Trust Me And Hear My Child | God Message Today |

my beloved child today I am convinced

that you have chosen to watch this video

for a reason and there is a greater

purpose behind it this step you have

taken demonstrates your dedication and

desire to find meaning and connection in

a world filled with abundant information


entertainment by choosing to be here and

share in this moment of spiritual

expansion a moment of Oneness and

communion with your loving father it is

important to remember that I am always

here to support and guide you on your

journey I want to emphasize how special

and unique you are to me your presence

in my life is a Priceless gift and I am

excited for whatever the future

holds however my child be cautious for

my enemy is furious he is upset that you

have chosen this time with God instead

of being distracted by less important

matters that can be attended to later to

him your choice signifies defeat

unbeknownst to you in the devious and

cunning way that Satan is accustomed to

he will try to distract you and

interrupt your moment of spiritual

elevation and Ascension he does not want

you to receive the blessings and

anointing that await you but fear not my

child for it is crucial that you remain

steadfast in your faith and commitment

to me along this journey challenges will

arise but with my help you will overcome

them and grow in your your relationship

with me surround yourself with fellow

believers who share and live out their

faith their support will be invaluable

to you stay vigilant for Satan will

attempt to lead you astray and plant

doubts in your mind stand firm in your

faith and the truth of God’s word do not

let doubt and confusion derail you from

your path remember that I love you and

will be with you providing strength and

wisdom to face whatever challenges come

your way trust me and move forward with

courage and determination knowing that I

will be by your side every step of the

way therefore I encourage you not to

give up but to stay with me on this

journey together we can be a light in

the midst of Darkness bringing a message

of love and hope to those who need it

most trust me my child Faith bestows a

sense of Tranquility even amidst the

storms that may rage it becomes a safe

haven a soothing bomb for the soul

it is an infinite Wellspring of Hope and

optimism Faith allows one to transcend

your current circumstances and envision

a brighter more promising future Faith

becomes the guiding Beacon that leads to

inner calm and serenity it assures that

despite the difficulties one may face

everything will unfold according to the

divine plan it grants the strength to

maintain hope even in the darkest

moments knowing that light will always

triumph over

darkness by holding on to faith you

discover a greater purpose in life a

reason to persevere when it seems as

though everything is working against

you my child Faith allows for the

ability to perceive the world through

the lens of love and compassion finding

meaning in even the simplest and most

mundane moments of existence it is a

Divine gift that transforms the ordinary

into the extraordinary filling the heart

with gratitude and joy faith is not

merely a matter of belief it is an

experiential journey of feeling and

living in alignment with your spiritual

convictions even when worldly feelings

may suggest otherwise Faith invites you

to trust in something Beyond empirical

proof it is an experience that goes

beyond the intellect permeating every

fiber of your being it is a state of

inner certainty that transcends the

limitations of the Physical Realm living

in faith my child means finding and

satisfaction even amidst uncertainty and

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