Trust My Path for You | God Says

[Music] my precious child darling of my heart do not fear for you already possess my

blessing soon you will rise above the troubles that currently weigh heavily on your

mind remember I have promised to always be by your side guiding and protecting

you wrapping you in my Divine love just as the sun emerges after a

storm my light will illuminate your path and guide you to a place of peace and

Tranquility trust in my love and my power which are greater than any challenge you may face I Am With You

Always showering you with blessings and fortifying your spirit I know you

understand this well but I also want you to demonstrate it by wiping away those

tears from your face and having the confidence to come into my presence wherever you may be simply close your

eyes call out to me and I will answer you whether your voice is loud with

desperation or quiet with Whispers I will listen Miracles begin when your

faith is ignited search in my word for the sacred promise where I clearly

stated that if you believe in me and fill your heart with my word greater

Miracles you will see through your faith and prayers turning them into

reality so do not fear and never be discouraged ask of me and I will give

unto you place your hands upon the sick and I will heal them rebuke the winds

the financial troubles and the storms banish from your home the disputes and animosities speak my word

with reverence and Faith for no Miracle is beyond my reach I desire and am able

to bless you to deepen your understanding of my word and to fortify

your heart do not fear when adversaries threaten your family many consumed by

their own wrongdoings and isolated in their Solitude roam like roaring Lions

seeking to divide and plunder innocent families but you and all in your

household stand firm Raise Your Hands In Praise and pray to my holy name for when

I hear your voices raised in faith your enemies will flee and be vanquished tomorrow wake with a renewed

spirit it is time to refresh your thoughts to dispel negativity and to dedicate

yourself to persistently seeking me regardless of the circumstances you will advance despite

your setbacks I assure you my child there is hope for you and your family it

is true that some may waver and Others May gradually lose their faith but I am

here ready to forgive everyone to purify their hearts and souls

and to grant them the strength to resist temptation should they falter again they

will rise a new humble in spirit and eager for repentance and transformation I will be here waiting

for them I understand you are human and the world you live in is Frau with

challenges it is tough to Traverse the Meer and dirt without selling your white garments with faults and guilt but hear

this from me directly I am your loving father the companion who walks beside

you and in all matters of false failures sins and forgiveness I’m your staunch

Advocate and Defender what a blessed position you hold in the Heavenly Court your Victory

is certain for you have a loyal and sincere heart an advocate who defends you a judge who loves you and overlooks

your faults because you have sought refuge in the Redemption I secured for

you on that painful cross now tell me do you accept my

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