Turn Your Gaze Inward | God Message Today |


my beloved child today I implore you to

delve deep within yourselves and reflect

upon the words I share the trials and

tribulations that have plagued Your

Existence are fading away making room

for brighter days ahead trust in your

heavenly father for he shall forever

Stand By Your Side though life may

present challenges and tests that dim

the flame of Faith Within your hearts I

desire nothing more than to see your

faith shine with fervor and

compassion remember dear ones that your

spirit motivation and desire to live are

gifts from the Divine love that envelops

you it is time to return to the path of

Hope nourishing your spirit with the

promises and truths bestowed upon you

even as you Traverse through the darkest

valleys fear not for evil shall not

Prevail The Guiding hand of your father

shall be with you every step of the way

urging you to overcome obstacles

protecting your aspirations and helping

you achieve your dreams yes this world

is a realm of hardships but I beseech

you to place your trust in me for I have

conquered pain I hold the keys to life

and it is my will that you live it with

unbridled Joy let Victory after Victory

be your destiny and may your future be

adorned with success and blessings never

succumb to defeat my dear ones for these

words Shall Serve as a shield against

envy and those who seek to witness your

downfall understand that it is a law of

the supernatural life that I am here to

uplift and bless those I love but

adversaries may arise fueled by hatred

and resentment towards your happiness

and Faith fear not for no harm shall

befall you as long as you walk in my

will it is neither a difficult nor an

impossible task I do not demand

Perfection from you for I understand

your Humanity you may stumble along the

way but I ask only for your heart and

unwavering focus on my sacred word

loyalty is what I desire from you love

and seek me not only when things go well

but especially in times of adversity

when all seems arai do not halt your

journey or cease your prayers keep

walking and praying with yielding Faith

tears May flow be it in times of rain or

storms but persevere without faltering

for I shall calm the tempests and

silence the Raging

Seas I shall command your conflicts to

cease and address your

problems however I wish to see an

unyielding attitude of love and devotion

towards me always giving me the first

place in all that you do this unwavering

faith shall become a sword that conquers

evil overcomes your weaknesses and

provides you with spiritual and

Supernatural strength to conquer

Temptations fears problems and any

challenges that come your way Before you

depart from your Abode bow your head for

a few moments dedicating your plans and

Affairs to me pray for your family and

speak words of faith and peace Rejoice

for I am your shepher and you shall lack

nothing you are my beloved Sons and

Daughters my beautiful little sheep

I shall lead you to Lush pastures and

Still Waters the shouting and confusion

in your home shall cease and the

conflicts burdening your heart shall

dissipate I shall remove Wicked

individuals who steal love and Destroy

peace from your household I shall uproot

all sin and wrongdoing that lurks in the

shadows seeking to corrupt your faith


happiness sorrow shall be replaced by

joy and misery and poverty shall be

banished from your table

bread shall Grace your plate in its due

season I shall open the windows of

heaven and blessings shall rain down

upon you opportunities for employment

education and personal growth shall

manifest bad habits and vices that

threaten your integrity and faith shall

be eradicated from your Abode we shall

walk hand in hand and I shall hold your

hand firmly Focus your gaze upon the

good the pure and the The Marvelous

things I yearn to bring into your life

do not seek out negative friendships nor

return to those who never rise from the

ground I am your provider and I can also

bring you

happiness therefore you need not seek

acceptance or approval from others just

as I do not require permission to bless

you you should not seek anyone else’s

approval to love and serve me in me

alone can you discover pure and

indestructible love it is a love that

Comforts and heals I am the only one in

this vast universe who died and rose

again for you that you may find

Salvation and eternal happiness beloved

heed my words for I bring you a message

of Hope and guidance the Divine has

heard your prayer and soon the miracle

you seek will come to pass however when

you receive this blessing remember not

to fall into the Trap of forgetting the

source from which it came

let your heart be filled with wisdom and

gratitude for it is through these

experiences that you shall grow in your

moments of Triumph let your first words

be of gratitude to the almighty it is a

simple task to open your eyes and offer

thanks I do not seek material

possessions or offerings but rather a

sincere and grateful spirit for it is

through this attitude of gratitude that

blessings truly multiply in your life

though the exact desires of your heart

may not be fulfilled in the way you

expect trust that the Divine always

provides something better as your father

and Creator I know what is best for your

future your family your spiritual life

and your heart if you seek Prosperity I

shall cancel your debts but remember be

thankful for the freedom you already

possess even if your financial accounts

are empty I shall provide employment and

dignified work for your household and I

urge you not to complain for I am

opening doors for you peace in your home

is also my desire let the Miracles you

witness serve as a catalyst for your

spiritual growth however do not lose

sight of my word and become solely

focused on material

possessions above all maintain a sincere

attitude of gratitude within you this is

the first step toward a supernatural

life where abundance shall flow your

devotion worship Thanksgiving Faith

commitment to bless others and desire to

receive my word are pleasing to me I

love hearing your prayers and words of

gratitude it brings me great joy to

witness your courageous attitude

remember these words etched into your

soul for they shall serve as a source of

strength when discouragement seeks to

assail you I am the one who heals

prospers and rescues you from the depths

reflect upon the moments when I have

seen saved you from pain and suffering

from the day you were born you became

one of my messengers destined to bring

healing to this world the enemy sought

to snatch away your calling but my

Angelic armies defended you fiercely I

came with love rebuking the enemy and

pouring out an anointing of healing upon

you I set you on the path to your

destiny guiding you and opening up paths

you have been equipped with gifts and

talents molded into my world

the flame within you shall never fade

for I have breathed my breath into your

spirit Solace and healing shall flow

through you to those in distress take my

hand and remember that I will walk

beside you offering assurance and

support I am your counselor your friend

and your protector I have moved Heaven

and Earth to ensure your Victory do not

fear your adversaries for I am your

protector when you face those who rise

against you I shall extend my hand and

raise you High granting you Victory

entrust your future to me stand tall and

exert courage even in the darkest

valleys and the most turbulent Waters I

will guide you and clear your path do

not seek excuses or blame others for

your challenges you have a purpose and a

mission and it is your commitment to me


matters there will be those who

criticize and reject you but do not see

seek love and acceptance from those who

align with your

adversaries my love is sufficient and my

grace shall Propel you forward I shall

bless your Abode with prosperity peace

health and provision stay upright in

your dealings with me fulfill your part

of our covenant and witness the

Fulfillment of my promises in your life

may you find strength and solace in

these words and may they guide you on


journey trust in my love for I shall

never leave you alone my child I beseech

you to listen to the fervor in my words

for they carry a message of divine truth


Liberation open your spiritual eyes and

step through the gate into a new realm

of Supernatural living leave behind the

shackles of pain and embrace the mighty

and wondrous Miracles that await you

even if you have not asked for them I

your God your king your Shepherd your

provider your healer shall envelop you

in blessings my love for you is

unconditional and eternal if you have

surrendered your heart to me and are

committed to following me with

unwavering loyalty no one can snatch you

from my hand yet be vigilant for the

cunning enemy patiently awaits the

moment you become distracted tempted to

revisit the past or entertain doubts but

fear not for the enemy’s assaults are

feeble and feudal when you stand firm in

your faith when you possess Serenity

emotional stability and Supernatural

power there attacks crumble before you

do not succumb to cowardice or fear let

your legs not tremble with Dread and

anxiety maintain a Firm Stance making

decisions with a calm and composed mind

come and listen to my words allow My

Embrace to provide you with the love and

peace you need in this very moment I

bestow upon you my grace and blessings

for I fervently desire to witness your

Triumph and

prosperity live your life on this Earth

with enthusiasm passion purpose and

unwavering dedication to do good and

carry my word to the far reaches of the

universe walk with confidence for the

Envy of the wicked cannot enslave you my

protection surrounds you at all times

defended by my warrior angels lean on me

and Temptation shall not Prevail over

you rejoice in the knowledge of my

eternal love from which Abundant

Blessings flow remember the enemy waits

for the moment you become distracted

tempted to doubt and look back but fear

not for no one can harm you or your

family I am your resurrection and your

life even if you fall you shall rise

again for those who believe in me shall

never die stay humble guarding your

meekness and be patient in the face of

those who provoke you do not respond

without bursts or violence I grant you

courage but I also implore you to act

wisely if fear attempts to return have

faith and seek my presence for I will

protect you from

evil in this journey of faith my beloved

child let your hearts be steadfast your

spirits unyielding and your devotion


trust in my promises and you shall

experience great Tranquility embrace the

fullness of my love and let it guide you

to Eternal victory in this very moment

my beloved child I implore you to open

your heart and allow the immense love

that is meant for you to enter I

understand that you may initially resist

but I want you to know that my love for

you runs deep I will never allow you to

drift away from me embrace this new life

that I offer for you free from

loneliness and fear let yourself be

cradled in my affection and set sail in

the vast ocean of happiness that my love

provides steer your course towards the

harbor where you will receive the crown

of Victory there you shall be blessed

with eternal joy prosperity and holy

riches if you truly desire a change in

your life you must let go of all

disbelief the enemy will try to assail

your mind with doubts for he does not

wish for you to know me better he fears

that you will see how all my promises

come to fruition but I urge you to have

simple faith and humility in your heart

rely not on your own Prudence but rather

commit to entrusting your plans to me at

the start of each day allow me to be

your Shepherd guiding you to the Lush

Green Pastures you yearn for In This

Place Your Soul can finally witness the

blessings I have SP spoken of here my

presence Reigns Supreme eclipsing your

anxieties and bringing Tranquility to

your heart no difficult days or

distressing news can disturb you

anticipate the day when you come to know

me intimately when you receive my

forgiving love and accept yourself as

you are I love you unconditionally and

this sweet affection will transform you

your character shall be refined and you

shall awaken each day without fear of

what may transpire know that you are not

feeble but strong you are not timid but

courageous you are not enslaved to

despondency for I have endowed you with

a spirit of love and power those

unstable emotions that EB and flow shall

yield to my authority in place of

anxiety and fear my strength shall fill

your heart today you receive freedom and

realize your true self I surround you

with Grace and you shine with my truth

peace and blessings wherever you go find

solace in your soul and heart for I

whisper words of affection to you

strengthening and calming you there is

no need to endure the storms in your

mind day after day there is no reason to

suffer when others dictate it when I

tell you that there is peace in your

spirit you must believe these powerful

words that can heal you I want to hear

nothing but gratitude from your lips

forget none of the gifts blessings and

benefits I bestow upon you I forgive

your sins and forget them I heal your

ailments and rescue you from the pit of

despair I satiate your soul with mercy

and love if you entrust your heart to me

today you will never hunger for

affection or attention you will no

longer seek the Friendship of deceitful

companions or the approval of ungrateful

traitors I shall be your your friend

your companion your bread of life

Embrace this journey with me and

together we shall conquer all amen


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