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God’s Urgent

Message my child you are not safe from

this my darling you are an Exquisite

thread in the fabric of my love-filled

creation and you will always have a

special place in my heart exceeding your

most ambitious dreams I have reserved an

abundance of wonderful advantages for

you keep in mind that when you’re going

through tough times when life seems

heavy and your dreams seem far away it’s

because you temporarily lost trust in me

temporarily swayed by external

challenges your heart earns for the

Solace that my teachings provide renew

your trust in me I beg you dear Lord and

Creator if you fully commit to my

teachings you will be able to weather

the storms of life and emerge stronger

than a tree planted by the

water now that you are here blessed by

God I want to renew your soul with the

knowledge I have imparted I fully

support them and they will give you

strength courage and endurance if you’re

in a bad scenario my sentences may

change it and give you hope for the

future please keep in mind that I am

fully aware of all of your feelings all

of your innermost thoughts and all of

the trials you are going through as you

embrace my lessons let them be a source

of motivation and Direction bringing you

through the challenging times and

Illuminating the path to a future full

of of optimism and achievement when the

weight of the arena is on your

shoulders and the path ahead seems

clouded by

night I want you to know that I am a

constant Beacon of light on your

journey there were times when doubtful

voices tried to drown out your dreams

but I’m here to tell you with absolute

certainty that those doubts were born of

untruth stop letting them put out the

fire that’s burning within you don’t

allow any delusions to sway your heart

disentangle every negative Shadow use my

strength to Vanquish all Wicked desires

know that you have my wavering support

as I speak to you as my cherished son or

daughter you still have a ways to go in

your Odyssey but I beg you not to give

up or give up now keep going there’s no

need to fret right now these days I

inject faith and enthusiasm into you

imagine your renewed strength like a

charging bull propelling you to the top

of the mountain once again I implore you

to channel your whole focus and optimism

into the promises I have made made I

will eventually fulfill all of my

previous statements keep an eye out as

my divine plan becomes a reality in your

lives you put all your trust in me the

one who Chi

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