Walk in Trust, I’ll Light the Way | God Says |

[Music] my beloved child you must trust in me and reach out to me during these tough

times so that threats and difficulties don’t steal your peace and confidence your suffering moves me and

seeing your sincere heart touches me deeply as I have said before I will

bless you because it is my desire to do so tell me now that you will accept my

blessing and hold it dear remember in your moments of sadness

I hold you in the palm of my hand I cover you with my holy

protection I love you with all my heart you are my child I will bless you

because I want to and because I am able to what I promise I will deliver I have

always been with you I have never abandoned you and I will not leave you now during these stormy times

my plans are greater than yours my thoughts are lasting and eternal they will lead you to a future

of peace and prosperity without a doubt things may seem hard if you don’t

look at them with Faith and Hope but if you change your perspective and truly believe in my word your life will

transform seek me in the morning pray throughout the day and before you go to sleep at night kneel before me for it

pleases me when you look to me in your prayers you might not realize it right now but the heavens tremble when you

open your lips in Praise When you pray with faith asking for my protection over

your family when you confidently cry out for their rescue from sickness and disasters when you beg with tears that I

never leave them listen to my answer I tell you once more even if everyone else turns their

back on you I will never abandon you even those who claim to love you might let you down but my love for you

is greater than theirs I never lie I will never fail you

your family your future your health they are in my hands value them care for them

and cherish them don’t take your blessings for granted don’t underestimate them if you are faithful

with the little things if you cherish what I provide in times of need my

promise is that your blessings will grow and I will grant you even more of immense and everlasting value my

child you love me get ready for the magnitude of the opportunity I’m opening

for you will astonish you have faith be committed and be wise in all you do and

get ready for everything I have planned for you and your family will come like a

vast downpour of astonishing blessings you asked for a sign so you

could make decisions about what you’ve been pondering these days and here is your clear answer be bold set aside all

the fears that have held you captive for years in this unbearable situation your dreams are Grand your

desires are wonderful but you’ve been held back by the fear of failure now is the time to take my hand

and soar nothing will be the same as before do not fear hold tight to me and

pray before making any significant decisions I will be with you day and night ensuring that everything unfolds

according to my divine plan open your Bible and pray sincerely

for I will confirm through my word that all I have told you is true it is no

fantasy Heaven and Earth may disappear but my words will live on and

be fulfilled I will guide you exactly where you need to be to a place where you can

flourish I will reveal the special door I’m am opening for you starting today

your life will undergo many Transformations embrace my blessings and

you will find yourself at the starting point where all your projects will begin to

materialize you will meet others who share your path and your mindset to

together you will create a future filled with blessings and wonders for my plans are vast beyond what you can

imagine be kind and thoughtful to everyone you encounter going forward you

will meet good genuine and interesting people help will come from unexpected

places stay alert and focused so that when the door of opportunity opens

you’re ready and not distracted by trivial or meaningless Pursuits

you know me well I don’t need to say more my message is clear and you

understand it you know that I will direct your steps and always be with you

trust me love me embrace each new day and the various situations in your life

you’ve asked how much longer you must endure here is my

answer I will lift that burden from your shoulders so you can enjoy life again

take some time today to sit quietly and open your Bible reread those words that once

deeply touched your soul remember the days filled with plans and dreams when

your face glowed with happiness those were good times but I am

about to perform a new miracle and soon even better and More Beautiful times will

come you won’t have to face so many challenges anymore your body will be

free from Pain and sickness family disputes will end and good friends will return while false ones will leave I do

this for your benefit I don’t want you hurt again by harmful words I will surround you with kind

loyal and loving people you’ll be inspired with new desires to live to

dream again to fulfill my plan and purpose let me share a secret I have

dreams and desires too and my greatest one is to see you eternally joyful free

from Pain and tears so don’t go back to the people places and situations that have caused

you so much pain if you’re tired of fighting and suffering over the same old things leave the past behind and focus

on the bright future of abundance and joy that awaits you I’m breaking the chains that bound

you to the past now I need you to focus on the path ahead and never look back

I’ve cast your sins into the Sea’s depths the chains that once bound you

are gone the voices that hurt you have no power over you anymore you are no

longer bound to those who mistreat you I am with you and I will not leave you if

you make those important decisions you won’t be alone I will provide for your

needs remember your faith in me your focus on the future that’s how I want to see you and

that’s how I will bless you this is my response to the question you asked me

today let’s have a clear conversation I want to talk to you just give me a few

minutes we’ll talk openly and honestly like good friends

do you need to believe know and understand that I also look forward to

spending time with you I don’t like seeing how your distractions sometimes make you forget

to seek me I’m always here here every day close to you you know the way to me

don’t feel ashamed to come into my presence I’m familiar with your life

even if you try to hide or don’t feel like talking to me or reading my word

remember you can’t hide from me my love will continue to seek you out and no

matter where you are I will find you I don’t want you to start your days

feeling sad and trapped in loneliness focus on my love for you don’t worry

about what others are thinking doing or saying today sometimes it’s necessary to step

away from the noise to take enough time and come to me I sought you out and I

found you my word to you now is accept me open

the door embrace my love again and receive my blessings I love you and will remind you

a million times times every day I know that despite being busy with many tasks and concerns wherever you are whatever

you’re doing you can feel me in your heart you might feel like crying when

you realize it’s me knocking at your door I know you’re listening and you recognize who is speaking to

you you’ll take some time with me today and every day you’ll start to notice how

problems begin to fade from your life you’ll see changes in yourself and your family all the tension you’re

experiencing will leave through that door my spirit will enter and fill you

with joy do you understand my child now you know and feel how much I love you bring

me your requests speak with confidence and faith I love you deeply let me show

you you’ve called out to me cried for my help for hours seeking an answer today

I’ve come to respond to your questions to meet the needs you’ve laid before me I’ve come to give you my love and all

the comfort for the pain in your heart my child nothing in this world happens

without my notice I’m aware of everything that’s happening in your life and in your family’s life right

now I tell you today hold firm in your faith don’t lose heart keep praying each

day I will fill your soul with peace and your mind with wisdom each time you talk to me sincerely and

with faith during this challenging time you’ll learn many things you now know

very well how to make wise and profitable decisions you’ve seen how I’ve stood by

your side in every battle you faced I have protected you and prevented even greater challenges from entering your

life the enemy tried to attack you covertly using unexpected people to try

to break your spirit and tarnish your reputation you were shielded in ways beyond your

comprehension today I am here to deliver the blessing and Miracle you have

earnestly prayed for stand up now wipe away your tears and go to the door

because I calling you open it and I will take your hand and lead you to the place

of prosperity I have prepared for you I am endowing you with a strength you have

never felt before I am blessing you so profoundly that you will rise to a level

unreachable by your foes I will not let anyone else humiliate

you I am opening a new door so vast that you will be astonished by the magnitude

of the blessings and solutions I am bringing into your life you will cry but

it will be tears of joy and happiness you will be empowered by the strength that my Holy Spirit infuses into your

life stand up dry your tear tears now step outside and face life with the

smile of a Victor today I have spoken to you clearly my blessing is upon you you must

continue on your path and not halt open your eyes wide and pay close attention

because in the coming days I will reveal a powerful secret to you and make you experience my wonderful love like never

before I bless you from the first moments of this day because I want your

heart and soul to overflow with peace and

joy I want you to feel secure knowing that you have my love that you are

always under my care and protection if you have been feeling sad and disheartened I want you to feel

uplifted today rest your head on my chest feel the warmth and tenderness I

am pouring into you relax my child this too shall pass

everything will be all right very soon stop dwelling on your hardships and

close your eyes for a moment feel how my spirit rejuvenates you sing the Praises

that resonate in your heart dive into the river of my love and

I assure you your difficulties will soon be behind you everything will improve

significantly I bless you so that you encounter great and wonderful opportunities in your life you have you

have a mission I have entrusted to you and that is to advance your family challenges will arise tough times will

come they are part of your life and your growth but today I assure you you are

enveloped in my love and you will be prepared when those times arrive so do not fear or despair I’m

here now to fill you with even more wisdom love and strength to steadfastly

guide you through all these paths filled with hurt and hardships I care deeply about everything

you feel and I greatly value all that you aspire to in this life I know your

dreams and plans there is so much beauty within you you are incredibly special to me you

hold the key to love kindness and forgiveness through your example many

around you will be inspired to overcome their feelings of inadequacy and start to manifest the beautiful plans I have

for their lives know that my favor is always with you I watch over you affectionately and

support you with my guiding hand you will be a beacon of light in the darkness for many who need me be

courageous and embrace the challenges you will thrive in many Endeavors and I

will ensure no one can hinder you have faith trust in me for I assure you I

will stand by you supporting you to the very end I love you be empowered

your journey is far from over do not get distracted by the side paths you encounter focus on the success and

blessings that await I continually strive to show you

how much I love you I do not want you to give up on your Ambitions hold on a

little longer and watch as your dreams unfold when You Face challenges and obstacles seem

insurmountable remember the promises I’ve made to you and the times I’ve enabled you to achieve your

goals learn to be thankful in all circumstances do not Grumble or think

that I have overlooked you such thoughts stem only from Evil influences do not entertain them feeling

discouraged is normal your body tires and your spirit has limits but rest will

come there is a season for everything a time to fight and a time to rest a time

for conflict and a Time Time For Peace faith wains and challenges arise when

you divert your gaze from your path and become distracted by your surroundings you forget my teachings and

become soaked in the messages of defeat that permeate your environment many May oppose your success

but fear no one concentrate on what is essential beside you fights The Greatest

Warrior your captain your lord the creator of all I your heavenly father

your enemies may enter through one door with threats but they will exit through

another humiliated and defeated never to bother you again your Victory and success will

manifest either in your time or as a legacy for your descendants to

enjoy your tears and pain have been sewn into the fertile ground of Hope even if

they bloom after you’ve ascended to your heavenly home together we will watch from above rejoicing as the promises I

made to you come to fruition do not lose heart press onward

your efforts will be rewarded I will Crown you with Victory this year has been challenging

but not once have I left your side despite Global unrest rumors of wars

diseases threats of scarcity and hunger I reassure you my child I love you you

and your family are safe in my hands pay close attention now for these three

words I am about to give you will be etched into your mind and sealed in your heart serving as the antidote to all

discouragement and despair these three words carry tremendous power and life are you ready

trust in me your faith should be simple like a mustard seed no complications no

extra rules just pure Faith Miracles happened through me not

through the strength of your faith alone trust in me when you hear people predict

Doom remember while the world may not improve your salvation is near my angels

are preparing and my return is imminent I am unique there is none other like me

though many falsely claim my name and power I’m still reigning

hearing your prayers watching over you with love commanding my angels to protect you listening intently to those

interceding on your behalf I’m ensuring your path is steady

that you remain Vigilant lamp filled with oil ready for the trumpet’s call

that will change everything in a moment you will join angels in song and

take part in the final battle a time of immense joy and ultimate Victory this is

what I mean by Eternal blessings Abundant Life miraculous existence Beyond this world’s reach as the world

Falls away for my children comes the day of great Triumph I am your Shepherd healer

protector and provider you and your family are safe in my hands shielded

from destruction trust in me I bring peace to your soul and hope filling you

with happiness and Trust trust strength and perseverance today is a day of

blessing accept this blessing with faith and humility without doubts I speak to

your spirit easing your sadness and ending your pain do not keep your fears

from me if the world’s noise brings fear seek my quiet

presence spend time in prayer absorb my words and let the Troubles of this world

fade as you feel my Divine love envelop you I’ll continually remind you of my

love and the Beautiful Moments we’ve shared remember how I responded to your prayers when you least expected blessing

you abundantly to strengthen your faith and eliminate your doubts if you persist in prayer morning or night doors will

open adversaries will Retreat Sadness Will vanish and your life will transform

I promise a bright future a blessed existence even as the world shakes and

many lose hope hold firm to my words and never cease to believe trust in me in

good times and even more when challenges arise I am writing this promise on your

heart so you never forget I am with you every day no matter the weather you are

forever under my care and protection today I want to bring a smile

to you to your face I aim to lift your spirits and Infuse your heart with joy

with a happiness that is sacred and unbreakable I am the reason you wake up

and live each day I am the path you walk the direction you follow and the door

you will pass through I am your friend your companion your God your Shepherd

and you will lack nothing tell me you believe share with me my beloved child how you feel I

desire for you to begin each day free from sadness anxiety and

confusion know that I am here to assist you to soothe you to heal your ailments

and to alleviate your pain I want you to feel at peace to have

a brighter happier day filled with the anticipation of the blessings that are on their way and soon to be visible to

you you must move forward because your life is about to be

renewed I I promise to restore what was lost to you and some of these things will return in Greater measure you will

reclaim what the enemy has taken from you I plan to bless you

abundantly spend some time with me today in silence on your knees let’s talk

about what’s coming don’t fret over upcoming expenses or your many

needs my word assures you that you are precious to me and I will provide for

your needs if ever you feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do don’t be harsh on yourself I’m not displeased with you

when you feel burdened by your trials or succumb to your weaknesses remember I shed my blood for

you through the power of my resurrection I will save you from failure and despair

don’t be intimidated by life’s challenges or Retreat into isolation I have endowed you with

strength and bravery to confront your problems I see your faithfulness and diligence

you invest heavily in all your endeavors striving for better opportunities I want you to know I’m

proud of you you are my child and there should be no doubt about that you

witness my grace in your life aiding you therefore I assure you you will prosper

laziness will not deter you you will approach everything with dedication your kindness to others will

be the reason for your success May maintain your humility and I

will continue to open doors for you you’ve endured much walked through deserts that scorched your feet felt the

fatigue of Relentless heat and left traces of your struggle along the way

many have seen your hardships yet showed no compassion but my child your faith did

not waver that’s precisely why you are here today if it hadn’t been for your

enduring faith if you hadn’t clung to my promises and held tightly to my presence

you wouldn’t be here now ready to receive the good news I’m about to deliver I love you deeply the time has

arrived for you to receive the long- awaited blessing with little you were faithful now I will entrust you with

more amid your trials you maintained extraordinary Faith now I will reward

you with extraordinary Joy prepare yourself for new surroundings to grow in Simplicity to fill your heart with

humility and to resist the Temptations of pride and arrogance as you encounter abundance your faith has grown strong

and now it’s time for a greater blessing I trust you with more because you’ve shown Devotion to Eternal things and

aren’t deterred by challenges or adversity you too will walk on water

part seas and handle with humility and wisdom the abundance that’s coming your way you are courageous and nothing will

break you the harshness of battles won’t defeat you nor will you Retreat just as you

feel this strength filling your soul now you will lift your sword and the shield

of my word marching forward Fearless of anything or anyone you are a hero of Faith a

conqueror of giants a miracle worker a distributor of blessings I’m igniting a holy fire in

your heart I’m instilling the passion needed to build your life to fight for your family to understand that you are

set apart I have chosen you to conquer your challenges to rise and to Aid

many this feeling is yours alone it’s a great responsibility and I entrusted to no one

else you are my chosen Warrior tell me now do you accept my love my blessings

and my eternal power my beloved child take a breath hand over your

anxiet and your nervousness come here and rest your head on my shoulder for a moment I am your God who loves you

deeply who comforts you each time you close your eyes and cry unsure of what

to do next let the world continue on its path

but you and I will take a moment to talk to listen to you for you to share

everything with me I want you to stand up from here refreshed your heart strengthened your

spirit PE peaceful and your soul joyful this morning you woke with a

heart heavy with fear and sadness feeling empty and thirsty but I offer

you water from my river of living life I want your soul to find rest to be filled

with my presence I want you to be happy despite many challenges trying to drain

your will to live I have never left you I have granted you my love my peace my

word all my my mighty promises to help you stand strong in my presence there is an

everlasting flame that purifies all sin and impurity the same fire that ignites

your heart but if you listen to the enemy and begin to stray from me only

Smoke and Ashes will remain where once burned your love for me be vigilant shut the door on pain and

do not allow the harmful emotions others plant within you to take root

you have grown weary from the disdain of those you deeply care about your efforts

have been substantial yet they seem unrecognized everyone is absorbed in

their own lives showing little affection towards you I understand your frustration and

sadness even I experienced abandonment by those I nurtured betrayal by those I

saved and denial from close friends when tested trust in me for I truly

understand understand your feelings bring your grief and sadness to me I am right beside you I will satisfy

your longing and Infuse you with words that fortify your faith your tears will

turn into Joy your blessing is on its way I have loved you with an everlasting

love and my Mercy remains steadfast beside you I hear your prayers and each

one invit spiritual blessings into your life your home and upon upon those you

cherish I will lift you from this profound despair take my hand hold on

tightly it’s time for me to assist you your deep need and profound sadness move

me profoundly I hear your heart’s Cries From My Throne get ready to rise above the

challenges you face today ignore those who say it’s impossible let your dreams

take flight again turn turn away from those who only bring discouragement and do not

contribute to your growth according to my plan for you listen carefully heed

only my voice your earnest prayer rooted in faith that patiently endures and

waits unlocks the door to Miracles and blessings recall how many times you

faced defeat only for the tide to turn following your prayers replacing what seemed an inevitable loss with a

magnificent Victory you chose prayer over despair Faith over

defeat how often have you felt overwhelmed only to find strength and courage after praying remember these

moments although everything is dark although you look up and don’t see the light in this situation you’re living

although you feel so weak and unable to overcome this adversity you will receive your Victory because I hear your

prayers I see you in still without strength you quietly cry

out for my help today is the day I will lift you so

high that problems cannot reach you take my hand now and climb with faith every

step of that ladder that will take you to your Victory your prayer Was Heard

even with all the pressure fear anguish and despair surrounding you you chose to

trust me and today you receive my help and your story will change

forever today I will place you in high places where no adversity can touch you

I saw you suffer and cry until dawn I was by your side I gave you my sincere

Embrace I took you in my arms like a little child with my love and affection

I comforted you in the midst of so many tears and your unbearable

sadness you stopped crying Tranquility filled your soul in the Silence of the Dawn I spoke

to you put my hand on you and showed you my faithfulness and when you woke up in the

morning everything was different you were happier full of Hope and confidence

firmer in your faith stronger listen to me until the end my dear child because I

also want your pain to end and your life to change don’t stop praying Don’t Stop

Believing Victory is already in your hands you will overcome any barrier when

you seek more of my power this power which to your eyes is

inexplicable but capable of generating Faith and Hope giving you a reason to live filling your soul with

praise I know you are a winner and you can achieve it even if you think your

faith is small you will be able to face the enemy and defeat him I look at your

heart and I know you very well I see beyond what appearances say beyond what

people think many will come every day and tell you so many things but you will

stand firm because you already know what I think of you don’t give so much

importance to people who live blindly

in their arrogance trying to win your friendship with false Smiles don’t give

them your time don’t give them your secrets don’t give them your trust I

have given you much life in abundance you will overcome all your struggles and you will be very happy but you have to

stop seeking the approval of people only then can you stay away from false friends

forever and if you need a good friend to talk to you know I am always willing to give you my time with

love I will listen to you patiently while you speak to me I will keep silent

your suffering will end tell me you believe persist don’t lose Faith a

bright future awaits you my child I understand the difficult and

challenging moments you are going through I know all the losses you have experienced fear and doubt have given

way to sadness Co ring your spiritual life clouding your vision of things and

generating great pain your expectations have diminished leading you to abandon many of your

goals and projects all these things make you feel like you can’t take it anymore like you

won’t make it I know that every night you sigh remembering what you were and

did in the past longing for what you once had you were fully confident in

your abilities and sought recognition from those around you making yourself the center of

attention but your heart was filled with vanity and pride they praised you

leading you away from my presence and leaving aside my word now you find yourself immersed in

sadness and lost unable to find a way out you feel like the days and months

pass without apparent changes however I have never abandoned you I have never

left your side that’s why today I ask you to listen to my voice and pay attention to

my words I want to tell you to turn back to me completely turn to my presence

with repentance and I will strengthen your faith seek me with all your heart

so that you can find in me a full life and thus recover the blessings that the enemy has stolen from

you he seeks not only to take take everything from you but also to bring

destruction and death into your life that’s why today my child I am here

to rescue you and offer all my help turn your heart to me give me your whole

being and I will cleanse the bad within you restore your being and renew your

heart everything you lost everything that was taken from you will be returned

to you manyfold you just need to trust me completely

with all your heart all your mind and all your strength remember my promises have

always been faithful and true have faith my

child have faith my beloved you will see how everything you once lost will be

restored and you will again enjoy joy peace security and an abundance of

blessings just trust in me trust in my words and let me shower you with all the

love you deserve let me guide your life to offer protection at every step you

take understand no matter how deep the abyss you are in right now or how many

times you turned your back on me I never left your side I will always be here to

support you and lead you to the light to a place of Happiness so trust in me trust in my

healing and restoring power you will see how your life will bloom again in me you

will find the peace you long for and the strength to face any challenge or adversity life throws at

you always remember my child You Are Not Alone on this journey I walk with you I

am by your side at every step even in the darkest moments of your life don’t forget that my love for you is

unbreakable and my Mercy knows no bounds even if you have turned away from

me countless times I will never abandon you you just need to learn to trust in

me and understand that you don’t need to carry all this burden alone because I am here to Bear all your burdens and

needs take my hand and you will learn that with me no burden is too heavy to

bear come to me my child rest in my arms of love I am always attentive to your words

and every Whisper of your heart allow me to be your refuge in the storm and your

strength in moments of weakness it’s time to look toward the future with hope don’t let regrets from

the past prevent you from enjoying the present and dreaming of a better future remember that each day is a new

opportunity to start a new and with each morning’s Awakening you will find my

favor my grace and my inexhaustible

love so do not fear even though the path may seem uncertain I am the light that will illuminate your

way and guide you towards a life of fulfillment and great blessings believe

in these wonderful plans I have for your life tell me you will today that you

hear me I want to plant these words in your heart for you to hold them close

and carry them with you always for I am your lord and savior and I have plans

for you so please do not give up before my work and you as

complete have faith and keep going I know you can be brave and strong

for I will fulfill everything I have promised in my word every promise I have

made I have a great and wonderful reward for you life can be tough and it might seem

like you’re facing an insurmountable battle a battle you think you cannot win but remember you are not alone I am with

you I will never leave you nor forsake you even when many despise you or abandon

you I will never turn my back on you have you forgotten that it is I who

stands by your side when everyone is against you and those you thought were your friends leave you to your fate to

see you fall my child understand this I am the one who loves you and does not reproach you for

your wrongs I do not judge you for what you have done I do not point my finger at

you to highlight your faults and mistakes instead I am always ready to

forgive you to lift you up and heal your wounds no matter what your past

was I will always forgive your iniquities as often as necessary please have faith in me and

trust in my plans for you you will never face a challenge a test or a trial that

you cannot overcome with my help I know it’s not easy to believe

especially when you feel like your strength has run out I ask you to make one last effort

and believe in my words believe in me even when you may feel lost or

confused even when you look back and there’s no one to support you remember that I am by your side no matter your

condition or situation I will stay with you to help strengthen and comfort you because I

have a unique and special purpose for your life a purpose only you can

fulfill remember each day is wrapped in my unconditional

love no matter how dark the valley you Traverse I will be your light no matter

how heavy your burdens I will be your strength trust in me and you will see

that my promises are real and my faithfulness Everlasting

so don’t give up do not succumb to discouragement or despair continue

onward with courage faith and perseverance because I am with

you with my help you will conquer this challenge you face with my power you will overcome

every obstacle in your path rise up you can do it don’t dwell on the past my mighty

hand holds you close you will surpass any adversity and reach the heights I have set for you remember

you are my most cherished treasure my beloved child always keep my words in your heart

meditate on them and speak them out you can do all things through Christ who

strengthens you trust in this and you will find that they Empower you

transform your life and lead you to health prosperity and blessings trust my child child just

trust and you will see that my love elevates you to Heights unimaginable to Vistas never before seen because those

who trust in me will never be let down so rise with renewed Vigor and face each

day knowing you are never alone my Holy Spirit lives within you he will guide

strengthen and comfort you always do not fear When Storms approach

trust and I will grant you peace that surpasses all understanding and joy that fills your

heart lift your head and walk confidently on the path I have laid out for you each step drawing you closer to

your destiny keep your eyes fixed on me stay true to the path of righteousness

and Justice endure to the end and you will receive all the blessings I have prepared for you since the beginning of

time go forth with my love as your shield and my my word as your guide

nothing can stand in your way Advance confidently knowing that I am with you always and that I will fulfill my

promises in your life in ways beyond your imagination May the words you’ve heard

today be etched in your mind hold them close in your heart for they will direct

you along the correct path and provide the knowledge and wisdom needed to achieve great and wonderful blessings in

your life I will guide you out of your TR troubles and provide for your needs my

child I speak to you with love and compassion during this challenging time in your life take my hand and let me

lead you to the solutions to your problems I am here to listen and respond

to you for your prayers have reached me and I am actively working to guide you to Solutions and meet your

needs life’s journey often presents formidable challenges

but remember you are never alone I am here offering my hand to support you

through the storm and guide you toward the peace and Clarity you desire let me

be your refuge in difficult times your light in the darkness and your strength

in weakness when the weight of your worries feels too heavy remember that you can

lay them down before me I am here to lighten your load and renew your strength

do not hesitate to share your fears and anxieties with me for in my love you

will find comfort and hope every step you take towards me in faith is a step

towards the Peace and Freedom you seek your past decisions no matter how flawed

do not Define your destiny in my boundless Mercy I always offer you

forgiveness and a chance to start aesh embrace the freedom that comes with

reconciliation with me and within yourself as you delve into the depths of

my love you will find the strength to forgive yourself and others trust in the healing process I

offer to renew your spirit and transform your life my child in times of uncertainty and

adversity keep your faith in me and my power to perform miracles in your life

don’t be discouraged by the challenges you face for each one presents an opportunity for growth and strength

remember every experience no matter how painful serves a purpose in my divine

plan for you through trials I’m shaping your character and spirit to reflect my light

and love in the world trust that each tear you shed is a

seed of transformation and every moment of pain is an opportunity to grow in compassion

and wisdom do not hesitate to seek help when needed

for I have surrounded you with loving faithful and wise companions to support you through life open your heart and

mind and listen to the guidance that comes from me I am with you in every heartbeat and

Every Breath You Take I will guide and comfort you through trials and care for

you in the fiercest storms so when you encounter difficult

times remember that you are enveloped by my unconditional love and healing

Grace trust that I am working in your life to bring you to Greater fulfillment

and achievement I will never abandon you you just need to allow my light to

illuminate your path and my love to heal your being every step you take towards me

strengthens and brings you closer to the blessings I have for you be strong and

courageous my beloved child do not view your circumstances as limitations or

weaknesses in my eyes you’re more than a conqueror strong and

cherished receive these words let my love wrap around you and support you in

this time of need let my peace which surpasses all understanding fill your

heart and mind walk with the assurance that my power is greater than any challenge you may face

Bas my child I know the deepest parts of your being I know your achievements and

successes but also your weaknesses and faults I know that many times you have

felt distant from me lost and without Direction but let me tell you in all

those moments I have never stopped loving you no matter how many times you stray from me or how many times you

fail I will always be by your side waiting for your heart to turn back to

me so I can offer you my infinite forgiveness the peace and happiness you

long for come to me my son come to my word

for in it you will find comfort and wisdom to face your challenges in it you will find the way out and the solution

to every problem you just have to trust me and I assure you that in my grace you

will overcome every adverse situation do not forget that my love for you does

not depend on your actions or merits my love is a gift received by grace and I

freely give it to you so come into my presence beloved child here I am ready

to help you and receive you with open arms let me heal the wounds that have

scarred your heart come to me with your burdens I will carry them for

you my power can turn any pain into strength any sadness into hope take a

step of Faith right now my beloved child and lay it all before me I will give you

the strength courage and bravery to overcome the sadness and depression that

weigh you down just take my hand and let the light of my presence chase away the darkness

in your life don’t be afraid to do this because I will be your refuge in the

storm your peace and an anguish your companion in loneliness and your comfort

in pain trust in me my beloved child trust

in my promises I will be your shield and your unbreakable Rock even when problems

overwhelm you I will lift you up and keep your head high in me you have

nothing to be ashamed of for my light will illuminate your path and lead you

to the joy and fulfillment you seek always always feel free to come to me in prayer I am ever ready to listen

and respond to your needs know that anything you ask in faith believing it’s

for your good and the good of others I will grant so trust in me and in my word

for you beloved child for I desire for you to prosper in all areas of your life

don’t hesitate to come to me I will guide you with the light of my word

providing wisdom and direction for your life if you sometimes fail or feel weak

remember that in me you will always find multiple opportunities and forgiveness

for your mistakes trust in me and let me fill every part of your heart with my love

today I declare you free from all Affliction and depression that devastates your soul

daily today I Break Every Chain of Oppression that has brought despondency sadness and

guilt leave the past behind and move toward the promising future I have prepared for you don’t look back with

guilt or regret nor listen to the voice of the wicked remember in my love you will

always find forgiveness and restoration for your soul from today walk confidently knowing

you are my beloved child my greatest treasure and I am leading you by the

hand to the full life I promised you just trust in me and you will see how my

love transforms and strengthens you beyond your imagination nothing bad will happen to

you you are in my hands even if tough times come hold on to this

promise keep trusting if someone leaves your life if a door closes if you lose

something material don’t be afraid you are alive

I love you you are in a very special place it is my will for you to be

healed it is my desire to soothe your soul with my comfort and fill you with

my Holy Spirit I’m aware of your struggles and it is also my desire for

you to have peace for you to lack nothing go about your daily tasks

sincerely without fear or surprises feel deeply loved and protected by your

heavenly father the changes happening around you are the work of my powerful hand clearing your

path removing obstacles and keeping harmful people away from your life

removing things that leave your soul wounded do not stop your activities do

not isolate yourself out of fear do not stop praying and giving thanks do not

hide from anyone especially not from me I want to bless you more than you can

imagine I have the power to perform Majestic

Miracles I can erase your past mistakes and make your future

wonderful I want to reveal to your heart the meaning of My

Sacrifice I gave my life on a cross and took your punishments upon myself I

suffered for you have faith I have come to take away your guilt so you no longer

feel dejected you have an inheritance of life to receive I have blessings and peace for you I

have planted you in a place of abundant love I want you to feel loved and protected day and night whether it’s

warm or cold wherever you go I’m removing that deep sense of

loneliness that emptiness inside you that fear that something terrible might happen if you’ve been betrayed and left

with a shattered heart my glory is now enveloping you it’s here to tenderly speak love into

your heart to heal your wounds to dust you off and to lift you to a promising

future don’t weep over those who don’t value you don’t reserve a place in your

heart for those who have hurt you if they choose to leave let them if they

consider returning think it over carefully be cautious and don’t trust

every outstretched hand I don’t want you to be alone I care about your heart and your emotional life

let me handle things my way don’t rush my timing don’t insist on immediate

responses and don’t yearn for the return of those who betrayed you instead learn

to appreciate yourself understand your worth you carry my Holy Spirit within you gentle as a

dove let it guide your heart with its gentle presence treat it kindly cherish

it like a dove shelters its young from the storms so too will your soul be

safeguarded and your spirit comforted one day when you enter your

heavenly home and see me face to face you’ll understand the trials you faced

but for now I want you to experience a foretaste of Heaven on Earth this

feeling of Eternal unbreakable love of divine tenderness shines brighter than a

a thousand sons and envelops you in a radiant white light I desire to bless

you to love you to protect you trust in this let me take care of you your life

is in my hands allow me to arrange the circumstances and people around you it’s

never been my intention for you to walk through life alone constantly burdened by worries or scared of what might come

fear nothing and cling to no material thing as long as you live you possess more

than just hope as long as you have faith doors are open Miracles can happen do me

a favor go to every family member and tell them I love them deeply gently peacefully place your hand on their

shoulder look into their eyes and say God says he loves you and so do I let

your tears flow don’t be embarrassed if they see you cry today start a miracle

of restoration and healing in in your home Embrace this Divine and

Supernatural blessing I send you it is growing coming to fruition accept it gratefully come back

tomorrow I want to talk more with you you’ll hear my voice again feel my peace and know I am always here for you with

love I am steadfast unmovable close your eyes take a deep

breath of this Divine air I send to refresh you if you must go quickly take this

profound peace with you and leave your worries with me sometimes you might feel unworthy but

my love for you remains steadfast you try to come closer yet you

hesitate to let go of the things that trouble your peace doubts hold you back and you continue to carry that heavy

burden of bitterness listen to my soothing voice that heals you let me imprint my word

deep with with in your soul hear me clearly I love you you are free I

embrace you gently I hold you in my hands today as you face challenges

remember my presence I will be there Whispering healing words ensuring you

don’t forget me stray away or let your emotions mislead you I will ignite a flame in your heart

and even in the darkest times my light will shine the brightest

like the sun that lights up your day evil cannot Prevail against my eternal light today’s spiritual foes that try to

sadden you will disappear give me a chance to show how deep my love is listen for my voice

throughout the day it’s like Divine oil pouring over you preparing you for blessings I’m clearing your mind of

false beliefs if you have stumbled my forgiveness will raise you it’s not not

my desire for you to live in defeat overwhelmed by fear guilt or

regrets I’m not here to condemn or judge you I am here to love you if punishment

were my intention you wouldn’t be here now so except the love I’ve long offered

don’t turn away you face a choice between two paths one leading to a splendid eternity with

me and the other away from me following me might not simplify your

life but I will always support you when needed my Holy Spirit Will Comfort you

in sorrow my word will guide you my presence is accessible always you

can confidently bring your sincere prayers to me if you entrust your family to me I will cherish them Shield them

with joy and enrich them I will protect them from harm from dis receivers and

from loss I will encircle your home with angels ready to defend against any

threat I am unchanging and as surely as the Earth

rotates and the stars shine at Night My Embrace will support you whenever you

doubt dismiss any uncertainty no force in the universe can

take away the peace and immense happiness I offer you I love love you

your concerns are already resolved it’s time to hand over all your worries

anxieties and sadness to me my spirit will envelop and soothe you in your

heart powerful desires to live and Conquer a rekindling I will open new doors for you

but you must also see your worth and give yourself another chance you have my

grace accept my forgiveness now forgive your yourself for past mistakes knowing

your repentance is genuine sincere and true I’m not focusing on your mistakes I

won’t remind you of your failures or bring up past errors that haunt you I am

wiping away all that unnecessary pain you are free and healed right now in my

divine presence you will always receive the answers you need and the strength to

overcome any Challenge and adversary no problem or enemy will be strong enough to take away the joy I’ve prepared for

you believe this even if you can’t see or feel it yet when these blessings

arrive it will be a glorious day and you will experience Joy like never

before from this point forward I will anoint you with holy oil and my divine

power will increasingly fill you each day your strength will grow your mind

will be renewed you will understand my promise promises and your purpose

clearly you will know where to go and what to do to fulfill your mission I’m confirming that the hardest

years are behind you what lies ahead is a season of harvest where you will

gather many blessings and abundantly fill your storehouses in recent times you’ve

endured hardship and said sad farewells to many who departed temporarily you

thought your best days were behind you but now you you can Proclaim your Victory nothing in your future can take

away your blessings or separate you from me your beliefs are stronger now you’ve

learned from my word and know me well now you understand what I have prepared for you and your family your repentance

and your decision to turn from Evil you will never go back to your old ways everyone in your family can change some

just need to seek me more when they kneel I will give them the sensitivity

to know me not just by hearsay but in a real and tangible way in spirit and

Truth there are others in your home who need to make significant decisions

acknowledge their faults and stay away from bad influences I will give you plenty of

love and patience to gently share what I have commanded you but do it with kindness and

softness don’t judge others I’ve sent you to love and help them not to punish or reject them if you truly love and

trust me you must Embrace this truth everyone can

change open your heart and give them that chance pray for them place them in

my hands and treat them kindly when you meet them smile offer a handshake and

share this message I love them I want to transform them I know their thoughts and

I understand stand their discouragement tell them that today is the day of salvation today they should

open their hearts to me acknowledge their faults and pray wherever they are

even a short prayer can bless them with joy you are sowing a seed of faith in

their hearts that will soon grow into a strong large tree obey me trust me learn to live by

faith your issues are already resolved you can live life peacefully starting today great Miracles

will begin you will lift your hands high and praise my holy name I have a plan

for you and it will be fulfilled no matter who opposes it hear me now you no

longer need to settle for the scraps others throw away you have your own blessings and a heavenly father who

welcomes you with love he heals you lifts you up enriches

your love life and always looks after you those who caused you to stumble will

come to regret their actions those who scorned you will learn a lesson they won’t

forget I defend those I love and will make your enemies flee I am clearing

your path of obstacles and conflicts so make the most of your time don’t shut

yourself away to cry over a past that is gone or shout into the unhearing

wind don’t miss the arms of those who despised and sought to destroy you I

hope you don’t cherish those ungrateful ones more than me with me you will find

a life and a joy you’ve never known before an emotion so beautiful you

didn’t even know it existed I have a powerful reason for you to live I’m

opening a path that will lead you to your dreams follow it there’s no need to look

back anymore no one in your past loves you as much as I do always wanting the best for

you blessing you and guiding you I want you to feel secure knowing

you are loved and protected by a supernatural God I’m not interested in material things like gold or silver what

moves me is your faith and sincerity you have a desire to change to

live life fully seizing every moment using your talents and resources to

bless others especially your your family you yearn to tell the world about

love forgiveness and salvation about the way and the truth

and how in my presence they can find the strength to rise and start a new leave

the PA behind make this decision for yourself and if you need help just tell

me I’ll gladly lend you my hand I will permanently remove anything from your

path that holds you back so don’t be saddened by the absence of messages or

greetings from those who once manipulated you on the cross I gave my

life so you could be free you were not born to live in emotional bondage you will no longer

miss the shouts and Scorn of false lovers I am giving you a spirit of Love

self-control courage and honesty if you must face people from

your past or walk through Flames where you were once burned do not fear for I Am by your

side I will silence the mouths of lions and defeat those who mock you you will walk through fire and your

clothes hair or The Souls of your feet will not be harmed as they were

before today in my Holy Name you will face these conflicts and by my Holy

Spirit you will overcome them tell me with faith that you believe activate

your faith exercise your soul in my word and recall all my holy

promises they are your shield and sword in the face of adversity who is with you the most high

God omnipotent King of Kings Lord of lords Majestic in power and

authority who gives you the strength to overcome answer me I want to hear you

feel how these words reignite that discouraged faith and relight the flame of your desire to Triumph listen receive

it and believe it amen


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