Unlock Your True Strength: Embrace the Power Within You

dear child life has its ups and downs

keep your faith strong through it all

know that the challenges you face will

work out for your good if the road gets

tough don’t give up if lies try to bring

you down don’t believe them you and your

family are safe under my watchful eye no

harm will come to you but stay alert

because the enemy prows like a lion

looking to devour those who are

distracted and unguarded I don’t want

the enemy to harm you that’s why I

remind you every day that you’re not

alone on this journey

you have me and your family even if they

seem unsupportive or unappreciative of

your efforts at times I see your faith

loyalty and actions on their behalf your

home is blessed because of your prayers

Angels watch over all your loved ones

your perseverance is important to me

you’re not perfect but your attitude is

Right you’ve trusted me with your soul

and heart you didn’t give up in danger

nor did you quit in times of trouble I

deeply admire your character Let My

Words echo in your heart keep praying

fighting striving and believing my

promises are certain my word becomes

your reality your struggles will end and

your blessings are on their way start

listing the people you’ll have first

when you share your blessings I will

increase your efforts your family will

never be without what they need I will

bless you richly provide for you give

you wisdom in managing finances and

guide your decisions but remember me in

your success keep prayer and my

teachings close always put me first

first tomorrow I await you in the quiet

of your room with your heart open come

read and listen to my word dedicate your

time kneel and prepare your soul for My

Embrace you will sense my presence my

spirit will fill your life your family

and your home do not fear there is a

special place for you in my presence

what does it matter if some people

reject you even if you treat them kindly

and with respect some ungrateful ones

will still respond with disdain that’s

why today I want to strengthen your

spirit mind and body so you are no

longer shaken or harmed by such

disappointments you deserve love that is

good holy perfect Eternal pure and true

this is the love I offer you those who

hurt you claim to give love but always

want something in return if you don’t

comply they make you suffer more each

day today you are free from this bondage

you will no longer depend on anyone in

this world or need sweet words to feel


you won’t be hurt anymore when days go

by without anyone reaching out except to

ask for something or to blame you for

their troubles I am breaking every

spiritual chain every emotional shackle

I’m freeing you from the trap of

malevolence you fell into by trusting

others too much your enemy May disguise

himself as an angel of Light trying to

take what’s yours but I don’t ask for

your money or possessions your material

things don’t impress me I want you to

live a life free of sorrow and disdain

you will live for for me you will be

very strong you won’t feel hurt when

many Overlook you or blindly trust any

human no matter how kind and good you

will be truly Brave and very happy if

you value my word accept my will and

patiently wait for all the blessings I

will give you I don’t want you to spend

your days alone I will bring the right

person into your life at the perfect

time I will provide the job you need and

open doors for you I will bless you

abundantly and free you from debts all

this I will do you just need to rest

with a humble and grateful heart

trusting in my love and power I will do

so many beautiful things in you that you

will be filled with joy come trust me I

will surprise you seek me every day tell

me you believe in me bring all your

problems to me don’t carry those burdens

alone the time for your peace and rest

has come you worry about everyone and

exhaust yourself but today I’ve come to

carry you in my arms to help you rest

and to show you that I love you remember

to take time time for yourself seek me

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