You Are Chosen | God Message Today For You |

my beloved child in the Whispering Winds and the rustling leaves hear my voice

calling you to a Journey of Faith and Triumph from the very Genesis of your path my hand has been clasped in yours

guiding you steadfastly through the darkest valleys and the shadowy Realms even when the world around you ripples

with conflict and your eyes are clouded with the storms of life remember this I

am the unwavering bee of Hope Indiana your life this year a living promise unfolds before you Laden with

blessings prosperity and the sweet fruits of recognition and respect but this path requires not just your

footsteps but your heart’s unwavering faith in my Eternal Word the word of the

one who bore the cross for your ultimate Victoria do not be Ends snared by

feelings of unworthiness or Shadows of Doubt for my love transcends all condemnation you are

chosen a Beacon of Hope and a vessel of blessings for your family cast aside the

chains of fism I am your ally in all Endeavors draw strength from me daily

cleanse your thoughts of Despair and embrace bravery in your faith nourish your soul with my teachings let them be

the sword and shield in your life’s battles Adorn yourself with the virtues of humility and patience and

watch as The Garden of Your Life blooms with blessings so wondrous they once seemed beyond the realm of possibility

embrace your triumphs with Simplicity and clothe them in humility and wisdom

remember the glory of your victories the spark of your success the Zeal of your enthusiasm and the might of your Visions

were all forged through sacrifice through the agonizing blows the lashes the Bloodshed on the cross there on that

Hallowed Ground your future was written and your forgiveness sealed Embrace now the Grandeur of Glory born from the power of

my resurrection I vow to be by your side in moments both prosperous and

challenging to be your watchful Guardian your unwavering provider your safe heaven do not Harbor thoughts of

solitude or Abandonment for you are never alone in my presence in times of defeat do not succumb to despair or let

negative emotions Eclipse your blessings my words are not idle they are promises made and kept in me defeat has no

Dominion let your heart be a sanctuary of my assurances for you are held in my steadfast Embrace Reserve in

your heart a Sacred Space for me here I reside reject the whisper of I can’t I I

lack I am not for I am the embodiment of capability abundance and existence face

your adversaries with courage my child for I am your constant companion my provision is

abundant I am the source of your fulfillment listen to my guidance obey and March confidently towards your

aspirations do not cast your eyes downward lift your gaze for I guide you by the hand shielding you from harm I am

your loyal friend the one who never faltered never deceives never waivers accepting you holy as you are I

share in your joy and your pain I celebrate you victories I support you in

Triumph I uplift you in defeat and I extend my hand when you are in need I am

Jesus I am your lord behold I am ever present fear not for I am your friend do

not lose heart or Grant your detractors the satisfaction of your downfall pursue your path for yourself for those you

love but most importantly in remembrance of my boundless love reflect upon my

journey a path of Sorrow to a cruel cross undertaken for you out of love for

forgiveness for your Liberation for your healing for your salvation remember in your most challenging moments I am with

you together hand in hand we will endure commit to perseverance and I assure you

my unwavering presence imbuing you with strength encouragement peace confidence

Solace wisdom courage and joy open your eyes to the Future to your dream dreams and desires they are not mere fantasies

they are seeds I have planted within you now expel doubt and disbelief from your heart even if you

find yourself self amidst scarcity uncertainty and Injustice remember this

path has been tread before I assure you in this world you will face trials but take hard in my Triumph for I have

overcome the world your heart Brave and steadfast shall be ignited with the Flames of joy and victory you are a

treasure of incomp worth your heart radiates Beauty your soul exudes Purity and your sincerity mirrors my own image

feel the profound truth in this you are a reflection of me a spark of my creation I breathe life into you you

belong to me your intelligence diligence and fearless Spirit are Testament to your Divine inheritance your

Origins wealth or lack thereof the Perfection or imperfection of your body or the flawed perceptions of others do

not diminish your value in my eyes you are my beloved child and I Proclaim this

loudly for the cosmos to hear you are an heir to my blessings enveloped in my boundless love this is why the enemy

views you with trepidation for they know of my unwavering defense protection and

provision over you and my presence you want for nothing do not follow the path of those who turned away from me who

listen to their adversaries and believe themselves to be orphans Unworthy of

Love they chose to forsake me wandering lost and devoid of Peace Comfort or God

but I stand beside you steadfast for so long I have urged you to believe in my words my word is

truth vibrant powerful and everlasting infusing you with faith it has consistently proven true I am waiting

for you to boldly step forward and claim your courage Your adversaries are but

Shadows fear them not there threats guilt remorse and past memories are but

feeble and ineffective tools against you choose to believe in me it comes at no cost you were never faded for failure my

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