warning God says someone to cause you a

death please don’t do

this love think of me as the one who

keeps the light on inside you a kind

protector who makes sure that even when

darkness surrounds Your Inner Light

remains unwavering converting your

shadows into brilliant lights is my

forte tiredness and obligations throw a

shadow over your soul just as gusts of

wind threaten to blow out your light I

am the one who refuels your torch so

when you call upon me in those dangerous

moments take a deep breath I am the

beacon of light that illuminates your

path I am also your rock keep coming

back to me immerse yourself in the

radiance of my presence letting it

change your life and Outlook as you go

through the currents of existence at

times you could unknowingly avert your

gaze failing to remember that I am

always by your side even though it may

seem like the world is closing in on you

at that time my child have faith in me

and trust me completely never lose hope

I will transform your despair into a

luminous light that guides you through

the shadows and your confidence in me

will be a rock solid foundation upon

which to weather the storms of life if

the weight of your preparation and

troubles overwhelms you find solace in

the possibility that your Sorrows could

become streams of brilliant light look

me in the eye and gently call me out let

the warmth and comfort of my presence

wash over you like a gentle reign of

love and

reassurance be thankful for my


watchfulness treasure the Everlasting

Love that surrounds you in my Providence

declare your devotion and ask me to show

you the way forward

guide you through life’s complexities

and solve your problems when they arise

but do not let fear and worry overshadow

your thoughts insteed fix your attention

on me and I will reveal A New

Perspective illuminated by my light

enter the hallowed Halls of scripture

where my word will shine as a lamp to

guide you and a light to illuminate your

path following these ageless rules will

alleviate worldly concerns and headaches

making room for my heavenly presence

seek my face with a steadfast heart and

take Delight in the pure joy of being

here imagine yourself in the company of

a passionate love couple their pulses

pounding with delight at the thought of

being together likewise you must know

that you are my beloved and that I am

the one who will love you forever as

this love grows may you freely exalt my

Holy Name Drawing Near to me in

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