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, years ago Jesus walked this Earth

spreading love compassion and hope to

all who would listen he didn’t choose

the rich the powerful or the religious

Elite instead he chose the ordinary the

fishermen the tax collectors the Sinners

just like them you are chosen chosen to

be loved chosen to be forgiven chosen to

make a difference in this world your

life has a purpose a Divine calling that

only you can fulfill no matter where

you’ve been or what you’ve done Jesus

sees the potential within you so embrace

your calling embrace your identity as a

Chosen One let go of fear doubt and

insecurity and step into the Abundant

Life that Jesus Promised Jesus didn’t

call the qualified he qualifies the

called just as he chose fishermen to

become Fishers of Men He chooses you

with all your flaws and Imperfections

you are not defined by your past

mistakes or current

circumstances you are defined by the

love of Jesus who sees the beauty within

you and calls you to Greatness your life

is a sacred Journey a journey of

Discovery growth and

transformation embrace it embrace the

truth that you are chosen by Jesus for

such a time as this you are chosen by

Jesus Jus let that truth guide you

inspire you and Empower you to live a

life worthy of the calling you have

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