Will you also ignore me, my child?|God Message Today For You|God helps|Jesus affirmation

will you also ignore me my

child God message today for

you God helps Jesus affirmation in this

sacred moment my words flow like a

gentle River weaving through the

tapestry of your soul know that you are

never alone for I am an unwavering

Presence by your side steadfast in my

commitment to navigate life’s tempests

and cradle your weary heart in the

warmth of my love the winds and rain

obey my command just as I calm the

turbulent Waters of your inner turmoil

bringing Tranquility to the chaos within

seek refuge in me and discover the rest

and peace you yearn for let troubled

thoughts and fears dissolve in the

gentle Embrace of my grace it is easy to

overlook the countless blessings that

surround you to be swayed by unfounded

fears or the harsh judgments of others

remain anchored calmness amidst the

tumult of alarming news and hurtful

words for your destiny lies securely in

my hands even in the face of adversaries

fear not my cherished child for you are

shielded from harm cradled in the path

of my loving hand amidst the chaos of

Life stand firm knowing that my presence

never wavers my love for you transcends

all dispelling doubts healing wounds and

nurturing resilience within your spirit

Spirit you possess a strength wisdom and

courage Beyond me sure and the capacity

to defend and protect those you hold

dear even as adversary is plot and

schemy know that I remain your steadfast

protector watching over you with

unwavering devotion should sleep elude

you or doubts Cloud your mind remember

that my Mercy knows no bounds even if

you stumble I shall be there to lift you

up my gaze never wavering my commitment

to you unwavering the hands of your

enemies crumble in the face of my

steadfast resolve but share this message

stay Tethered to my guidance disregard

the weapons of adversity for victory is

already yours to claim strength courage

and the Divine support of my love

accompany you on your journey greet each

new day with unwavering faith for I am

omnipotent ever presents and eternally

devoted to your well-being reject the

Illusions cast by your adversaries their

malice pales in comparison to the

boundless love I have for you understand

the purpose I have set forth for you to

inspire uplift and share the Divine

truths that reside within your heart

cultivate empathy shun judgment and

witness the Miracles that unfold before

your very eyes release your burdens for

forgiveness and healing are yours to


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