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my beloved come closer and hear my voice I see you walking along the Narrow

Path I have set before you though Shadows hide the way and Thorns line the edges press on for the

light ahead grows brighter if you but persevere I know the solitary nature of

this journey weighs heavy my child when loneliness wraps its arms around you numbing your spirit remember you do not

walk alone I am here my presence ever goes before you preparing your way

securing your footing though storms rage and winds howl you need not fear getting

lost for I know the plans I have for you plans filled with hope and a future of

blessings beyond measure but pause now and rest my dear one still your restless

soul in the comfort of my love your endless striving and feverish dreams weary you yet true peace is found not in

what you pursue but who pursues you I created your inmost being and stitched

into your soul a portion of my spirit from before you drew your first breath I

saw you and set you apart as my own the eyes that watched young David

tend his flock also gaze upon you with delight as you grow in wisdom and

strength why then do you seek personal glory in things that rust and fade

awaken to the reality that your value lies not in fame or accomplishments believe this Truth The

Almighty creator of the cosmos looks upon you with pure unabated love and calls you

beloved now reset the compass of your heart to align with my true north submit

your fears worries and self-effort to the Refiner’s Fire that I may purify your motivations let go of the illusion

that possessions and titles Define you invest instead in things Eternal for

only what you give me will remain when you pass to your Eternal Home Store up Treasures in Heaven by

walking in righteousness loving mercy and humility before me as you yield more

of yourself to my shaping joy and enduring satisfaction Will Rise Up from

within like streams in the desert my wisdom planted as seeds in

your heart will bear fruits of peace peace with your yourself with me and with

others for this pieace is not fleeting like a Mist at dawn it flows from my

very Throne as an everpresent River to immerse you wait into these Living

Waters refresh and renew allow my current to realign your

priorities transforming the landscape of your life what good is climbing ladders of

success if the walls lean on foundations of sand seek first my kingdom and all

you need will be supplied the shest way to receive the desires of your heart is to Delight in

Me Above All Else cherish times alone with me as your highest joy and soon

your Delight will drive out fear and anxious toil as you abide in my presence

resting trustfully Beneath My Wing you gain strength to rise up and ride the wind soar now renewed Like an Eagle for

on Wings of Faith I lift you up From The Snare of past failures and give you

perspective to discern the way ahead your regrets and shame fade small

below as you scan the Horizon of Grace filled days I have prepared for you the

wastelands behind no longer hold you captive Mercy’s rings ever Ripple outward to wash the staining remnants

from your memory I make Beauty from these ashes indeed your mourning has

ushered in fresh Joy the tears you SED last night sparkle now as hope-filled

dreams under Sunrise lift your face precious one to soak in radiant beams of

my delight over you the light of the world has dawned in your heart Darkness

cowers as Shadows Melt from crevices once haunted by pain and loss no more

will voices of condemnation and fear hold sway the son of righteousness arises

with healing in his wings his warmth caresses your soul sealing broken places

with the balm of Grace so come take my outstretched hand allow me to guide your

faltering steps through uncertain terrain ahead sometimes the way may Wind Through

valleys cluttered in Fallen Dreams other times we will climb Mist veiled Peaks

Rising steep but never will we tread a path I do not first clear for your feet

and should storms descend whipping doubt fueled winds grip my hand tighter still

I remain your shelter from swirling chaos my rod and staff comfort you

listen for my voice leading gently on drown out distracting noises clamoring

for attention on this narrow way the great tempter slightly beckons from smoother roots that seem right in

your eyes yet his promises seduce all who stray from walking in my will tune

your ears instead to wisdom’s call her words impart discretion and lead to

Abundant Life in my blessing for only one voice unveils your

true identity and reveals your purpose fix your focus here child shut

out all other voices seeking entrance to your mind hold thoughts captive that

exalt themselves against the knowledge of my truth cast down reasonings that threaten

faith in what I say reject imaginations portraying Futures I did not author for ancestry ethnicity or

gender matter nothing to me these aspects of your identity pale to insignificance before the reality of who

you are in my eyes my extravagant love toward you depends not one bit on your performance

or background or family line you remain a Priceless treasure simply because you belong to

me and belonging to me guarantees Royal inheritance and divine empowerment to

walk out my purposes for your life with boldness all that is mine is yours by

right of relationship as my beloved child if you but cultivate trust in my

inherent goodness nothing can revoke these benefits secured for you through

Covenant with me so reject then any hex curse incantation or Sorcerers binding

intended to inflict harm or impose limitation no power prevails over my spoken word

that goes forth to accomplish my aims my angels Heed These decrees actively

guarding their fulfillment no weapon formed against you will ultimately succeed when your life

aligns with my will stand confident on this assurance

yet also stand with wisdom towards the ongoing struggle against dark powers and authorities operating in unseen Realms

to steal kill and destroy these forces constantly prowl about

seeking openings to devour vulnerable Souls their Savage attacks may prompt

even my Bravest Warriors to hunker down behind Shields of faith for protection yet arm yourselves also for

aggression utilize my word as an offensive weapon to drive these trespassers back beyond all ground I

have claimed for my kingdom for too long my precious Saints have assumed posture

as victims on spiritual battlefields when I have authorized you as Victors in

Christ so tear down enemy encampments in regions still Hostage to evil influence

set captives free through bold declaration of biblical truth wage war

wisely not against flesh and blood but against that ancient serpent the devil and all who do his bidding forc

surrender of territory still illegally occupied reclaim these strongholds by

making my kingdom visible through Good Deeds that destroy arguments raised against my

benevolent Reign now wake up beloved Soldier and collect your armor stand

Vigilant against onslaughts of condemnation that hiss lies in Shades of gray and black lash back against hybrid

as salant spewing fire to incite wrong motives and Kindle offense quench

flaming missiles tipped with jealousy and envy flung to ignite disagreement with Shield raised to

deflect allow my spirit to guide gu the sword of truth as a Precision weapon let

flaming arrows fall harmless having found no unprotected ground to seow

corruption yes stay girded for battles that wage when my kingdom advances

against evil yet never forget light overwhelms all

adversaries no opposition long endures the Blazing brightness emanating from my

holy ones unified in purpose together my Sanctified Church dispels demonic fog

exposes hidden agendas and offers Sanctuary for all held hostage to depravity so let unity and Selfless Love

Define you as much as Faith make space in your ranks for broken ones seeking

Solace from life’s cruelty model for them my Mercy you must gaze deeper also at

people’s problems suspend judgment quiet impulse to push away instead gracious ly

bear one another’s burdens comfort those carrying unseen loads encourage through

listening ears offer hope and help when tension builds between Souls refuse

taking sides or speaking negatively without cause these age-old tactics used

to isolate and divide originate from the enemy recognize manipulation Stand Down

Pride humbly make peace for in the end no person def finds

the worth of another all stand equal under judgment’s penetrating eye

therefore reflect carefully before casting stones with words that injure I determine the weight of Truth in motives

driving reactions react not out of anger but compassion copy your lord who when

reviled did not retaliate entrust Justice and final verdict to me rather

than waste strength harboring Petty offenses Excel still more in honoring one another allow preferential treatment

and forgive freely those who wound you Heap kindness on adversaries heads to melt their cool indifference or provoke

their remorse overcome evil by Drowning deceit in truth spoken with

Grace muzzle loose lips prone to gossip and slander refuse participating when

trusted friends share confidential disclosures without permission such chatter Grieves my listening ear and

grieve not my spirit by clinging to sadness and nursing hurt feelings into deep bitterness let no anger Harden your

tender heart kept soft in my presence instead Journal out hurts

through open conversation with me yield rights to retaliation into my

Care accept emotions as teachers revealing beliefs needing realigned with

truth interpret your struggle correctly as opportunity to grow

dependency on my comfort counsel and empowering here find the PATH leading to

wholeness acknowledging Brokenness and asking me to heal your heart yield to the Christ in

you allow my living water to cleanse inner recesses still darkened by hatreds

lingering Shadows my light shining into wounded voids strapped by unforgiveness reveals

Divine perspective you gain capacity to separate actions from intrinsic worth of

people created in my image my vision establishes self- control breaking

entanglement with volatile feelings I free you to Value others despite their

flaws so go higher beloved rise above past pain that pins

perspective to ground level resist gravity of grudges rooted in the dust of

faded dreams absolve those who perpetrated wrongs whether intentionally or in

ignorance hurl high flying forgiveness down upon all still shooting spiteful

arrows aimed to draw defensive targets refuse taking hits rebuff repeated

rejections deflect discrimination combat contempt with the shield of worship for

heaviness hinders the ascent I have purposed for you lay aside sarcasm

cynicism and mocking tones that expose cracks forming under pressure for I

sustain you to reflect me through loving lens undistorted by

disillusionment I exhort you to excel still more in hope faith and

love three chords strong enough to lift and secure you steady my precious child how I desire

for your soul to enjoy sweet seasons of soaring with me to share with you the

heights of joy and Grandeur my grace provides stretch forth your wings now test drafts

rising to transport you into Realms once deemed impossible capture thermals I send to

teach you effortless flight release the tension burdening your shoulders the

twisting angst cramping your core worship me from expansive Vistas unfettered by gravity or human

limitations sing praise as one already Victorious boldly declare with heart

lifted High my God ordains peace and promise for me

for this I have spoken I who fling Stars into space and catch each tear that falls my words echo through eternity my

school password reset anchoring your soul secure to me so come now in simple

trust possessing all I have spoken as your spiritual inheritance enter my courts with Thanksgiving My Sanctuary

with praise proclaiming Great Is Thy Faithfulness oh God un load heavy concerns piled high

before my throne of grace behold my son your intercessor my gift offering

Mercy’s sweet relief see your high priest gentle Shepherd who gathers the

weak to his side hear his words resonate deep within come to me when exhausted

from striving and trying come when you find no Solutions Come Just As You Are

and let down your guard there is no pretense in my presence I invite messy

Souls longing for wholeness unveil your truest self expose even darkest regrets

hold nothing back my healing Mercy washes all clean I graft broken boughs

into myself I nurture life from your Barren ground I raise up Beauty from

these ashes come now beloved and make your home in

me my child for too long you have struggled under the the weight of this world

battered by the storms of life you have sought Solace and found none cried out

for help that did not come but no more I am here now and I will wipe every tear

from your eyes you doubted that I was real that I could love you where did

such Notions come from they bring tears to my eyes for I

have a heart that feels deeply I cherish you my precious one

when you were lost in darkness overwhelmed with sorrow I came to you I

lifted you up cleansed your soul and set you on your feet again in that moment you were reborn

made new by my love cling to that let it anchor you now no one can snatch you

from my hand you are mine eternally so banish any thought that would lead you

to doubt or despair the demons whisper Li seek to lure you back into their

clutches pay them no heed keep your eyes fixed on me your thoughts rooted in my

promises I will never leave you or forsake you my plans for you are good to

give you a hope and a future if you cannot yet see it walk by faith and not

by sight the dawn will come I see the sadness lingering in your soul the scars

left by the storms you have weathered let me heal he them now place your hurts

into my hands Lay Your Heart bare before me my love will soak into every crevice

binding up every wound you will find comfort and peace in my presence This I

Promise You the night May yet be dark but joy comes in the morning I want you

to live truly live no more merely existing plotting drearily through your

days I have kindled a fire within you Fanning the Flames now let it burn

brightly approach each New Dawn with expectancy eager to discover what Adventures await wonders surround you if

you have eyes to see them even in the midst of Trials there are Treasures if you know where to look keep seeking me

first early and often and I will show you where to find them having weathered

the storms you now have a strength and wisdom beyond your years you can be a pillar for others now now a shelter from

the wind share freely what you have received from me there are many who need the

light only you can offer the lessons only you can teach feed my sheep as I once asked my

dear Peter tend my Lambs who have no Shepherd in blessing others you will

know blessings heaped upon your own head this is a new season for you my

child I am bestowing gifts and talents you never realized you possessed old limitations and

insecurities will fade like Mist in the morning sun you will do things beyond

what you dreamed possible shocking even yourself launch out into the deep Waters

with abandon where I send you you will go what I give you to speak you will say

together we will do great things abundance awaits you blessings too numerous to count no more barely

scraping by no more never having enough Prosperity shall overtake you

because I Delight in your flourishing I will teach you wisdom in stewarding these resources using them to advance my

kingdom rather than gratify the flesh trust in me to provide amply for

every need I own the cattle on a thousand hills you shall not want for

anything for too long the enemy whispered lies trapped you in his web of deception

he told you your dreams were foolish your Ambitions Pride your desires evidence of selfishness more Preposterous still he

said accepting my blessings would distance you from me how he has robbed you stealing your joy and strangling

your faith I tell you now claim every gift I have placed inside you boldly

pursue every dream I plant in your heart run wild and free trusting me to guide

your steps please me by partnering with me allowing me to infuse you with power

from on high Dream Big live boldly give generously this brings me Great Joy

shake off the shackles now my child refuse to be weighed down by worries and

fears each morning when doubts creep back in and they will try come boldly

before my throne of grace I am your comforter your deliverer I will renew

your strength when you falter refresh you when you grow weary take refuge in

me always I am your rock your shelter from Life storms together we will banish

fear from your life once and for all what wondrous Miracles I have in

store for you signs and wonders that will leave others in awe has my arm shortened so that I

cannot save my power is undiminished Through the Ages do not dismiss the

tales of old for I remain the same God I was then with me nothing is impossible

stand back now brace yourself behold my glory revealed cry out to me with

boldness and see what I shall do invite me into situations that seem all but hopeless watch despair turn to Joy as I

sweep in to rescue this is only the beginning rejoice in this newfound

Freedom see the chains that once bound you now shattered I have broken every

fetter nullified contracts with death you once forged in moments of profound

despair you are free indeed now walk in that untethered and unhindered by your

past failures of course the Sorrows will come inevitable in this Fallen World yet even

here my promises stand sure I will be close beside you in the fire be your

source of strength in moments of deepest anguish when you pass through roiling

Waters they shall not overwhelm you not when you cling to me grief may endure

for the night but my joy comes swiftly behind it nothing can diminish or derail

my plans for good in your life because I love you with an everlasting love I too

weep When You Weep in your Brokenness I draw nearer still longing to gather you close wipe

away your tears whisper words of Life over you how it moves my heart when I

see you turning back to me like a wayward child returning home to their father’s Embrace this is what I live for

these moments of sweet reconciliation run to me now I will

receive you joyfully exalting over you in song My Greatest desire is

restoration not punishment and reproach you find shelter in the shadow

of my wing always consider Treasures from my vast storehouses crafted just

for you while they may seem modest in Earthly terms through spiritual eyes

they gleam with Splendor there’s a cloak of fine spun gold representing righteousness given

freely a covering Beyond any false security or superficial

dignity imagine a ruby ring forged in Celestial fires symbolizing Eternal

Covenant loyalty and devotion its facets reflect the depth of a relationship purchased at Great cost

cleansed and Sanctified Envision a sword shining and

bright its edges drenched in Heavenly light this isn’t just a weapon but a

symbol of divine strength and wisdom a tool to cut through deception and oppression embodying truth and Justice

in life’s battles come now take your seat beside me at this table I have prepared for you

overflowing with the richest of fair here you will find the true Bread and Wine food that nourishes eternal life

within you Feast freely drink until satisfied cups of joy for weeping shall

be yours forever more here with me your head has been anointed freshly

your future Kingdom secured eternally you are royalty now designated for Rule

and Reign alongside the king of kings Kings come then take your place at my

side gaze out with me at the lands I am gifting you to cultivate in my name for

my glory does this Vista not take your breath away see the endless Horizons

sundrenched Fields ready for Harvest set before you now through discipline training and perseverance you will

prepare this site to become a regional hub from which my life and light and Glory fills the

Earth no more obscurity from for you my child your light and influence are

ascending rapidly my passion through your willing yielded frame yes you my

child conceived in my heart before time itself was formed cradled into being

through the channel of My Affection fearfully and wonderfully made

intentionally designed for impact at such a pivotal moment as this you

emerged from me in original set apart for Unique Kingdom exploit stay close

now leaning daily on my ways higher than yours see obstacles become opportunities

Through My Lens higher than yours every challenge simply a Discovery

Point exposing where strength and strategy are needed for the next leg up onward then together stay near rest in

my Pace that is perfect for you seek not to pursue or Envy the path and speed set

for another for each is called called to their own Divine course Milestones manifest along the

ascent as I see fit not yours unfolding and unfolding intentionally not

accidentally I celebrate every inch gained with rejoicing and dancing over you you cherish and learn from the

lessons embedded in each Twist and Turn onward my child the summit draws

steadily closer step by step and the view from the top shall be glorious Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

my child a bright new day Dawns before you I grant you the wisdom to organize

your priorities and Achieve great goals that will astonish even your family they will stand amazed at the works I

accomplished through you fill your mind with my word and witness the transformation of your spirit have

confidence to come before me when burdens weigh you down my spirit attentively meets your

needs ready to guide you to abundance peace and prosperity be

free so I’ll cherish every moment every day for your love s my path

in everywhere and attend the touch of your head I find the strength to rise and

stand through every trial every tear we’ve shed your love’s SP the shelter where I

find my day oh your love my aner life stor you

see a be a hul I need to be free so I’ll cherish every

moment every day for your love I S my back in every

way with gratitude in my soul I’ll sing

this song for the love we share every stast and

strong as you accept my will believe with your whole being no

curse or trap will touch you I watch your goings and comings your dreams and

wakings my angels encamp around you securing your life with fiery

swords you have power to tread on snakes and scorpions nothing will bring you

harm seek me daily in prayer and fasting to receive my embrace my word my

blessing I will touch those who assail you they

will be put to shame never daring to trouble you again when they behold the power of my name many will take their

faith more seriously this is no game Walk Tall gazing heavenward pay no heed

to those who tried humbling you I bear you up lest you stumble on the Rocks they put in your way be unintimidated by

threats lest you open a door to fear when they see no fear in your eyes

their efforts to discredit you will fail they will encounter me and appear as Cravens in my light remain honest and

true for the victory is yours dwell now in peace no harm will reach you or yours

Focus no more on detractors but hold fast to my love each Dawn entrust your

cares to me while my angels accompany your steps as you embrace my words your

life transforms my light brightens your hope as my hand uplifts

you believe in this miracle of love and happiness I see the heavy thoughts

plaguing your mind but remember I am the light of the world here to save you No

Malice or Darkness can touch one in my spirit’s shelter no storm separates you

from my love I am your God and Father watching tenderly never forsaking you I see those

Rising against you spreading lies and disrupting your home yet take heart and

pray this will ensure you overcome even the fiercest battles if you read these

words now know your foes have not prevailed though they persist in assault

when they witness my power guarding you they will concede there was a time when some

withheld kindness through you plad but I showed you care from this day I

will never spurn you speak to me without hesitation in any need my desire is that you lack no

affection I want your wounds binding up your heart unburdened from rejections

Pain press onward do not accept defeat you are cherished by me with Abundant

Blessings In store my hand Shields you from harm it compels your enemies to repent sentence

driving off those seeking your Soul’s injury and Pie’s violation remember none

on Earth can overpower you in my presence keep in mind I am near you need only believe and pray earnestly always


a [Music]



if sorrowful speak to me if joyful share with me if anxious seek my comfort your

prayers Grant Divine interventions daily the trials you face presently are not

Beyond you I will let no test exceed your faith even when you feel unable do

not abandon hope I strengthen and guard you from injury and clasp your hand in

Fond Embrace in every situation I deliver you if you have strayed pray I

will write your course again just trust in me Rejoice for I bring you and yours

Eternal blessing I assure you and do not doubt I shoulder your loads and raise my

hand to make your enemies repent so those wishing you ill behold my name’s

power remember you are mine stand tall and tread blessed paths no Force weakens

you in my presence if grateful for my gifts offer wholehearted thanks and treat others with tenderness you will

dwell under my wing shadow though doubts and temptations come my

grace suffices and excels now close your eyes affirming

with me I believe in you my God and expect a wondrous miracle in your life

even today amen feel free to share these words with loved ones needing me that

they too may receive this blessing let us together spread this hope and keep enriching lives you are cherished my

child be at peace

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