the potential that

you often cannot see in yourself I

recall Psalm

which says for you formed my

inward Parts you knitted me together in

my mother’s womb I praise you for I am

fearfully and wonderfully made wonderful

are your Works my soul knows it very

well you are a masterpiece of my

creation unique and wonderful allow this

truth to sink deep into your heart

sometimes the trials of life may obscure

your vision of my constant presence

however remember that I am with you in

Joys and Sorrows victories and defeats

in Romans

it is written and we know that all

things work together for good to those

who love God to those who are the called

according to his purpose even when you

don’t fully understand the events around

you trust that I am working all things

for your good according to my sovereign

plan I want to talk about the importance

of faith and trust in me even when paths

seem unclear Hebrews says now Faith

is the substance of things hoped for the

evidence of Things Not Seen faith is the

anchor of your soul guiding you even

when you cannot see clearly the path

ahead allow Faith to flourish in your

heart trusting that amidst life’s

uncertainties my sovereign hand will

guide each of your steps also remember

that you are endowed with free will a

gift that allows you to make choices and

decisions in Proverbs it is

written written trust in the Lord with

all your heart and lean not on your

understanding in all your ways

acknowledge Him and He Shall direct your

paths by trusting in me I will guide you

in Paths of righteousness and wisdom I

invite you to surrender your choices

into my hands trusting that with the

guidance of my spirit your steps will be

secure in times of discouragement when

darkness threatens to envelop your heart

remember the word of Psalm

the Lord is my shepherd I shall

not want he makes me lie down in Green

Pastures he leads me beside the Still

Waters he restores my soul he leads me

in the paths of righteousness for his

name’s sake yeah though I walk through

the valley of the shadow of death I will

fear no evil for you are with me your

rod and your staff they comfort me in

these verses you will find comfort and

security knowing that I am your Shepherd

caring for you with love and protection

dear child do not forget that you are a

unique expression of my love in

Ephesians it is written for we are

his workmanship created in Christ Jesus

for good works which God prepared

beforehand that we should walk in them

you have a purpose and a specific plan

that will unfold as you trust in me

allow my transformative Grace to work in

your life empower emping you to reform

the good works I prepared for you from

the foundation of the world in moments

when sadness overwhelms your heart

remember the words of John

these things I have spoken to you

that in me you may have peace in the

world you will have tribulation but be

of good cheer I have overcome the world

amidst tribulations find your peace in

me for I have overcome the world with me

by your side you are not destined for

defeat but for victory in Christ I want

to encourage you to cultivate gratitude

in your heart in Thessalonians it

is written in very thing give thanks for

this is the will of God in Christ Jesus

for you gratitude is an attitude that

transforms the heart and brings light

even in the most challenging

circumstances by giving thanks for daily

blessings and acknowledging my

faithfulness you will experience a

remarkable change in your perspective

when you feel lost or confused remember

Proverbs which we have already

mentioned trust in the Lord with all

your heart and lean not on your own

understanding in all your ways

acknowledge Him and He Shall direct your

paths trust in me is the key to a

fulfilling and meaningful life life

Journey let my wisdom guide your steps

trusting that my plan for you is perfect

and full of hope you hold a cherished

place in my heart as as my beloved child

and I want you to understand that no

challenge failure or circumstance has

the power to sever the unbreakable Bond

of my love for you in my role as a

compassionate and nurturing father I am

constantly present to offer guidance

protection and an unwavering

unconditional love that knows no bounds

I implore you to place your trust

wholeheartedly in me dear child

recognizing that you are an integral

part of of my Divine intricately

designed plan and rest assured that the

most extraordinary moments are yet to

unfold with love God hope this message

has been an inspiration to you if you

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