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my dear son in the midst of the

difficulties that life presents I want

you to have full knowledge that I am

always by your side you should not fear

what is to come since you are stronger

than you can imagine you should remember

that you were created by me in my image

and likeness and in you I deduce a

Divine spark in the darkest situations

when my light shines most intensely in

your heart you must trust not only in me

but also in your own ability to overcome

obstacles even when you feel surrounded

by adversities keep in mind that I am

guiding your path and protecting you the

love I feel for you is unbreakable and

eternal keep faith hope and love and you

will find peace and strength to face any

challenge that comes your way be aware

that I am aware of the challenges you

face remember that not everyone around

you shares the same purpose and love as

you remain attentive keep compassion in

your heart pray for wisdom and

discernment to na navigate safely

through relationships in your life do

not allow fear to dominate you for I am

always by your side protecting you trust

in my guide and your own intuitions to

make wise decisions the light of my love

will illuminate your path and guide you

through the Shadows I encourage you to

continue with determination and

subscribe to the channel so that more

people will join the path of faith and

love God promises health and strength

for Your Life opening the way to a

journey full of success and wealth there

is a revelation that must come to light

about someone who has been lying to you

over the years it is crucial to discover

the truth to do so you must show your

support right if you are asking that the

enemy be removed from all aspects of

your life including false friendships

ensuring a safer path God promises to

bring news that will dispel all the

worries you have been carrying do not

abandon this message stay faithful and

confident you must believe more in your

potential because God believes in you

and is ready to Grant great achievements

in your life as long as it follows his

path the enemy will not cease in efforts

to distance you from this message but

you must trust in God because he is your

infallible protector WR colon

minutes if you are asking that all your

projects come true and that your path be

illuminated by the hand of God removing

all the obstacles continue fighting

because your Victory is closer than you

imagine God is with you and will guide

you through all the difficulties

surrendering your plans in the hands of

God will result in unexpected surprises

that will bring great achievements to

your life God reveals that Financial

Freedom is possible this year and he

will drive away all diseases in the name

of Jesus the Angels assure that the envy

you have been facing will be overcome

and your life will improve substantially

you will not lack anything God promises

to bring health and prosperity to your

life erasing all the pain and

humiliation of the past

let us pray together beloved Creator God

beloved God creator of the universe and

source of all Grace and goodness today

we address you in deep reverence with

hearts full of gratitude and humility we

recognize your Magnificent Presence in

our lives and your unwavering

faithfulness in guiding our steps at

this moment Lord we want to lift our

hearts in prayer for the Divine designs

that are revealed through the text that

has been shared with us we understand

that the Universe conspires to our favor

and you oh God are always ready to

extend your benevolent hand into our

lives we gratefully receive the promise

of abundant opportunities and financial

prosperity that is given to us we know

that your will is for our good and we

fully trust in your divine plan Lord we

implore your protection against the

tricks of the enemy who tries to divert

us from the path of your grace we ask

for the continued presence of your

angels in our lives so that we can

remain firm in our journey free of

obstacles that divert our hearts from

your purpose we thank you God for the

new chapter that is about to begin in

our lives we know that you are sovereign

and we ask you to grant us wisdom and

courage necessary to walk this new path

with faith and determination that we can

honor our parents and thus enjoy long

days of blessing and prosperity we

appreciate the opportunity to confess

our sins thus finding relief and peace

in your infinite forgiveness we humbly

accept the vision of the Angels who warn

us about the challenges and the need to

intercede for those who may be in danger

strengthen our path we trust in your

promise of Health we thank you Lord for

all the blessings that you have showered

upon us and we accept with gratitude

your infinite grace we ask that you

remain by our side Illuminating our path

with your Divine Light May all the

challenges we Face be overcome by your

goodness and guidance and that in the

end we May witness the manifestation of

your power and love in our lives in the

name of Jesus Christ Our Savior and

Redeemer we pray and thank you for all

the promises and blessings we have

received amen God is about to open many

doors in people’s lives especially for

those who feel lonely a great financial

Miracle is on the way as long as you

share this message in all groups sir I

am grateful for life because I recognize

that the only thing I can do is trust in

your mercy that will always protect me

the enemy is constantly seeking to use

your words against you therefore it is

crucial that you keep your eyes wide

open and Trust in Divine protection the

Angels affirm that something of extreme

importance will yet be revealed and

demonstrating your strength by not

abandoning this message would be a noble

act God says that this month is

beginning in your life and that you will

soon experience a great blessing that

will materialize within hours comment

to request the manif estation of

prosperity and the strengthening of your

connections with people who really love

you God has important messages related

to someone in your environment it is

important to keep your eyes wide open

when it comes to the work sphere since

there may be people with bad intentions

related to your name the angels are glad

that you have come this far which

suggests that your life is destined to

be truly blessed and the difficulties

you have faced tend to come to an end

God warns that adversity will try to

follow you and it is essential to

strengthen your faith with Divine help

to dissipate all negative energy in the

name of Jesus comment colon

minutes to confirm your growth and the

arrival of days of prosperity with daily

blessings knocking on your door the

enemy knows that a new month is about to

begin and wants to cause great sadness

in your life by taking someone who loves

you very much pray daily for your life

the Angels had a vision in which

everything seems to be going well

bringing a new life full of comfort and

abundance leave behind all the worries

from the past since God will take care

of you in such a way that you will

surprise those who wanted to see you in

trouble many are willing to give their

lives for you every day comment colon

minutes to ask that your life be full

of joy and that all your fears become

dreams fulfilled an angel is about to

bring you extraordinary news even today

before this day and something extremely

special is coming your way God promises

to bring peace to your family by

extending his bless blessings to your

children and grandchildren your support

and firmness are crucial until the end

the Angels warn that something is trying

to surround you and to avoid the worst

it is essential that you pay attention

to this message before it is too late

God claims that he will reveal something

surprising to you about your future full

of blessings confirm this now with your

support and express your commitment

comment colon minutes to claim the

beginning of a great distribution of

blessings ensuring that nothing is

missing from your table until the end of

the year as it will be a period of

abundance God has freed you from many

evils and has protected you from

numerous dangers to recognize and thank

is a generous gesture the year is

aligned to favor giving you the

opportunity to attract Abundant

Blessings your way you will soon attract

considerable financial prosperity into

your life the angels are closer than

ever aware that the enemy will try to

hinder your progress but they will

remain by your side offering constant

and protection God has a new phase ready

to begin in your life but requires that

you go to the end of this path to

demonstrate your determination and

deserve his grace if you want all your

challenges to be resolved before the

month ends write minutes this will

make peace and contentment return

driving away all sadness and pain the

Angels had a vision that involves

unpleasant news someone close to you

could be about to leave and your mission

is the instrument to save them from this

situation God God teaches that honoring

your parents on Earth will result in

longevity and numerous blessings putting

this virtue into practice can bring

abundance and prosperity by confessing

your sins and repenting you will find

relief and peace for both you and your

family however this requires faith and

trust write minutes to ask for

God’s protection and may your life be

very prosperous with your paths

illuminated by his hands the Angels say

that your life will be blessed by the

hands of God after listening to this

message many opportunities will arise

God affirms that in the coming weeks an

unexpected blessing is planned on your

path opening new sources of employment

before finishing you are asked to share

this message in all groups and all

adversities against you will fall to the

ground an angel said that a person in

your family is about to receive a large

amount of money if you listen to this

message God promises that all your

problems will be solved and there will

many blessings my son you just have to

have faith and trust in him the Angels

say that new blessings will begin to

appear in your life as long as you

continue to fight every day God has

always been by your side in the moments

of pain along your path and he wants you

to know that he loves you deeply he

wants you to be saved but you just need

to make a decision son be certain that

your future is in God’s hands if you

want your life to be full of wealth

leave a like comment now colon

minutes to claim all the Privileges

mentioned in this message from Los

Angeles God is at the Forefront today

bringing with faith you are being

exalted today getting here will cause

the enemy to be eliminated from all

aspects of your life from now on there

will be peace and abundance the Angels

say that soon the last call will come

where your life will be purified and God

will bring new opportunities in son

value your entire family and and honor

your parents as this can prolong your

life on Earth this is one of the

greatest Commandments of the Father God

stated that to lead a quality life it is

necessary to be more persistent and

always be grateful for the new

opportunities that appear let us pray

Joseph beloved God creator of the

universe and Lord of all things at this

moment I raise my voice and my reason to

you in humility and gratitude you are

the source of all life the light that

guides our path and the strength that

sustains us every day today I want to

dedicate this time to express my

adoration my reverence and my deep

connection with you Lord I am grateful

for every Grace I receive from the air I

breathe to those that shape my day I

recognize with humility that without

your grace and guidance I am nothing you

are the reason for my existence the

anchor in the midst of Storms and the

hope that illuminates the dark darker

days I ask forgiveness for my weaknesses

today Lord I pray for the people I love

and for Humanity as a whole may your

peace compassion and love envelop them

guiding them through the challenges and

rejoicing in the victories pour out your

healing on The Afflicted Comfort on the

desperate and Hope on the Hopeless I ask

for wisdom discernment and strength to

face the challenges of life help me to

be a light for others to to share your

message of love and compassion with

those who cross my path Lord I trust in

you my dreams and aspirations knowing

that your will is always wiser than mine

guide me towards the purpose you have

for my life and give me the courage to

follow that path regardless of the

adversities that may arise in you I find

Refuge comfort and hope thank you for

being my safe Refuge my unbreakable Rock

and my eternal Refuge may your presence

always be with me in every step of my

life Grant Lord may this be a time of

deep communion with you where my soul is

renewed and my spirit is strengthened in

your mighty name I pray Our Father who

art in heaven Hallowed Be Your Name Your

Kingdom Come your will be done on Earth

as it is in heaven give us this day our

daily bread forgive us our trespasses as

well as we forgive those who offend us

do not lead us into temptation anymore

Deliver Us from Evil because yours is

the kingdom the power and the glory

forever amen God is warning you that he

will still reveal information to you

about the woman who has been spreading

lies you must act first as the situation

will get worse angels are your best

defenders since they always protect you

from evil and guide you along paths

where you will find great happiness and

peace WR so that God comforts you

in all adversities and gives you great

Victory yes amen the enemy will not give

up until you stop listening to this

message but you have already stated that

turning away from him is serving sin God

says that after all the difficulties you

have faced your great moment will come

where you will be able to witness All

The Graces granted by father Los Angelus

assures that a person who gave you

support in the past is spreading

falsehoods and will be mentioned in the

next minutes you must be alert Dear

Son in order not to overlook this

relevant information God brings us good

news for those you coner and who will

come in search of new employment

opportunities in your life the Angels

warn that Envy is close to you and it is

crucial to distance yourself from that

person when he expresses his resentment

so that everything begins to flow in a

positive way the enemy approaches with

the intention of sewing unhappiness but

the more times you listen to this

message the more protected you will be

by the Heavenly Angels Dear Son many

obstacles surround you that hinder your

progress despite paying attention

with each message the Lord will

eliminate all negative things God is

your safest refuge and from now on he

will renew your energy daily even when

you feel exhausted and without strength

comment I believe in you to confirm that

you will overcome all the traps that

have been prepared in your name now only

Victory will prevail amen the Angels

warn about a major financial crisis that

is looming in your life however if you

decide to change your course and seek

Financial Freedom leave a like there is

a woman you have known for a long time

and who has defamed your name therefore

it is crucial to advance to the next

stage where you will discover her

identity Dear Son the Angels warn that

someone in your family could leave soon

but if you want to save that person’s

life share this message God still has a

great Revelation for you however if you

allow the enemy to take you away from

this message it could be tragic in the

coming days God advises that there is

someone in your circle of friends who

has taken certain actions that you need

to know Los Angeles is worried that you

may fall into a big trap prepared by the

enemy tomorrow but if you persevere

until the end you will be freed a great

Revelation is available and this week an

exciting Miracle will be witnessed by

all the members of your family who were

going through difficult times they will

be healed God will touch your heart even

more deeply and show that great things

are in store for those who respect him

and follow his word word God will help

you overcome all your dependencies as

there is a better way reserved for you

as you progress you will learn to say

Amen Dear Son the enemy wants to destroy

your family through a crisis but this

message has come to rescue and bless you

God says he will still talk to you about

a woman who is using your name when he

does not is present you must be informed

the Angels approach you to give you an

energy that will try to capture your

attention you really need the mercy of

the father father write

minutes to affirm that all the

blessings will be multiplied and that

the anxiety and anguish in your heart

will be eliminated my dear son a new

chapter begins in your journey where in

the coming days many realizations will

begin to emerge as long as you continue

until the end the Angels reveal that

even in the midst of Darkness your

moment of Triumph will come just trust

in what God is communicating and there

will be no need to shed tears God will

modify your path but before all the

changes are made some people will be

identified and it is crucial that you

walk away from them the angels will

rescue you today from a great trap and

from now on you will witness great

Miracles keep your faith write

, minutes to confirm that all your

dreams will come true and nothing will

stop you because you are the promise of

the Father God warns that the enemy is

determined to destroy your dreams but if

you continue listening to each message

nothing can shake you there is someone

who wants to take advantage of your

kindness to set a trap for you that is

why it is essential that you get to the

end of this message God will provide in

your life and the realization of your

dreams is very close to happening you

just need to maintain firm faith and not

give up the Lord will support you the

angels are eager to help you lead a

healthy life but first you must abandon

all your vices then all the blessings

will be yours write

, minutes to ask that in the coming

weeks an unexpected blessing arises that

brings a new source of income God will

never disappoint you but many times you

prefer to follow the path of sin every

day is an opportunity to change son your

financial situation will continue to

bear fruit and you just need to take

advantage of this moment to walk hand

inand with God God will guide all your

progress and they will happen one after

another however before your life is

truly blessed you must allow him to

direct your path Angels claim that the

Lord of death has been close to your

environment and this message is intended

to protect you from his plan God says

that he will also bless your family if

you promise to stay until the end and

nothing will stop you I will disturb you

for colon minutes to ensure that

the last phase of all the blessings

begins to materialize and further

enriching your journey for every day in

which you had to shed tears there will

there will be a great Victory waiting

for you dear son you will never be alone

God Is by your side God has warned that

if you do not share this message you

could be led to believe in dangerous

illusions that will take you to risky

situations stay prepared also write

colon minutes to ask that the

darkness be removed from your daily life

since the light Divine has arrived to

bring you Joy and prosperity the angels

are transmitting that the hope in your

heart should never fade since the Divine

Light Prayed by God never goes out today

however you receive a warning someone in

your life could face their departure

this week which will bring great sadness

however it has been chosen to avoid any

evil or trap that is coming the angels

are warning about a possible danger in

the next hours therefore this message

has come to you as a call to vigilance

comment colon minutes to confirm

that most of the blessings will begin to

manifest in the next hours after

listening to everything sincerely God is

that in your circle of friends there is

someone who has defamed your name and

has acted falsely you will soon find out

who it is has emerged a great financial

miracle and despite the difficulties a

considerable amount of money will be

available in your account tomorrow an

angel informs you that something

negative is entering your house every

night and it is imperative that you put

end to this harmful energy before

something worse happens God reveals that

he still has shocking information to

share with you and requests that you

share this message now to bring peace

write , minutes you will never go

hungry again as today you are offered

the greatest opportunity to find and

grow financially tomorrow auspicious

news will come and you are very close to

achieving success trust in God’s timing

and you will not be disappointed the

angels are worried because death has

been hanging around your family in

search of someone therefore do not walk

away until you receive the final

Liberation God will provide you with

great wisdom to face the most

challenging moments of your life the

Divine Light will be with you and all

problems will be solved the Angels had a

vision in which someone in your family

runs grave danger and it has been the

heavenly father is bringing the solution

the Angels they are worried about you

because something terrible could happen

if you do not share this message you

could face great disappointment God asks

you not to stop because he is watching

your every step confirm your commitment

with a like point the enemy use someone

you know to try to get revenge on you so

it is crucial that you go to the end to

discover his identity today God will

bring healing to all those who need it

and it will eliminate all evil against

your life also write , minutes

to claim a lot of prosperity and

progress in your life there will be no

more tears because with faith you will

achieve great achievements the Angels

warn that a woman on your street wants

to cause conflict in your family because

of hatred and envy you will soon know

who he is God says that the enemy has

great plots to divert your attention

from this message if you leave before

the end it could be too late an angel he

had an important vision and wants to

share all the details about something

very negative that could happen only you

can intervene and repeat you are my

refuge and and the Lord will always

strengthen me God says that your faith

can move mountains making everything

possible in your life let’s pray

together dear Lord give us mercy and

protection in our lives with gratitude

and infinite grace we humbly gather to

thank you for all the blessings you have

showered upon us we lift our souls to

you knowing that you are attentive to

our deepest needs and desires we are

grateful for the Heavenly Messengers you

send into our lives and we recognize

that your Divine Providence guides each

of our Noble purposes we ask you Lord to

grant us the determination to persevere

and seek Victory despite of the

challenges we Face grant us wisdom

discernment and strength to identify any

negative interference in our financial

lives we recognize that we are fragile

and make mistakes and we ask your

forgiveness from the bottom of our

hearts we are grateful for your infinite

grace that you receive with love and joy

when we return to you accept our deep

gratitude for all the opportunities that

you have prepared so that we can serve

your designs we live with gratitude and

humility and we ask ask that you grant

us the ability to radiate your love so

that those around us can see your work

through us as we walk through the

uncertainties of life we trust that you

are at our side guiding and protecting

us we ask that you strengthen us so that

we can continue to move forward

spiritually facing the challenges that

are presented to us right I trust in my

supreme god and I love him immensely do

not reject my correction listen to my

messages and give me your full attention

do not let Pride fill your heart I wish

you to be humble and simple like me the

time has come for you to get up and

leave the mistakes of the past behind

without losing faith stop looking down

lift your face and enjoy the good things

that are to come because I your heavenly

father have chosen you to receive my

inheritance you will receive the

necessary strength to focus on my word

and Carry Out actions that promote your

growth using your energies to bring joy

to those you love there are many people

who have been with you in good and bad

times there are also those who have a

great need and you can help them I can

use you to be a blessing in your entire

city so that they see you as an example

of justice and honesty you have a huge

heart and great events await you until

the end of this week thank you for

listening to this message now on the

screen of this video you have received a

sign let your intuition choose what is

the next Divine message you should

receive thank you for coming this far

now we make a special request share this

video with your friends family in at

least three WhatsApp groups because this

way the word of the Lord will reach more

easily to those who need it may God

bless you

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