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God says your life is not horrible get

up from that pit of misery I have

promised you to give you the victory

don’t allow Satan to bring you down get

up and keep fighting I love you God is

saying to you today something major is

about to happen for you don’t block

what’s coming by thinking negatively or

doubting if it’s even possible doubt

worry and lack of trust only slows down

the process let go and let

God God is saying to you today L will

never send you into a situation alone I

go before L am standing beside you I

walk behind you whatever situation you

are facing now be confident that am with

vog God never sends you into a situation

alone God goes before you he stands

beside you he walks behind you whatever

situation you have right now be

confident God is with you God says don’t

ever underestimate the power of faith

and asking in jesus’

name if you ask for it you shall receive

it believe it if through a broken heart

God can bring his purposes to pass in

the world then thank him for broking

your heart God is saying to you today I

know your heart is broken I know it’s

hard to move on but know I am close to

the Brokenhearted I will bind and

protect your wounds so you can heal the

healing process will take time but as

you come into my presence daily you will

have the strength to get up and walk

into the love blessings and Destiny I

have in store for you God breaks your

heart to save your soul because

sometimes the things that hurt us the

most are the things that make us grow he

lets you feel pain not to harm you but

to help you become stronger and more

compassionate it’s like how a seed needs

to crack open before it can grow into a

beautiful lower in thus broken moments

God is there guiding you toward healing

and renewal shaping you into the person

you’re meant to be Jesus name


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