What is love??❤️ According to god || Message from god || Devotion Insight||

greetings my beloved children today let

us embark on a sacred exploration as we

delve into the profound topic of love

from my Divine perspective join me on

this spiritual journey and may your

hearts be open to the wisdom I share in

my Sacred Scriptures love is revealed as

the very essence of my nature take heed

of passages like Corinthians where

the attributes of my Divine love are

beautifully outlined offering you a

glimpse into the core of your existence

know this my dear ones that my love for

you is boundless and unconditional

unlike the EB and flow of human love my

Divine Love Remains steadfast embracing

you without reservation regardless of

your imperfections witness the epitome

of my love through the sacrificial Act

of my son Jesus Christ his selfless

sacrifice is a beacon guiding you toward

a love that knows no bounds learn from

this example and let it Inspire

selflessness and compassion in your own

in my Divine love compassion and for

forgiveness hold immense power extend

Mercy as I have shown you forgive others

as you have been forgiven in this you

reflect the depth of my love and grace

my Commandments Echo throughout my word

urging you to love one another not just

with feelings but with actions that

exemplify my Divine love love your

neighbors love your enemies let this be

your Testament to the transformative

Power of Love as you Journey Through the

understanding of Love according to me

may your hearts be illuminated with its

profound depth and significance ific

embody my love and through your actions

bring positive change to your lives and

the lives of others thank you for

joining me on this sacred exploration

may you be blessed abundantly

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